Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo's future: Life!

Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo's future: Life!

Summary: Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang made his inaugural CES appearance, outlining how he plans to evolve his company ahead of the curve and to become an indispensable starting point for consumers' Web experience, which has become richer and more complex over the last decade. "We call this Life with an exclamation point," Yang said.


Yahoo co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang made his inaugural CES appearance, outlining how he plans to evolve his company ahead of the curve and to become an indispensable starting point for consumers' Web experience, which has become richer and more complex over the last decade. "We call this Life with an exclamation point," Yang said. "At Yahoo we want to be most essential starting point for your life," and "take the complexity of the Web and simplify your life through very powerful technologies."


Yang said that more people use Yahoo as their starting point, via Yahoo Mail, MyYahoo. search and the Yahoo home page. We possess so much of basic tools and services to make life on the Web simpler, he proclaimed.

For the first time, Yang showed what the company has been up to in developing a next generation user experience that unites it various services in a social context. Yang labeled the demo a sneak peak and not a product announcement, but it is very well thought out as a service the integrates email, structured data, social context, tags and a variety of other applications.

Yahoo Mail (communication services) serves as the hub, but the interface also includes third-party applications and social context. Connections are contacts, and based on frequency and volume of communications email is reordered on the strength of the connections. The page also includes updates from connections, showing what is relevant rather than just relatively static inbox.




Third parties applications can be accessed via the interface as well are recommended services from friends. My Conversations is a way for Yahoo Mail and an inbox to digest various threads, Yang said. He gave an example of planning a dinner for CES. You can drag the thread into a map and it will bring up the profiles of those on the mail, note preferences (for food in this case) and suggest restaurants in the area. You can also take an email message and pop up the profiles of those on the message, and extract an address from email and show it a map.

David Filo came on stage, talking about openness and integrating Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo last year) and opening up Yahoo's platform more broadly to other developers.


"You will definitely see pieces this year, but we need to make sure security is there with the apps," said Brad Garlinghouse, senior vice president of communications and communities. "We are leveraging the user interface and data to create new functionality." In part, the new functionality will come from Zimbra, he noted.

Yahoo also announced a new version of its Yahoo Go mobile platform. "The future is about making the Web experience simpler and more efficient for everyone," he added. As evidence of that goal, Marco Boerries, executive vice president for Yahoo's Connected Life experience, demoed enhancements to the Yahoo Go platform (version 3.0) for mobile devices. He showed widgets for email and Flickr that make it much easier to compose messages and share photos. Yahoo Go 3.0 also remembers what users did last with their mobile widgets and has a carousel for easier navigation.

Yahoo also revamped its mobile home page to make it easier to navigate. We are opening up the Yahoo home page to the entire Internet," Boerries said. Yahoo "openness" is in its "Snippet Gallery," which are feeds and services that can be embedded in Yahoo pages. MySnippets offer previews to services, such as weather, news, stocks and sports, that you use in a single screen. Yahoo Go 3.0 will be supported on 30 devices when it goes into beta. Version 2.0 is supported on 300 devices.

"As part of our strategy to enable an ecosystem target at billions of users, we have to support the greatest number of devices," Boerries said. Yahoo Go will work on any phone that has a browser supporting HTML or XHTML.

Yahoo is also opening its mobile platform to outside programmers, allowing them to create mobile widgets that can be embedded on Yahoo Go. Viacom, MySpace and Ebay were announced as partners building widgets for the Yahoo Go platform." Widget developers and advertisers can also take advantage of Yahoo advertising tools as part of the mobile experience.

Yahoo is also working with Motorola, LG and Access to run widgets natively on their mobile devices, Boerries said.

Yang took over as CEO about seven months ago, and is tasked with bringing Yahoo back to its former glory in the Web universe. Yahoo's stock price has plunged by about 18 percent as Google shares have risen more than 20 percent during Yang's reign as CEO. The notion of being the starting point for billions of people on the Web isn't much different from the original concept underlying Yahoo. But the new version of Yahoo Go and the sneak peak of the next generation communications hub demonstrate that Yang and company might rise up again.

Topics: Mobility, Social Enterprise

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  • Yahoo Mail

    Yes, well I understand you have to say nice things about Yahoo Mail, but for me it SUCKS! It rarely works correctly! The servers are down WAY TOO much!

    If I didn't have to use it I wouldn't! I belong to several Yahoo groups & they all send mail to Yahoo Mail. I get 20 to 30 a day & when Yahoo mail isn't working that total can quickly get to 100 messages or more which I don't have time or the inclination to read.
    Yahoo Mail is mostly more trouble than its worth!

    Cheers (?),

    • i quit using hotmail and yahoo mail when

      my friend would send me a message, (phone conversation)..friend: "ya... ill send you the details in an email.. i just sent it"

      and i have to wait 15 to 45 minutes for that email to arrive.

      this has happened so many times over the years with yahoo or hotmail.. i just gave up. didnt matter where the mail was sent, it just happened frequently.

      it got so bad.. i thought to myself... man.... they must let third parties cache and scan their mails before delivery.


      ive switched to gmail.. and everything is always instantaneous. thanks gmail for making the best email service on earth. and caring what we have to say.
    • Try this with groupes

      I have my group e-mail preference set to daily digest. This gives a 1 mail per day summery of what happened. subjects and replies are arranged in threads so you can read the last entry to get the entire thread. this really cuts down on the inbox clutter.
  • Live or Life?

    Is this about Microsoft or Yahoo? I am confused..... Not really, but my point is how about doing something innovative, instead of copying. And I quit using Yahoo because of all of the pop-ups.
  • RE: Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo's future: Life!

