iCloud opens up for developers; Pricing revealed

iCloud opens up for developers; Pricing revealed

Summary: Apple's iCloud opens the doors to developers; revealing the cloud-based features and pricing options.


Apple has opened one of many doors to the iCloud beta by making the MobileMe replacement accessible to the web.

iCloud.com is now available to Apple developers around the world. Users still require a developer account -- linked into their Apple ID -- to access the features, however.

Announced at WWDC 2011 in California in June, iCloud is the replacement to Apple's MobileMe service. It features your Contacts, Calendar, iWork and Find my iPhone -- all features available in both Mac OS X and iOS 5.

iCloud includes a new Mail application; similar in feel and look to Mac OS X Lion's Mail application, keeping consistency across the board. The same can be said with the other cloud-based applications, which includes Keynote and Numbers for Mac.

Pricing has also been revealed. As the iCloud comes with 5GB free storage, anything more than this will cost. This will reportedly be upgradable via the settings application in iOS 5, so users can upgrade as and when they wish, wherever they are in the world:

  • 10GB includes 15GB total iCloud storage at $20 per year
  • 20GB includes 25GB total iCloud storage at $40 per year
  • 50GB includes 55GB total iCloud storage at $100 per year

The full version of iCloud will be ready for the masses this fall.


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  • Not working as of now...

    tells me that my mobile me data will be moved but throws an error when I click 'Move'.
    • RE: iCloud opens up for developers; Pricing revealed


      You have to have a paid iOS developer account and create an iCloud account under iOS 5.

      iCloud is currently under beta testing and doesn't support moving of mobile me accounts. Only using test accounts created on iOS5.
      • RE: iCloud opens up for developers; Pricing revealed

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