Is Microsoft ready to move beyond Windows?

Is Microsoft ready to move beyond Windows?

Summary: Is it time for me to start hammering out an obituary for Microsoft Windows? The headline, "Microsoft sees end of Windows era" was enough to make me look twice and start imagining a world without Vista, system crashes and the blue screen of death.


Is it time for me to start hammering out an obituary for Microsoft Windows? The headline, "Microsoft sees end of Windows era" was enough to make me look twice and start imagining a world without Vista, system crashes and the blue screen of death.

Software Development Times has reportedly seen some of Microsoft's internal documents describing a technology code-named "Midori," which is supposed to be Microsoft's answer to virtual computing as the Web moves beyond information and into computing. Microsoft is being pretty tight-lipped about Midori, saying publicly that it's one of many projects in incubation stage and that it's too early to comment.

Among the details from the SDTimes piece:

At the presentation layer, Microsoft is making a clean break from the existing Windows GUI model, where applications must update their display on one and only one thread at a time, and the associated problems that affect OS stability and make it more difficult to write multithreaded applications.

The Midori documents indicate that the company has not decided what user interface abstractions are appropriate when applications cut across boundaries, or how to combine the best qualities of rich client applications and Web applications.

The whole project is very hush-hush but I suspect that we'll start hearing more about it soon. Microsoft is behind the game in virtualization. Last week, during an earnings call, VWare announced plans to give away ESXi, the "platform" or "operating system" that powers its lineup of virtualization software products. Think of it as Microsoft giving away Windows and then selling Office or the Web browser. It's a good way for VMWare to get a jump-start on its competitors and try to build a loyal following before Microsoft has a chance to take Midori out of the incubator.

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  • Is Microsoft ready to move beyond Windows?

    [i]start imagining a world without Vista, system crashes and the blue screen of death.

    I've been living in this world for a number of years. Hi, I'm Earth, have we met? Anyways, this is just natural progression for any software company. Keeping up with the times and staying one step ahead of the game. Microsoft is just looking at the future of computing and preparing for it ahead of everyone else.
    Loverock Davidson
  • Really?

    [i]...imagining a world without Vista, system crashes and the blue screen of death.[/i]

    I am sure this was just posted in a lame attempt at flamebait, but I wonder in what world you live? I have been using Vista for almost a year now, and XP many years before that and of course reality is nothing like the FUD you are spreading. Really can't remember the last time I saw a BSOD or "system crashes".

    But then again, you seem to have have zero integrity to tell the truth so what did anyone expect? And let me guess... You believe you are morally above MS, yet you have no problem spreading misinformation? Wow, just amazing.

    Here's a suggestion... If you can't be truthful, go find another job and leave the "blogging" to those that can at least move beyond the 90's...

    The FUD is strong with you. You must be proud!
    • Wow,

      You haven't had BSODs or system crashes but plenty of other folks have, I being one of them. My Vista system just crashed last night playing Bioshock. The system froze and restarted. It's happened before and I don't doubt that it will happen again. All drivers are up to date, and even if they weren't, should playing a game be able to topple the ENTIRE OS? It never happens on my Mac.

      Even more interesting is Vistas inability or refusal to track these crashes in the reliability monitor

      Vista's stability is paper thin when compared to XP. I like Vista more than XP but stable Vista is not.
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
      • Vista Never Crashes

        I've been running Vista on several machines since the release of the RTM version and have yet to see a crash. I don't use OSX myself, but I hear stories about it crashing as well. Just because you experience one thing doesn't make one product stable and another one not stable. Do you really think your computing experience provides a reliable benchmark for the rest of the world? Give me a break!
        • .....

          And you think yours does? ]:)
          Linux User 147560
        • I will give you a break

          If Qbt claims Sam is spreading FUD and disinformation then how do you explain that Vista does crash and does BSOD? It's not FUD if it actually happens. There. Break over.
          Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
        • They ALL crash

          It's an absolute certainty that any OS attempting to compensate for faulty hardware is eventually going to crash.

          Vista crashes.
          XP crashes.
          OS-X crashes.
          Nix crashes.
          OS/2 crashes.

          And, in nearly every instance, the faulty hardware does not get blamed. The OS does.
          Dr. John
      • Really ?

