iPod video lives

iPod video lives

Summary: Apple continues to build on the iPod, trouncing competitors. The new model supports 150 hours of video on the 2.


ipodvideo.jpgApple continues to build on the iPod, trouncing competitors. The new model supports 150 hours of video on the 2.5-inch color display, and even thinner than earlier iPods [video clip from the announcement]. The new iPod battery has 20 hours of life, five hours more than previous models according to Apple's press materials. A 30GB model is $299 and a 60GB for $399. The version of iTunes also sells TV shows. For example, ABC shows offerings "Lost," "Desperate Housewives" and "That's So Raven"  are available for $1.99 one day after airing, and take 10 to 20 minutes per episode to download an episode. 

Update: Apple bloggers hot for iMac, not for iPod

 In terms of downsides, I see one major one: 320x240 would look ridiculously bad on my TV, and unlike the world of music where plenty of people can't tell the difference between lossy and lossless codecs, everyone will be able to see the difference here between standard definition and QVGA. I can't really see this being something I'm interested in until we cross beyond the SD barrier and up into HD, but then we're talking about 350MB or so for an hour of TV, and that's obviously not possible. Some middle ground is needed, but QVGA is just too poor for my taste. I can't see too many people abandoning BitTorrent for this.
Ars Technica

The full-screen UI of Front Row is just begging to be hooked up to a TV. Begging. Now that there exists a "video iPod", the next new "Apple has to be working on this" mega-rumor is going to revolve around how Apple plans to bring this Front Row UI to your TV...PhotoBooth is not available for download; I wish it were available to anyone with an iSight. I hope it's not something they're reserving for new machines with built-in cameras.
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  • Monopolies on top of monopolies

    Looks like a winner, and Apple will add the downloadable DRMed
    video market to its current music monopoly.
    tic swayback
  • this will probably sell well....

    but no one is gonna use it for video. screen is way to small. Apple needs to make the entire front of the ipod a screen and digitize the click wheel for it to have any hope of visability. but why bother people will buy it anyway.

    - Sam
    • I'll upgrade for the video...

      I'm an original 10 gig iPod owner. Up until now I was very content
      with the iPod. I mainly listen to audio books (lots of them) when
      traveling to and from work etc. Now, for as little as 1.99 a show I
      can keep up with my TV shows (commercial free)! Anyone want to
      buy a used 10 gig iPod?
      • I don't see the point

        If you're willing to pay for it why not buy the DVD box set. Now if paying $2 a show over gave a discount on the box set allowing me to buy it for $5 if I downloaded an entire season already then maybe.

        I'm just not going for $50 to download then fork out $50 for better quality DVDs.
        • Albums versus songs

          Think of it in terms of iTunes, you can buy the whole album of 15
          songs for $9.99 or you can buy the one song you want for $0.99.
          The package deal is better if you want the whole thing, but some
          people only want the single, or the episode they missed, or the
          episode with the special guest star.
          tic swayback
  • I like iPods but...

    Big Whoopie.

    I do wish I would have waited on buying the Nano. Only $50 more would have gotten me into one of these.

    Again, no big whoopie but I think it's a much better buy now.
    • iPods

      You can be fairly certain that there was a method to this madness and they were released in this specific order for a reason.
  • Eldrad lives too, so what?

    This portable rubbish that keeps people apart, and effectively living through the lives of FICTIONAL PEOPLE has got to stop.

    We are not consumers. We are individuals.

    Oh, Eldrad was just as mad as those who want to keep us in our own private idahos too...
  • TV deal is bigger than iPod

    I don't see the need to watch video on a 2.5-inch screen, but I do think this is a landmark day in the history of online video and television.

    Apple has become the first (that I know of) to sell TV downloads and that's huge. Though, I still think their agenda of selling iPods will be what keeps them from being the ones to complete the journey to real IPTV.