Is Microsoft preventing Corel from supporting ODF?

Is Microsoft preventing Corel from supporting ODF?

Summary: In a recent blog entry entitled Shame on Corel, Andy Updegrove, legal counsel to OASIS (the consortium that's the steward of the OpenDocument Format specification), lashes out at Wordperfect for wavering on support of ODF.  The blog points to a recent eWeek story that reported that Corel would support the format.

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In a recent blog entry entitled Shame on Corel, Andy Updegrove, legal counsel to OASIS (the consortium that's the steward of the OpenDocument Format specification), lashes out at Wordperfect for wavering on support of ODF.  The blog points to a recent eWeek story that reported that Corel would support the format.  Now, based on an interview of Corel officials that Updegrove spotted on, it appears as though Corel isn't as firmly behind ODF as was originally thought to be.  Corel's inability to take a stand is particularly confounding to Updegrove given that Corel was one of OASIS' OpenDocument Working Group's founding members.  One dot that Updegrove didn't connect -- but that those commenting on his blog did -- is that Microsoft made a $135 million investment in Corel in October of 2000.  However, I remain unconvinced of the conspiracy theory since Microsoft sold its stake in Corel back in March of 2003.  Either way, as the #2 ranked provider of office productivity software, it appears as though Corel is just as fearful of the impact that an open standard will have on its franchise business as Microsoft is.

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  • On another serious note....

    Corel has also been indicted on numerous criminal counts of failing to support compuserve's GIF and standard 8-bit ASCII code. Apparently the "!" is missing a period in their ASCII version, leading the FBI, CIA, and Scotland Yard to believe some sort of anti-open-source triad consortium to exist between Corel, MS, and all the users that buy their stuff || (that was supposed to be "!!", not "||", but I'm typing on a Corel-enabled keyboard...)
  • Proprietary File Fotmats and the Net


    I see the connection.

    Anyone who has a program franchise that is founded on the accessability (or otherwise) of a proprietary file format need only consider that the Net itself is based on three founding principles, in reverse order:
    - One, open, network architecture using one protocol set;
    - One, open, data format and, to a lesser extent, data structure (XML and Web Services take us additional steps but it's still a stretch to call this a work in progress - let alone done); and
    - One, open, access and presentation layer.

    That last one has been the writing on the wall ever since, IMHO, Microsoft fell so far behind the innovation curve they had to buy into the Mosaic franchise.

    Browsers are clearly only a part of the story. The document paradigm is so embedded into our social, political, and economic structures that 'Office Productivity', and associated programmes that provide windows and tools at the Human-Net interface, are bound to come under pressure sooner rather than later.

    The completion of open standards like ODF simply moves this process along the next logical step.

    Even if suppliers stopped supporting groups like OASIS, the volunteer, charity, government, small busines, and academic sectors of society have already demonstrated that the new waves of Net innovation can be built without them.
    Stephen Wheeler
  • VM Software we can all agree"!!"

    It appearse that XML will win out after the adventures of VISTA become a reality. Beside the point; do we really need another version Internet Explorer? And Fire Fox is making me feel I have enough choices in name brand and quality. It has done wonders as a back up browser and fends off the wolfs from punching my online lights-out.
    Pop 3
  • Microsoft invested in Apple, too.

    And Microsoft sold its stake in Apple, too.

    I wonder what dots we can connect to recent Apple behavior.

    Anton Philidor
  • Sold their Soul

    Back when M$ "helped out" Corel with that hefty donation...

    Corel even quit working on a Linux build.

    Any questions?
    hacked off
    • Corel is in business to make money

      Most Linux folks are interested in free software. Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, there was no money in the Linux market for them at that time?

      I found an article that Corel was going back into the Linux market:

      But I can't see it listed in the Corel online store or on the web. Do you suppose that they determined that once again there was no money in the Linux market?

      Jeez half of you see flying saucers because you desparately want to see flying saucers. MS is not the root of all evil even though that is want many here like to think.

      Now that MS has sold the Corel stock what is stopping Corel from work on a Linux version? Space Aliens?

      Any Questions?
      • Seriously?

        Here's an excerpt from the article you point to: "has backed away from its Linux strategy to focus on graphics software, following a $135m bailout from Microsoft" Read this any way you want but it clearly indicates Corels "new-found" position on Linux and Linux development. Yeah, I'm positive that M$ had nothing to do with it...

        Are you in denial Mr balsover?
        hacked off
  • By your own admission MS has nothing to do with this

    and yet you stick the name in the title anyway... What sort of sensationalist journalism is that, the type we see on the cover of the National Inquirer? Your readers want to see space aliens so you produce them. What's next, Bill Gates is actually one of the three horsemen?
  • stop sensationalizing the titles of articles

    stop speculating.
    I thought Zdnet did quality journalism but now it looks like a couple of bloggers are ruining Zdnets repuatation.
    What is the editor of zdnet doing (sleeping I guess).
  • WP gets its 15 minutes of fame

    WP is using the MA news to hype its own product, to get some free advertising. So long as they keep it up, it's a viable marketing tactic. The news is getting out that supposedly Office 12 is going to be "dramaticly" different, and "bigger" than prior MS Office versions, and so people are apt to look at alternatives. They're getting in on the spotlight for a bit, saying, "Hey! Look at us!"

    It's interesting that they look at ODF and OpOf as a "lab" experiment. I can imagine them saying to MA's decision "Oh, that's cute." I kind of agree with Updegrove. Why be an active participant on the committee that formed ODF and then not use it when it's finalized?

    What I could glean from their answers it sounds like they'd rather be a market follower than a leader on this front.
    Mark Miller