iPhone comes to Verizon: The live transcript

iPhone comes to Verizon: The live transcript

Summary: On Tuesday January 11, days after the close of CES 2011, Verizon Wireless is hosting an event to introduce its CDMA iPhone.


Updated: The Verizon iPhone was announced Tuesday 11am ET / 8am PT at a Verizon Wireless press event at New York's Lincoln Center. See transcript of the live blog below.

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  • Goodbye Android!

    Goodbye Android Galaxy S phone! oh just imagine a phone without a T-Mobile pink splash screen, no T-Mobile logo stamped on the front, no crapware I can't remove, no notifications about charging my phone (can't turn this off) or when the phone is fully charged, 3G that actually works fast...

    ANDROID SUCKS!! Go with the iPhone! and yes Android will be on every device and it will beat Apple but in the end I rather drive a BMW than be stuck with a Chevy... Have fun with your Android full of crapware!!
  • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

    What! Really?
    I have owned a Iphone for years... But I'm always going back to android..

    I guess I see why you are going back to the iphone you're too dumb to use a android phone.. Did you forget about a ROM? rooting too remove all that...?'

    • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

      @-r00t- The problem for Android is, there are many users too "dumb", as you put it, to get out of the device what they want. We're talking about consumers here, not tech geeks. The consumer space is where this war will be fought, and now that Android won't be getting consumers by default, it will have a difficult time competing in that space.

      They don't tell you that you need to be a geek in the commercials in order to have a good user experience on the Android. People are finding that out one by one after they have made their purchases. They will have a choice the second time around and many will choose an iPhone or WP7 device. Android had its day, but are beginning to come back down to earth.
      • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

        @Tiggster <i>The problem for Android is, there are many users too "dumb", as you put it, to get out of the device what they want.</i><br><br>Also there are a lot more "dumb" users than tech heads. You can read that as Profits. Any phone interface that wants to succeed will need to make it easily usable by those so called "dumb" users.
  • APPLE SUCKS! Enough of Steve Jobs

    I think verizon did a nice job on releasing the Android OS first. It's going to give Apple a run for thier money. Samsung expects to sell 50 million phones with the Android system. Huh, A BMW that shuts off if you put your hand over the door handle LOL.
  • Verizon already listing iphone

    On verizon wireless' website, the brand "Apple" and the os "iOS" are listed and grayed out when filtering phones
    • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

      Saw that a week ago but its not due to the iPhone, its because they sell the iPad. Those two will highlight when you click the ipad link.
      Loverock Davidson
  • Am I blind?

    It's 11am ET and I don't see a "Cover It Live module" anywhere. Am I blind?
  • AT&amp;T Just Bit The Dust

    You blew it.
  • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

    Only 3g bummer! I was hoping for 4g LTE... and where is the white iphone?
  • Available next month?

    My wife was gonna' stand in line on Wednesday to get one, Guess I have to tell her to wait a couple of more weeks....

    John Zern
  • Windows Phone 7 = FAIL....

    Ballmer should have released this in late 2009 instead of waiting until late 2010.

    Now with Verizon and AT&T having the iPhone, it's pretty much a lock that Windows 7 Phone will be the next Kin...I said it, and I'll stand by it.

    Feb 2011 - Death of Windows Phone 7.
    • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon


      You mean Win7 Phone will be the next Zune by comparison.
  • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

  • Now for the real test

    For years AT&T has been blamed for the iPhone's terrible inability to get anything basic right. Sometimes I've thought that the cucumber in my fridge has better abilities to pick up a signal than my iPhone. It's for this tragic reason I've had to revert to having a tracfone back up to do the job. I'm curios to see whether the iPhone will be any better on another network. If not, then there you have it - conclusive evidence that the iPhone is an inferior phone.
  • RE: Live Blog: iPhone comes to Verizon

    I wish Verizon would buy my contract from AT$T. I would switch in a heartbeat. AT&T has too many drop http://www.iphonehacks.us calls for me. And to only be able to FaceTime via wi-fi is an insult to me and my hard owned cash.