IBM wants to speed up access to big data on mobile devices

IBM wants to speed up access to big data on mobile devices

Summary: IBM introduces its own mobile enterprise platform with promises of collaborative content access anywhere, anytime. Naturally, there is a big data twist.


Apparently this is the week to introduce new mobile-first solutions as both Cisco and have done so in the last few days, and now IBM is joining the party.

Meet IBM Content Navigator, a new software solution designed to give employees access to a broader range of documents, records, images and other relevant content to boost productivity and efficiency.

The Content Navigator mobile client is built upon open standards (i.e. HTML5 and CMIS) for a more consistent user experience across mobile operating systems and devices. There is room for customization here as employees can set up collaboration areas with "minimal" IT help. IBM suggests that the departments that could most benefit from such a set-up would be sales, human resources, finance or legal units.

Naturally, IBM's new software has a big data twist. As usual with mobile, cloud-based platforms, the Content Navigator is designed to give employees access to relevant data anywhere, anytime.

In more IBM news, the tech giant is also introducing new predictive and social network analytics software. The Analytical Decision Management bundle is designed to allow organizations to embed intelligence capabilities into virtually every business decision and process for faster decision making because it can generate insights on internal data in a matter of seconds.

IBM's Analytical Decision Management is the first in a series of IBM Smarter Analytics innovations, which are meant to offer an automatic understanding of data correlations and real-time intelligence into millions of big data records.


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