Is Droid Incredible actually a Nexus One, but without the Google store experience?

Is Droid Incredible actually a Nexus One, but without the Google store experience?

Summary: Now that the Droid Incredible is reportedly headed to Verizon, is there a need for the Nexus One, too?


Update: Verizon announces Droid Incredible

Yesterday, I chimed in about being in the market for a new smartphone - either the Nexus One or the iPhone, whichever one hits the Verizon Wireless network first. Since then, there have been reports that the Droid Incredible - an HTC device that looks similar to the shape and feel of the Nexus One - will be available from Verizon on April 29. (Techmeme)

Photo credit: Phandroid

Photo credit: Phandroid

I didn't give much thought to the Incredible's arrival in relation to the arrival of the Nexus One - still scheduled for a Spring arrival at Google's online store. But then I came across some theories that started to make sense. Seeing how the Incredible and the Nexus One - both made by HTC - are pretty similar in specs, did it make sense for Verizon to carry both?

Better yet, so the theory goes, if the ad that was leaked on the Internet as well as the device itself both have the Verizon branding, doesn't it make sense that it would be sold by Verizon, too - and not just in the Google's online store?

One of the biggest downfalls of the Nexus One - for me - is that it's only being sold by Google online and not by the carriers themselves. I don't want to buy a device like this from Google -  which has no actual stores, no customer service center, no face-to-face service or support mechanism in place. And, because I'm such an instant gratification kind of person, I know I'm going to resent both companies the first time I have to send off an e-mail help ticket or wait for a UPS driver to deliver a replacement device.

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By coincidence, my son and I went into a Verizon store last night so we could swap out my son's older phone for a newer one that his grandfather gave him. While waiting to be helped, I was looking at the phones on display and ended up playing salesman for a few people who were talking about a switch to an Android phone. I shared my insight of what I know about the Droid, the Nexus One and the Incredible and then went back to browsing the display models when the real salesman came over to help them.

That's when I overheard them ask the salesman about the arrival of the Nexus One. The salesman leaned in and whispered something about the Nexus One not coming to Verizon after all - not in those words, but in a way that I got the message, had he been talking to me, that is. Questions popped into my head but I didn't ask them because 1) I was merely an eavesdropping bystander and 2) I really didn't expect some random salesman at a random Verizon store to cough up details about a sensitive topic for his employer.

Instead, I let my imagination run wild. Did he mean the Nexus One isn't coming to Verizon, the store, or Verizon, the carrier? Maybe the Incredible is actually meant to be a Nexus One replacement that allows potential customers like me to buy a Nexus One-like device without having to shop at Google's online store. Better yet, maybe Google is seeing the light and shutting down its online mobile phone store. Maybe this is why a Google exec - at the Google Atmosphere event earlier this week -  paused when he announced that the company was giving attendees an unlocked Nexus One that's compatible with, ummm (PAUSE) AT&T. Between us, I think he wanted to say Verizon but couldn't.

I'm usually not one to buy into - let alone spread - conspiracy theories. But this one seems to have the right pieces falling into place.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not. All I know is that I'm ready for a new device. I feel like I've been holding my breath long enough for the iPhone to show up on Verizon. And, if the Incredible is as incredible as I think it may be, I could just find myself walking into the Verizon store on April 29 and picking one up for myself.

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  • Feh.. Wouldn't be the first time a phone wound up on another carrier with..

    ...a different name and a slightly different package. How many variations of the RAZR were there after all was said and done?


    There's the V3, V3i, V3xx, VE20, the D&G variation, etc... etc... et al, ad nauseum.

    AT&T used to carry the 8825 - that was a WinMo landscape slider phone. I forget the name it had on Verizon - but it was pretty much the same phone, slightly different case, CDMA vs GSM and pretty much the same feature set.

    So yes.. I could be the Nexus One in disguise.
    • Its really common for manufactures to release them under different names...

      for different carriers... I had a semiens sx66,
      when I started looking for custom flashes for it I
      found out the design base was called blue-angel
      and their were a dozen phones based off of it.
      Some had completely different body and button
  • similar to the shape and feel of the Nexus One ?

