In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

Summary: Tablets might be catching on slowly now, but shipments are expected to rise to 250 million in the next five years.


Apple currently has the market cornered on tablets, constantly selling millions of iPads quarter after quarter. Other tablet makers are struggling to keep up, with most others selling by the thousands (if even).

And then there are those that arrive with a lot of hype and are dead within in weeks. (See: HP TouchPad.) Based on all of this, the future for the tablet industry might look bleak with only one solid manufacturer.

But all of that is expected to change within the next five years. A recent survey from research firm In-Stat argues that tablet shipments will topple 250 million units by 2017.

That assertion seems plausible as that gives other tablet makers some time to catch up (particularly those working within the Android ecosystem) and figure out what is missing in this market to make things competitive.

More importantly, the tablet market is expected to grow as tablet manufacturers are expected to lower prices from the standard $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only tablet at some point. That point-in-time could be very soon given the recent example of the now $99 TouchPad. That product was actually considered by many to be the second best tablet available (after the iPad), yet it could not sell at $499, $399 nor even $299.

More highlights from the study:

  • The 9-inch to 11-inch form factor is will be the dominant form factor with 56 percent of the market by 2017
  • iOS and Android are expected to control 90 percent of the market share with Windows in a distant 3rd place
  • Wireless providers could have a tremendous impact on tablet demand
  • In the consumer market, tablets are competing against all computing devices -- not just PCs
  • Expect more and better things from Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, and HTC

Most strikingly, In-Stat believes that none of the leading OS platforms will likely cause "the failure of several companies in the tablet market due to lack of application support."

Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist for In-Stat, explained in a statement:

The tablet market and its associated ecosystem are still evolving. Over the next few generations we will see more differentiation between devices that are targeting different market segments and usage models. In addition, competitive device and service pricing will bring tablets into the mainstream consumer and enterprise markets.

Tablets are joining an array of smart-connected devices that allow users almost unlimited access to content and communications. These new devices mark a significant change in the value change of the electronics industry where the content and applications are now the key differentiators and innovation drivers.

The ball should get rolling more seriously next year. A recent report from DigiTimes posited that non-Apple tablet shipments are expected to rise by 134 percent in 2012. Specifically, DigiTimes suggested that shipments of Android tablets will surge to 44-45 million units shipped, while Apple’s iPad shipments will nearly double to 54-55 million units in 2012.


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  • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

    These analysts are clueless!! To reach that number tablets need to offer as many features as PCs! Windows 8 will offer that!!
    • You MAY be right for you're needs

      @jatbains ... However there are many a consumer and business who find today's tablets meet and or exceed their needs. Now given the fact that tablet OS's have increased in features and or abilities with each upgrade and tablet hardware had also increased in processing power as well as other tech specs I think you'll find that particular complaint of you'res is likely to grow ever fainter with each new release:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • Live from the Hardrock Coffeeson

    Your Ministry of Truth reminds you that tablets will remain only a fad until The Party releases its own tablet operating system sometime next year. All of Oceania will rejoice. People will become excited about Lenovo tablets. Long live Big Ballmer.
    Robert Hahn
    • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

      @Robert Hahn True, because who needs tablets without handwriting recogition and no decent office/productivity suite?
  • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

    Maybe.... Only if tablets gain more functionality by then. None of this mobile OS crap.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • One man's trash... Is another man's treasure:)

      @Cylon Centurion ... Also see my response above. Just saying...

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

      @Cylon Centurion Wait, what functionality is missing from the current Tablets?

    if it counts in 5 years drop from 400USD to 99 USD / If it counts Sales Increase from 100 to 250milllion in 5 years then in 2017 it shall be sold 1.050 million of pads by total costs of 230.750millions USD / please tell me where you will find on the market those peoples (every 7th on the planet should have it ) as the 3rd GADGET beside GSM and Beside Laptop.
    • myself to myself : Maybe it is possible

      if Half of consumers will be those ones whose needs to throw out their present pads because of obsolete or because of needs to pay batteries exchange then it is only half of of expected population who will have it means every 14th on the earth will have in 2017 one PAD beside GSM and notebook :) :) or every one in US will have 4 of it (250 millions X4 ) , because in Europe I did not see anybody to own it :)
    • First of all everything changes...

      @ThatIsMePetr ... So who says the Tablet in a few years won't be a viable replacement for a laptop? After all I think many a person who had a certain "tech". Prejudice assumes their needs/wants are mirrored by the general public and I for one don't think that is so. In fact I would say likely not even close. Also it maybe that in the future the only viable laptop to be sold will be the Ultalights. So perhaps the tablet will not be the third gadget but rather the second or maybe even the first... Assuming some sort of Bluetooth like ear piece for phone use that is:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

        @James Quinn I agree with that argument but questions if we speak about tablet being notebook or vice versa; and if he will looks like my personnel expectation ( presently dream of it) >> rigid with foldable , turning, or separated keyboard, with all interface needed to connect monitor , storage and printer and powerfull to play HD++ ( next generation in 5y ) or compute and make 3D and all with battery for more then half day
  • A lot of hype and are dead within in weeks?

    Since when has anyone hyped up anything other then an iPad?

    Even the news stations after the unvailing of the original iPad was getting all giggley and excited over some of the stuff it could do, while many watch saying "wait, that features been out for quite some time in phones and other devices."

    Yet something else comes out with a unique feature, and the news never even mentions the tablet itself, screw the features.

    So what hype are you refering to, exactly?
    William Farrell
    • The iPod effect some more still:)

      @William Farrell .. There were MP3 players before the iPod but to be honest not many cared for them. Then came the iPod and many screamed "but it's nothing new" and yet the iPod sold. So others made their MP3's less expensive and added "features" that the iPod did not have and STILL the iPod sold. The problem was that it was not the price nor the features that made the iPod appealing to the average consumer. It was that the iPod had the right mix of useful features wrapped up in a simple. sleek package that was real easy to use and or get use out of. Features do not a product make.<br><br>Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: In-Stat: Tablet shipments will rise to 250 million by 2017

        @James Quinn That isn't true at all, people did care about them and kids liked them but there was no easy way to manage the devices and that is what iTunes and Apple Lock In did.
  • Garter-Dataquest and IDC already projected these sales for 2016 year

    So this is nothing new.