iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

Summary: iOS 5 is least for some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.


Excitement swept the Interwebs in the last few hours or so as iOS 5, the highly anticipated latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, was finally released.

And for some iOS users, that excitement has been swept away and replaced with frustration. In case you're afraid that it might be just you who is getting an error message about your phone and an internal error, don't worry -- it's not you, it's Apple.

The Twitterverse is being bombarded with Tweets from angry iOS users who so badly want to upgrade their mobile devices to take advantage of Find My Friends, the Apple Newsstand, iMessage, and much more. ZDNet's Ryan Naraine has been tweeting about a number of different attempts he's tried to get the upgrade to complete successfully, but so far it seems to be futile.

At this point, the best advice we might be able to offer is you is to hold off and not bother with the iOS 5 upgrade until later today or even this week. It's possible that Apple just can't handle all of the upgrade requests immediately -- or there is something else that is foul here.

Are any of you who are trying to update to iOS 5 incurring any problems? Better question: Has anyone been able to install iOS 5 successfully? And if so, how did you do it!?


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  • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

    NO LUCK Here
    • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

      @JamesKelley8 It took me a few tries and a little delving into the Apple help system. Turns out it was indeed Apple's servers, most likely being overwhelmed. I did the usual, restart, detach all other USB items except my iPhone. After a bit I was able to get through and upgrade both my iPad and iPhone. <br>The downside to the whole thing, other than the mild inconvenience is that in doing a 'restore' to my iPhone I effectively bricked it until Apple's servers came back up to speed. Perhaps taking a look at how that whole thing is done so that if there's a dark spot in the iCloud we don't end up with bricked iPhones. That veers from inconvenient to downright dangerous if that's the only phone you have (that's my position).
      Glad to report that as of now, about four hours after my first attempt, both my iPad and iPhone are up and running iOS5 with no issues. If one delves into the error message you're taken to an Apple website page that explains it all pretty well. It doesn't take much interpretation to realize it's Apple's servers bogging down. Success in the end. Oh, and I didn't spend that whole time hunched over my keyboard sweating. I let the stuff cook on its own a bit and had dinner. Actual time addressing the issue probably wasn't more than an hour.
      • Only 4 hours of troubleshooting?

        Oh, that is great news.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        Same here - tried for a few hours - bricked the iPad 2 but finally got it restored. Apple TV failed several times too. Lots of updates for Mac OS X Lion as well. Thank goodness it is all done now.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        @toddybottom Typical stupid hater response, take the 4 hour from start to finish comment and complete ignore the comment actual time spent addressing the upgrade was an hour.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users


        the upgrade for IOS5 and others does not run on the cloud
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        @dheady@... If the restore completed when the server bandwidth recovered then it wasn't really bricked. Bricked=unrecoverable (in the book of definitions between my ears.)
      • To put the 4 hours / 1 hour of troubleshooting into perspective

        I've spent less time than that on more than 3 years worth of Windows updates + updating malware definitions + defragging + registry cleaning. You spent that in 1 day. I spent at least 4 hours dealing with the mess that is the iOS 5 upgrade.

        Just wanted to put some perspective on this considering how often we hear that the TOC of Windows is so high because of all the maintenance that needs to be performed.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        @dheady@... The up date changed the name of my ipad from BobsiPad to iPad. Now it seems that it is not recognized by iTunes. What can I do?
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        Did the upgrade overnight, unattended, no problems. I don't know how long it took but in the morning my iPhone was ready to go...
    • Finally..... I think

      @JamesKelley8 <br>Finally got it installed.. kept locking up when walking you through the Location / Apple ID and other steps.<br>iTunes is stuck at "restoring apps" but not doing anything.<br>Been at this for 2+ hours now. Hoping things get better as the updates slow.<br><br>I say "I think" because I am seeing significant lag between selecting/swiping and a response on the screen.<br>This has been the worst yet.....<br>Will update.....
      • Double Check

        After you update, verify all of your settings.
        I found that iOS5 turned on a lot of things I have turned off.
        Numerous alert, Facetime, Notification, etc....
        Dissappointed in the wifi sync, it syncs to a specific pc on my wifi network, if the pc is off, no sync - wow :|

        more to come.....
      • Even more interesting....

        @rhonin <br>I am now getting "network is down" error when trying to update apps.<br>Finding some apps can no longer be placed into folders.<br>After a couple of reboots, the lag is better when executing but still very noticable.<br><br><i>btw it is an i4 16gb ATT with 70% free......</i>
      • What else.....

        @rhonin <br>It added to my weather location, of course picking the wrong one had to turn "Local Weather" off.... sigh..... <br>I am also finding I have lost apps - ex: 2 of the 3 iWorks apps are no longer on the phone.... time for an inventory check,<br><br><img border="0" src="" alt="sad">
      • After a few hours....

        Have upgraded to iOS5, restored to Factory setting, restored again...... it's working but not thrilled at all.
        Compared to previous upgrades, iOS5 feels like I am wading through mud.
        There's no snap, zip, zing, speed, etc......
        Holding off on my iPad2 till I see if there is a better way to handle this....
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        @rhonin I had to go back to the phone to finish the setup before the restore would complete.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        It worked on my iPad 2 and 2 iPhones, but it deleted all my apps on the iPhones. I had to reinstall them all which took time. iTunes claimed it was restoring the apps, but it didn't. Other than that everything seems to be working fine.
      • RE: iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

        Took it in today (i4) to my local GB...
        The folks there with issues was amazing :O

        Anyway, the resident "genius" who helped me with my slowish (is that a word?) phone confirmed that some of the issue with my phone was due to issues with the iCloud.
        Turned off all the iCloud stuff, rebooted the phone and it was noticebly faster... still think its slower than 4.3.3...
        The iCloud thingy having that kind of impact I would not have guessed.
        Seeing numerous other "annoyances" with it and will see what I can do to work around them...
        Biggest 2; swoosh sound is back when sending texts grrrrrr, and notices will pop into the middle of some apps, but not others, even thought I have it turned off....

        sigh..... pita.
      • bigest Issue

        The real issue here is if you have dozens of apps the restore takes a lot longer. It's not that Apples servers are slow it's pushing 30 GB of apps at one time over USB. People aren't used to their devices being usable during sync's and the first sync nothing works because the apps won't run until the date sync after the app restore happens. (apps without data will run, but alot look broken.)
      • End Game....

        iOS5 installed on all but one device...
        3GS - put it on, restored to 4.3.3 - was too slow on 5
        i4 - Still having issues - after GB help and resets/reinstalls the phone still lags... not a happy camper...
        iPad2 - came out okay at the end... had to reinstall almost everything and lost all personal info.

        Score: failing grade for iOS5 upgrades. Did not have a single error free upgrade.

        But..... I am now a happy camper. My SGS2 came and this phone freakin' rocks!!!! Blows my i4 away by a looong shot in all areas. :D