    Looking at the photo it doesn't look similar to nexus one
    at all. At least not more similar than how all the smart
    phones with touch screens are similar.
    • Completely different body....

      ...but same innards plus some upgrades.
    • RE: Is Droid Incredible actually a Nexus One, but without the Google store experience?

      You never know i beg your pardon? Is better in favour of yourself, be fond of <a href="">zoloft</a>.
  • RE: Is Droid Incredible actually a Nexus One, but without the Google store experience?

    the htc desire is the nexus one upgraded with "hard" buttons and a motion sensor instead of the roller ball. The incredible is and always will be the hero (eris) replacement.
    • Read the specs....

      The Incredible is a further upgrade to the N One
      than the Desire is.
  • Good luck on that verizon phone taking a call

    while surfing the web.
    • Well, I can get a Verizon signal...

      My Verizon Droid my not be able to surf and talk but I can do one or the other everywhere I go in NYC. My iPhone, not in my apartment or office building. Both locations are deal killers. I refuse to go out in the rain or snow to make or receive a cell call at my own apartment. Same with the office.

      I can't think of a time where surfing and talking were critical applications. Fun feature may be but can I live with out it? Yeah.
      • Get a microcell. They are cheap.

        You can get killer signal in your NYC apartment. No need to ever leave now!
    • And no one but "techies" knew that..

      before AT&T had to sink that low and try to use that as a "feature" of the iPhone. Well I hate to say it but its a "feature" of the GSM network. Verizon cant do it because its CDMA. Once Verizon launches their LTE network, their devices will be able to "talk and surf" for ever how useful that [i]really[/i] is.
      • This is not a "must have" feature

        I have an iPhone and can "talk and surf" and I can probably count the
        times I've needed to do that on one hand if you chopped off three
        fingers. It's a "nice to have" feature, but not critical.
        • haha

          Yeah I couldnt imaging that make or breaking anything. I am waiting for the legend to come out but the incredible looks nice also.
        • Yeah, spoken like someone who's never had it.

          The whole point of having all of that power in your hand is that you can find something online, pick up an email while you are on the phone, or use map applications while talking.

          Once you have this, you will NEVER consider giving it up. I was a VZN customer for over 5 years before going to ATT for the iPhone. I was pissed at first but the network has gotten dramatically better. And I honestly never realized it was their network that didn't let me browse while I was on the phone (had a Treo 700WX before).

          It is a must have if you have had it before. If not, I guess you can hang up, pick up that email and call back after.
          • Ironic

            I'm on T-Mo currently and can talk and use the
            internet at the same time and like the other guy
            said I've rarely used it. Mainly only if someone
            calls me asking for a contact. Otherwise I'm
            rarely in a situation to do this. Now come to
            think of it....almost anytime this happens I am
            on Wifi. So I'm not even sure if it does
            work....hence I don't need it.

            On the other hand I DO use alot of what would be
            considered non-Apple condoned applications at
            the same time which the iPhone can't do unless
            you shell out for the new one.
          • Have it

            because I switched from Verizon to AT&T a while back.
            I also have an average of 50 dropped calls a month, and an untold number of missed calls that go straight to vm.
            I'll take a good phone on a good network over an awesome phone on a crap network anyday.
            So long in December AT&T
          • lets see... heres some estimates on when I make phone calls

            30% I'm driving... can't be surfing then
            60% I'm at close proximity to a computer with
            internet, also has a much bigger screen.
            90% I'm doing something else. Eating, working,

            So I estimate I COULD only use this feature 10%
            of the time, some of that time I'd be near a
            computer and just use that. Lets say 3%, that
            leaves 7%.

            Now... whether or not I would WANT to look
            something up on the phone then... not often.
            But I'll leave it at 7% of the time I would
            possibly use such a feature.
          • Give us a break.

            "pick up an email while you are on the phone, or use map applications while talking."

            And you do all of that with your cheek? The X-Men truly do walk among us.
    • Can be done if your phone has WiFi

      I'm able to surf and talk on my Storm2 if I have a WiFi connection so it's not impossible with Verizon smartphones and now that all Verizon smartphones are required to have WiFi, this isn't much of an issue.
    • And good luck with that AT&T

      iPhone just actually taking a call, period.