    It shocks me how new technologies and solutions are just getting such a hard time coming up with something useful... I mean it seems as if basic human needs had been long ago covered. Now they want to make it just easier, faster, nicer. I am working so well with this same plattform... The market doesn't seem to evolve at the same pace ideas do. Maybe as time goes by new similar-to-same tools will find a place in some people desktops... for me, I declare my needs just fullfilled. Good luck for the new guy. There's such a deed coming!
  • Life! ... in prison for those Yahoo

    Life! ... in prison for those Yahoo reports to certain governments - yes, that's old news, but I'm not over it yet. Yahoo is a virus - I refuse to use any of their "products" except for their music subscription service, and I only allowed that on here because it was the least expensive way to get music for my young son. I don't even use Yahoo messenger or mail - I use 3rd party IM programs to combine all my services and get them without worrying about infections. Sorry, but it's hard for me to forget how many times I've had friends suspend their Yahoo IM accounts due to viruses, etc. I have the memory of an elephant, and I don't see anything attractive enough about Yahoo's offerings to make them worthwhile. They should have stuck to being a search engine.
    • second that emotion

      The only Yahoo I access, most unfortunately, is Yahoo Groups. I can't control the choice of the owners of the groups I attend. I simply must maintain access to these groups, and most ironically more than one of them is of a nature that were I in China, I'd have been executed long ago and my organs harvested and sold to the highest bidder.

      Probably coming to America and the rest of the world soon enough.

      Creepy indeed. This whole "web" is really creeping me out lately.

      • ya... that really pissed me off when they colaborated witht the chinese

        im really sick of that sh. that means they just might give you information to anyone. they cant be trusted. they destroy human lives when they do that. but then again.. maybe the us govt strong armed yahoo into doing it... because the Chinese can say.. if you dont give up what we want.. we'll do this or that... (that situation was pretty brutal) and destoyed innocent lives forever.
        If i was the ceo of yahoo.. i would have marched to the nearest major newspaper and said.. officially.. yahoo.. tells (so and so) to (*&*%&$&^(*&.... if they would have done that, american loyalty to their brand would have skyrocketed. but they sold out a voice of freedom... a lone soul trapped in communist china.
        • yes and google

          would do the same thing in a heartbeat
          Paul Fletcher
        • So let's see...

          The police would have seized your servers and arrested your staff for the Chinese equivalent of contempt of court, you would have been bared from further operations in China and your out of country addresses would be blocked. The government has the information they wanted, hundreds if not thousands of people (your former staff) are in prison and your company has been thrown out of the largest market on the planet. That would cause the stock price to drop, now the board of directors is mad at you and looking for a replacement.
          When you are in a foreign country, you DO have to obey their laws, no matter how much you might not like it. Personally I would not keep any IP information or logs, but that could be a legal requirement also.
  • RE: Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo's future: Life!

    Heard new free composite service MyUniPortal might be the ticket instead.
  • What do I think? Creepy.

    Honestly, I don't want any service (Yahoo, Google, Live, etc.) tracking me or my friends that closely. There's just a very large creepiness factor to all of this "let us into your life" app development.

    Guess what guys? You provide electronic email services or listings for local movies or a neat way to find a local pizza place (as if that were the only freaking food on earth). That's it.

    Your algorithms for figuring out who my bestest friends are and that I want to read their messages first or know where they are or what they just bought is none of your business.
    • thats why web apps are best

      offers you more security in the long run.

      I mean seriously... would wants 25 to 50 megs of code on your machine.. when you dont fully trust it.
      • pcguy777

        I want zero code if I can but that's not possible. So pcguy777 you want to surround that code with gazillions of other bytes on a 'not yers' server and call [b]THAT[/b] safe??? Trusting sole!
      • what are thinking???

        you give your data and your e-mail to Google every day..... duh!!!!

        what makes you think that is secure? Sergey says so??

        if you are so paranoid, keep a Tandy 100 and NEVER even use the modem - let alone that dangerous broadband..
        Paul Fletcher
      • Paranoid of Google too!!!

        I don't allow Google toolbar installations, I rarely use Google, and it certainly doesn't handle any email or other apps of mine. Not that I trust MS either, and I DO actually hate being on broadband - but I'm forced to use the internet for what I do. Frankly, if I could find a machine that could handle all my paranoia apps without crashing, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! None of them stops everything - I have figured out a way to keep two firewalls running simultaneously, I run Peer Guardian and 3 types of spyware detectors, and still hate leaving my computer plugged into the cable when I'm not using it. And no, the meds do NOT work! LOL!!!!
  • RE: Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo's future: Life!

    Looks like Yahoo is inching closer to have a one stop <a href="">Single Social Interface</a> that gives me a one stop place to manage my social Internet.

    I really think they are onto what will be the next generation of Social Internet Adoption. The next wave of social network users have already embraced and adopted Internet and Email as a essential tool. They don't fully understand social networks and need a simple interface to interact with the social world.

    I enjoy Google and their platform for doing this, however it is something I have to assemble and build from all the Google parts, it doesn't have a single interface ready to go with a pretty name like Yahoo Life!

    Nice work Yahoo!
  • the problem with yahoo's services

    is.. theirs to much info on the pages... its an eye sore.. i get distracted and am drawn away from doing anything with there services... and the pages are ugly if you only add a few snap ins and delete the rest.

    they need to create an app that has everything with the facebook type of, or google (orkid) model.. and to be able to control what i see and dont see. thats why social networks are so successful.

    too much content = run joey run!!!!
  • Google did the same thing

    Google to hand over blogger's IP address
  • Yahoo-no longer slow!

    I remember when all Email was very slow, but in the last couple of years they are all much faster in delivering the mail. We dearly love Yahoo's easy to use attachment method!