iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

Summary: Updated: The iPhone 3G appears to be having a few software issues that are leaving a few disgruntled customers in its wake.We were tipped off by a reader who outlined the following:This happened while running iPhone version 2.


Updated: The iPhone 3G appears to be having a few software issues that are leaving a few disgruntled customers in its wake.

appstore.pngWe were tipped off by a reader who outlined the following:

This happened while running iPhone version 2.0. Visited App Store using iPhone - nothing loaded, the screen just stayed white. Eventually I gave up on it loading at hit the HOME button. After a pause it returned me to the home screen. I attempted the App Store again - same issue. I decided a reboot was in order to clear out the memory.

I rebooted and it could never pass the Apple logo screen after repeated hard-reset attempts.

Eventually I forced a RESTORE through iTunes. At this time I prompted me that the iPhone 2.01 software was available, so I downloaded it. It performed the restore and I prompted to NOT restore from my previous backup - fearing there might be an error in the code that would be re-instated.

After restoring I installed the previous Apps that I had installed and setting all of my preferences up as they used to be, I launched the App Store using the iPhone and the same issue occurred - the white screen. I manually turned OFF the iPhone, then restarted it - back to the impassible Apple logo screen.

Now after my 4th restore in 24 hours, I'm hoping and praying that I don't have to turn the phone off, or I fear that it will brick again.

Our reader also tipped us to the support message board on Apple where the problem is being discussed heavily.

It's not entirely clear how widespread this issue is, but at the time of this posting there were 204 replies and they all report the same issue.

Update: Jason O'Grady has more on the issue and a few more confirmations of the problem.

Update 2:  Judging from Apple's support site it appears that software from the Apps Store is throwing the iPhone off. It also appears that this disgruntled group isn't going to give Apple good word of mouth marketing. Coupled with the MobileMe fiasco and Apple seems to be off of its customer service game.

Here's a representative post from Aug. 6 that speaks for most of them:

I have had to restore 26 times in 26 days. I have returned my iPhone and got a brand new replacement and still it crashes. I have tried two different Macs to do the syncing, still it crashes, I installed the iTunes and iPhone updates, still it crashes, but it scrolls better!

No matter how many, or which apps I install, it will crash and brick within the course of a day! The only day I got through without a total restore was the day I did a restore, set up the iPhone as a new one and installed NO third party apps at all. The iPhone still quit Mail and Safari a few times, but I went an entire 24 hours without needing a total restore! Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it.

Glad you have gotten some relief, but I am sorry to say not here. There is NO excuse for releasing software were if one app quits it kills all the others from ever starting, even after an iPhone restart or hard reset. There is absolutely no excuse for a crashing app to totally BRICK an iPhone! Imagine if your Mac needing a total restore after an app quit?

The iTunes 7.7.1 update fixed little. Sure the iPhone mounts faster, but iTunes has no idea when or how many apps need updating. When there are updates it does not know it many times. When all the apps are updated it still says you need updates. When I click to see the updates, it many times offers updates foe many or all of the apps in iTunes when only 1 or 2 need updating. What is really ridiculous is it wants to update 6 or 7 copies of the same app!!

Cupertino, we have a problem here.

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  • 2 million phones

    204 messages on a support forum.

    Internet bullhorn effect.

    • Yet another excuse ....

      .... from Apple's number one apologist. All complaints start with one. Let's see how it goes.
    • Seriously, quite flawed.

      I would be astounded if even 1% of users having this problem found the message boards, let alone created accounts to post. You have to remember, the vast majority of those phones are in the hands of people who are not technical.

      I am not saying the problem is widespread or not, but you can draw no conclusions from 204 messages VS 2 million phones.


        Maybe, but there is 11,000 views of that thread. That's an awful lot and I am one of those 204 messages.
  • When will Apple fans admit iPhone not the answer to WM stability "woes"?

    I've been using an iPAQ PocketPC (non cell phone) for years now and it never crashes, never needs reboots. I've been using a WM2003 cell phone for a few months now and it has hung on me once so not perfect but nearly perfect stability. I say this not to suggest that 100% of WM users have experienced the same level of stability but you don't sell 18 million WM units in 1 year (3 times more than iPhone in the same time frame) if stability problems are rampant.

    Why the preamble? I say this to ask all the Apple fans if they will finally admit that the iPhone is not the answer to the WM stability situation where some people have frequent crashes, most have rare crashes, and some have near perfect stability (like me). iPhone would have to have perfect stability to be "the answer" but it clearly isn't. Here we have the iPhone with a neutered SDK (it won't allow for background processes which should lead to a much more stable environment), all applications are signed and approved by Apple, all hardware is "created" by Apple, and the situation isn't any better! With the iPhone, some people have frequent crashes, most have rare crashes, and some have near perfect stability.

    Whatever advantages you can contrive for the iPhone, stability certainly isn't one of them.
    • consider yourself lucky

      As the lead of a mobile development team, I have a lot of phones. No crash more than WM, none! My own personal WM device was prone to bi-weekly crashes.

      The funny thing is, I just got out of a meeting with a Sales Partner who said, "You know MS is one of our clients, but this phone sucks. It crashes like a 12 year old driving a car."

      I suggest you take a look a the blogs, the only way to keep a WM phone from crashing is by ONLY calling and texting. Running applications or we surfing, it don't like so much.
      • Somewhat disagree with you.

        My old phone running a flavor of a Windows Mobile platform (An old Audiovox) is rock-solid. No problems. my wife is still using it, and we bought it in 2005. I dare say we've only rebooted it inadvertently, when the battery was drained.

