IDC: iPad to gain at Android's expense; tablet shipments to surge

IDC: iPad to gain at Android's expense; tablet shipments to surge

Summary: The two-horse race between Apple's iPad and Android-based devices continues to rage on. Other tablet makers are left out in the cold. But will Windows 8 disrupt the tablet space?

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Research firm IDC expects a surge in tablet shipments this year and next, with Apple's iPad taking a greater market share at the expense of its Android rival.

Not only will the worldwide tablet market increase to 107.4 million in 2012 up from 69.6 percent in 2011, the iPad will reclaim back some of the market share it lost to Android last year.

This comes only a day after its parent company IDG forecast Android to outpace iPad sales in the enterprise space within the next 12 months. According to the poll, most tablet users opted for an iPad but first-time buyers indicated they would gravitate towards an Android-based tablet.

Talk about mixed signals.

The grip both Apple and Google has on the tablet market is staggering. The two companies continue to compete in the tablet space, leaving the remaining tablet makers out to pasture.

Having said that, the slither of red representing "other" tablet makers is the redundant yet most interesting figure.

In 2011, when there was 'actual' competition outside the two-horse race of the iPad and Android-based tablets, we saw rival devices from the HP TouchPad and RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook.

Both tablets ultimately sank, the TouchPad's revival notwithstanding.

It's no surprise that in 2012, forecast figures show a decrease in competition outside the two top-ranking tablet behemoths. RIM is expected to drop from 1.7 percent of the market share to 1 percent. This follows the departure of the low-end 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook following poor sales.

But Windows-running tablets aren't taken into account. That's the figure everyone wants to see and IDC is playing it safe. While Windows tablet shipment predictions appear in its PC tracking reports, it is not included in the tablet space. The research firm will consolidate all media tablets --- including Windows RT devices --- into the media tablet tracker in the following quarter.

IDC doesn't remain optimistic about changes to the market share rankings, although notes the release of Windows RT-running tablets will likely push the overall shipment numbers up.

"We don't expect Windows-based tablets to necessarily take share from Apple and Android, but will grow the overall tablet market," said IDC research director Tom Mainelli.

Image credit: IDC.


Topic: Tablets

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  • why?

    I don't even know why they try to predict these things.. Well, I do know *why*, but it seems like a futile exercise of guessing based on trends. With the pace at which tech changes, you might as well throw spaghetti at the wall for these things.
    • According to Our Crystal Ball...

      I was thinking along the same lines. This is all highly speculative. I tried to + your comment, but it doesn't seem to want to work at the moment.
  • IDC is anti goole

    and is just a mouthpiece for apple and M$:
    The Linux Geek
  • IDC is always wrong...

    They favor whoever pays them to say nice things. Remember when they said that Microsoft would be the number 2 phone by 2016 back in 2010, or that Nokia was going to be a winner in 2012, that Microsoft would dominate the server market back in 2009, or when they said that Android would peak this year.

    Best investment you can make, look who IDC says is a winner and bet on the other guy.
  • IDC: iPad to gain at Android's expense; tablet shipments to surge

    Very doubtful this will happen. If anything I'm seeing a decline in the number of tablets. You just don't see people carrying them around or buying them anymore.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Yep, like Yogi Berra said

      "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
    • Don't see or refuse to see

      "You just don't see people carrying (tablets) around or buying them anymore." -Loverock Davidson

      You don't see it or you refuse to see it?

      There's a mountain of evidence that says that you're very wrong. Existing sales data shows that the iPad alone is growing at 150% year over year. Other tablets sales are growing nearly as rapidly. Just for the sake of comparison, the iPhone has only been growing at 100% year over year. 150% year over year growth is phenomenal and there's no indication that it's slowing.
      • I don't see it

        As I stated, I don't see it. No one is walking around with them, going into the local retail stores no one is standing around testing them. Face it, the tablet's day has come and gone. Any sales are all residual.
        Loverock Davidson-
      • Heh...

        Serioulsy... if anything I'm seeing [i]more[/i] tablets in public spaces. In fact, I'm amazed to see people at public events (graduations, festivals, sports events) actually taking pictures and moveis with their tablets.
    • Sorry

      Except that every quarter, Apple iPads sales get bigger and BIGGER.

      I don't walk around with my iPad, I use it on the couch or desk or staff meeting or on the job.
    • And when Windows RT and x86 tablets gets released....

      They'll be everywhere correct?

      btw, you went from seeing no tablets in the wild to not seeing anyone carrying or buying them [b]anymore[/b]. Too funny.
    • Strange...

      As I write this, I'm sitting in a Starbucks while waiting for an appointment. A quick count shows me 3 iPads, 1 Kobo Vox ereader and a Samsung 7" tablet being used. Also a couple of laptops/netbooks.

      Yep, you just don't see tablets in the wild anymore -- NOT!
      • Every time...

        Every time I go to a swim class or birthday party for my girls I see a couple of other parents with tablets on their laps passing the time. Just yesterday I took my youngest daughter to a birthday party and was suprised to discover another parent with the exact ASUS Transformer TF300 I have carrying it around in the exact same Targus netbook bag as me.
  • Let's IDC make their prediction and focus on one interesting survey.

    Recent survey of professional worldwide from IDG connect shows that new tablet buyers prefer Android over iPad: 44% will go for an Android tablet, 27% will choose an iPad, 3% are waiting for Windows 8 tablet, and 21% don't know. It is an interesting move for worldwide professional users. Regarding Windows 8 tablets, I believe Microsoft should worry since professional users are their battleground.
  • OK, now they're just messin' with us!

    I think they're trying to become the DigiTimes of the US.
  • states

    Here is what it looks like so you will know it when you see it;Jen states