Irish VoIP company sets record

Irish VoIP company sets record

Summary: In his blog Om Malik...

TOPICS: Networking

In his blog Om Malik writes

Topic: Networking

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  • VoIP for Dial Up Connections

    I happened to have participated on this international call initiated on a 33k dial up modem, and the quality of sound and call was equal to that of any VoIP using high speed connections. Considering that the majority of VoIP companies state the minimum requirement is high speed, I think this was quite a feat in and of itself.
  • What is your point?

    Maybe you have some English blood in you.
    What's with the jab?

    If you know anything about Ireland with respect to hi-tech then you should know that the likes of Intel and Dell have their European manufacturing there.
    There's still shamrocks and guinness but then again, lots of curry and sacred cows in India too.

    Nice one.

    • Point is Dial Up for VoIP

      No English blood...

      The point is that this World Record was set using a dial up connection. VoIP has been touted to only be used on broadband....that is the point. Those people using dial up connections can now use VoIP because of the patented technology of this small Irish based company. VoIP for dial up connections!
      • I agree

        For a lot of the world outside of New Deli and San Fran this is good stuff.
        The author trivializes it.
        I think it's great,
        Sell your SBC stock!

      • Let me get this straight

        You need a telephone line and an ISP AND a VoIP provider, to make a VoIP call. Where is the savings? And where is the cost advantage over cable modem? I just don't see it . . .
        Roger Ramjet