        That being said, I really like my blackjack 2. It has a lot of features, looks nice, it's thin, and does everything I need. But I find it sometimes loses my connection to the cell phone tower (when I can see it in plain site). Once in a while, it hangs up on me (I can't confirm it's the OS). And sometimes, it gets locked and won't unlock until I take out the battery (once a month or so).

        So, the Original Poster is correct in my opinion. But I do agree with you with the current WM products: they aren't as reliable as my old MS phone. I don't agree with the 12 year old driving a car analogy. It's not THAT bad, but it has issues, and they're issues that Quality Control should have caught.
      • Maybe MS should bar your apps from its phones?

        Yeah you are the head of the mobile development team, so I am guessing you create or manage apps that go on the phone? So sounds like whatever apps you are using are partly to blame for the problems. I am a network admin and we have many people that use WM phones and I don't have people telling me anything of the like and knowing the people I work with they would not hesitate to let me know their thoughts on the phone or if it crashes. Also you have to wonder if maybe the hardware vendor got something wrong with your phones? Apple controls all that so there shouldn't be one peep from anyone and it should work like a charm. They now can delete any app they want from your phone and well we have the freedom here to know what works and how to use it. Might want to ask him how many times he dropped the thing as well, that could do a job on the internal parts on the phone. Wise up.
    • The short answer is: never.

      Most of the Apple users i know would never admit to instability on their platforms. I know some Microsoft users like this with MS, but far more Apple users.

      If someone switches to a new operating system / phone platform / whatever because of am issue (real or imagined), by admitting that a similar issues happens on their new platform makes them seem either hypocritical or plain old silly.

      Ever read the book "Animal Farm"? I'm reminded of how things got bad on the farm, and the Pigs would eventually say something like, "Well.. Do you want the Jones' back??!" (Read the book, I won't explain the reference). Remember, it got so bad that the Pigs altered their own manifesto when they started to be more like the people they kicked out...

      All this to say.. If you want to switch to a new computer system like Apple, Linux, or even Vista...

      Switch because it's pretty.
      Switch because you saw a funny commercial.
      Switch because you want to be like your friends.
      Switch because you are feeling whimsical.
      Switch because you want to run with the latest Ubuntu release.

      Just DON'T SWITCH over something stupid like, "Macs don't get viruses" when in fact there are security exploits in practically all software. (Wasn't a Macintosh the first computer hacked at a recent security conference? Someone one a MacBookPro and 5 grand?) Don't switch to a Linux distro because "it's free!!!" My spare time to configure a distro and update things is worth something to me.

      (getting off my soapbox).
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    This is not6 an article but a lame troll. How can you possibly publish a copy of part of a support post and call it news or journalism. I have two iphones and numerous friends and collegues using them and no-one has this issue. Perhaps I should publish a news story.
    • I've never gotten malware on Windows...

      neither have any of my friends. I guess that means Windows isn't susceptible to malware then!!

      [i]I have two iphones and numerous friends and collegues using them and no-one has this issue.[/i]
      • lol

        the bigger question is, why would anybody need *TWO* iPhones?
        • I know why

          [i]the bigger question is, why would anybody need *TWO* iPhones?[/i]

          Considering how long it takes to reboot the iPhone and how often it crashes, you basically need to alternate between 2 iPhones all day. By the time the first has rebooted, the second has crashed. Reboot the second and by the time it comes up, the first has crashed. Rinse. Repeat. :)
          • the bigger question

            Thank you so much for some humour ... Any jibes at Apple's expense are refreshing - I'm pretty fed up of the Jobs Jedi mind tricks and the people they influence ....
        • Especially when...

          ...one is marketed as a convergence device.
          Sleeper Service
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    Maybe a virus.
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    I have been using an iPaq for years (the same one) and have had to do a series of hard and soft re-sets over that time, for a variety of reasons. I haven't found an easy way to upgrade the WM OS.
    I have been using a 2G iPhone for several months and have not had any major issues with it, although I have had to do a soft re-set once.
    Either way I haven't been that bothered with hard or soft re-sets or restores, it's just part of owning a piece of technology.
    I treat my iPaq and iPhone like all my technologies, regardless of OS flavour; keep it backed up and keep it up to date.
    Given the high profile that the iPhone has attracted it is no surprise that it will cop lots of sledging if it's not completely flawless. It comes with the territory.
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    Having used WM device for a period of ime and Iphone.. (I
    personally have rebotted 4 or 5 times in the last year plus) I
    will stick with Iphone. Its night and day....
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    You bring up an interesting point, it is easy to develop WM applications that crash. Part of that stems from the ability to start processes :).

    That said, I have a slew of phones here and rarely upload any software on them (we do a lot more SMS/WAP). Simple browsing can down a WM devive, really.

    One know WM thing that kills me, is the loss of signal. I live in Chicago, and take the "el" often. Every time you go underground, getting the signal back when you get up is a chore. Sometimes the phone hangs, enters flight mode, and usually requires pulling out the battery.

    You are correct on one thing, if you make a ton of phones there are going to be problems. I though my life was going to get better when AT&T sent me a new device, unfortunately I eventually just gave up on the phone.
  • RE: iPhone 3G boot failure complaints pile up

    Apple is the next Microsoft. They venture into waters they
    should not. Its obvious Apple is not testing these apps very
    well. I wish the fanboys would stop making excuses for
    Apple. After all Apple is such a control freak company. Who
    else is their too blame?