iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

Summary: Suppliers and component makers are gearing up for an expected first quarter release of the next-generation Apple tablet, the iPad 3.


Taipei-based Digitimes understands that component manufacturers are gearing up for a slated March or April release of the next-generation Apple iPad.

It seems to tie in with previous suggestions that the U.S. and Europe would be the first to get their hands on the long-awaited iPad 3, with a wider Asia rollout later in the year.

Digitimes said that makers in the supply chain have begun to deliver parts and components for the highly anticipated device, and that production will be ramped up in February to meet the expected demand.

The report suggests that the iPad 2 will decline in production from 14-15 million devices in the fourth quarter, but will decline by a third to around 4-5 million of that by the first quarter. The new iPad 3 is expected to reach just shy of 10 million units in the first quarter, filling the deficit left by the tablet's predecessor.

April, though outside the holiday season range and the summer season where many Apple products are released, will mark the second anniversary of the original iPad's launch in the U.S.

The iPad 2 was out in March 2011, only ten months later.

It is thought the next-generation iPad 3 will be thicker in design. This could suggest a larger battery that would in turn make the device compatible to cope with additional 4G LTE technology.

Rumours late last month surfaced that Japan's largest cellular network would receive "two new 4G LTE enabled devices", further leading speculation that Apple has finally jumped on the next-generation wireless technology.

Having said that, there was strong speculation that the iPhone 5 would be released this fall, along with the iPad 3.


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  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    No way, they're going to release an iPad 3, to be honest, I would never have guessed in a million years. I really am utterly shocked at this news. Whowever came up with that idea at Apple really deserves an award, it's on par for the discovery of the wheel or the taming of fire as a pinnacle of mankinds greatest human endeavours. It truly is.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    Higher density screenn will fix the biggest complaint I have about the iPad. Even a 1200 x 1024 screen would be good enough, though I suspect Apple intends to go much higher.
  • Wrong Date in Story

    The iPad 2 was out in March 2012, only ten months later. Shouldn't that be March 2011?
    • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

      @TBeckner Good spot, thanks -- edited.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    iPad 3 'thicker'. Steve Jobs will be spinning in his grave !!<br><br>Some extra battery would be ever welcome, but cannot see Tim Cooke trying to upsell 'Thicker', 'Faster Data when you can fine 4G' ............<br><br>If they have skipped 4G for ther iPhone 4S, little likelihood they will hobble the iPad 3 with redundant technology. 3G networks globally are not great, so 4G will be much worse for years to come.<br><br>- Faster CPU<br>- More RAM memory<br>- Larger Flash 96Gb ?<br>- HD screen - Retina Display @ 10" make to financial sense, as even monitor makers only do FullHD @ 13". A 1080p equivalent in the iPad form would be a good middle point to aim for.
  • iPad3

    It is going to come with a resolution of 2500 x 1900 (approx), it will absolutely weigh less (just a smidge) and will ABSOLUTELY NOT be thicker (that's just stupid).

    4g is expected, SIRI will be optional (or not available). Better cameras as well.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    Thicker = fail. I doubt it will be. I am not an apple fanboy but unless major things have gone wrong in Tim Cook's brain, the next iPad needs to be monumental in order to let the world know that Apple is alive and well. IMHO if it is thicker, people are going to be saying "uh oh" even if the thickness comes with considerable improvements in other areas.
  • Leaking or disclosing is not in the best interests of iPad sales,

    because, why would anyone with even a smidgeon of brains, not wait until the next release, only a few little months away? If the news gets out to a wider audience, then that audience might start having second thoughts about iPads for Xmas and might opt to wait a few months, and the current iPad sales would, perhaps, plummet. So, many people who were going to "gift" iPads for Xmas might be just issuing "IOUs" to their loved ones to be collected in March or April.

    But, the March/April dates might just be a way for Apple to disrupt any releases by the competition which might be coming out with newer tablets based on Android 5 or Windows 8. The Apple faithful will still be upgrading to iPad 3, no matter what the date or new technology, or lack thereof, might be in the updated gadget.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    In other news, the sky is blue and Earth is round.
  • Errrr....

    I suspect some of these "sources" that bring out this stuff are eventually right?
    iPhone 5 was to be out this fall and now maybe in the spring but if this report says the iPad 3 will be out in March/April forget it.
    Which brings me to the iPad 3. Some suggested the US Thanksgiving. Nope. Passed already. Some said just before Xmas [unlikely]. Some suggested [like this source] in March/April. Others said as far ahead as fall 2012.
    I think all these sources are either drinking too much, smoking something illegal or just have nothing to do in a slow news day.
    The only thing worse are those "research" companies who can predict [with their crystal ball] what will be popular in 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 years from now based on usually useless current trends.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    There are many things that the Android tablets offer that really need to be considered in the new IPad3. USB Support, more printing capabilities, HDMI support and more. Charging the IPad 2 takes forever. Only having one port to connect power and external options is a flaw.
  • RE: iPad 3 expected by March, April (report)

    As to mention of Steve Jobs spinning in his grave about this or that,he was probably still alive and still had a lite hand on the tiller when the full specification was finalised?
  • Higher resolution requires more power ...

    ... just because there is more GPU processing in parallel, and four times the pixels might just make the thing get a bit warm!