        We have been using Vista at home on at least 5 machines:
        *A Desktop with 2 GB of RAM and an AMD X2 4400+
        *A Desktop with 1 GB of RAM and a 3 Ghz P4
        *2 ACER Laptops with a Core 2 Duo CPU and 1 GB of RAM
        *1 DELL Laptop with a Core Duo and 1 GB of RAM
        And yet we got only BSOD on the first desktop because of the ADSL modem.
        Once we replaced this modem by a WIFI router, we have yet to see a BSOD.
        And this modem was replaced one year ago.
        So i very doubt that a significant number of people have BSOD because of Vista.
        On the other hand i have my share of troubles with XP SP2 at work.
        It is slow,it freezes,it needs to be restarted quite often and this on a HP DC 7800 with 4 GB of RAM and all the latest drivers.
        So for me XP sucks and is a dinosaur O.S which must disapear as soon as possible or be available only on Virtual machines for compatiblity reasons.
        On physical machines it must be replaced by either Vista or any other suitable Linux distro.
        Nuff said !
        Only my enterprise policy prevents me from replacing XP by Vista Business or more lileky Windows 2008 Server 64 bits(we have volume license >:) ) in Workstation mode.
      • RAM problems

        It's a good bet that you've got a faulty/overheating stick of RAM in your machine, or that you've got a dirty contact or two in you RAM slots.
        Dr. John
      • Why don't you..

        get BioShock for your OSX... oh wait.... nevermind

        Blame the crash on Bioshock, not Windows
        If a particular program crashes your OS, while it performs quite well under everything else, don't you think the culprit is that [i]particular program[/i]?

        I've had Vista for over a year and haven't gotten a single BSOD thus far. The only hang I've gotten is from Assassin's Creed when I've tried to switch it to run in window mode after running it at full screen. So I stopped trying to do that.

        Assassin's Creed is the problem, not Win... Some other half-a$$ programming examples of the game are the fact that 80% of the time the game won't start in full screen mode (I have to set it manually), the install didn't add game icons anywhere (desktop or Start menu), and it takes 11 freaking steps to quit the stupid game (so I just Alt-F4 the thing).
        • Still blame the OS!!!

          OK, blame the program, but shouldn't proper code in the OS be able to catch a crash & tell you what program caused the problem?
          When will MS wake up & make this crap just work?
  • this news is pure FUD !

    this news is pure FUD !
    • Care to elaborate?

      How is it FUD?
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • I didn't even see any news...

      more ZDNet MS overlord worshipping. No news at all, just a rumour of some MS vaporware. We saw it seven years before Vista.

      The support only money can buy;-)
      Richard Flude
  • RE: Is Microsoft ready to move beyond Windows?

    The Vista laptop at my house is a mess - constant reboots, screens that lock up, random drops from the network. It got so bad that we brought back out the XP desktop so we could have a reliable machine. Who knows? Maybe my Vista machine was a lemon - but the stories about Vista's problems are pretty widespread. And it kind of says something when major manufacturers such as Dell kept selling XP long after Vista hit the scene.
    • why dont you explain your Vista laptop

      Was it brand new laptop with OEM Vista install or did you have an XP laptop that you upgraded to Vista.

      I'd bet its the latter.
      You probably havent installed the right drivers, which is the most likely reason why an OS would crash.
      • my vista laptop

        was a brand new one with OEM Vista install. I had avoided the upgrades from XP because some of the reviewers I know shared some horror stories about the process and I figured it was just better to start fresh.

        We've been through the updates and so on and really didn't do much to it beyond basic installs - Office, Firefox, etc.
        • Lemon

          Dr. John
      • .....

        It's funny that when someone complains of a problem the first thing the defenders do is blame the hardware when an upgrade is implied. And yet I and many others find that when we upgrade our OS we actually see improvements across the board and yet... in the Microsoft camp it's a crapshoot 50/50 at best that you will have a good install / experience. And if you don't then replace the hardware. Wow, now that is cost effective! ]:)
        Linux User 147560
        • Suuuuure....

          That's it. Only Microsoft products ever require new hardware. </sarcasm>

          Too many people go out and buy the cheapest piece of crap they can find, then act surprised when it doesn't work right. I see it all the time. People bring me their junk hoping I can wave a magic wand and make their $249 computer work like a $1499 computer. It ain't happening. If the thing came with Uncle Ong's SooperDooper All-In-One UltraFast Magical motherboard, retailing at $35, an unheard of brand of 65 watt power supply, and a spittoon for a cooler, it's going to run like a one legged dog with arthritis.
          Dr. John