Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

Summary: Yahoo's former CEO and co-founder appears to be leaving the company for good with his resignation from Yahoo's board of directors.


Just a few months after the sudden (and forced) departure of former CEO Carol Bartz, we have another major resignation from Yahoo.

This time it is former CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang, who announced his resignation from the Yahoo board of directors -- as well as all other positions within the company -- effective immediately.

Yang wrote in a letter to the Yahoo board chairman Roy Bostock:

My time at Yahoo!, from its founding to the present, has encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. However, the time has come for me to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo! As I leave the company I co-founded nearly 17 years ago, I am enthusiastic about the appointment of Scott Thompson as Chief Executive Officer and his ability, along with the entire Yahoo! leadership team, to guide Yahoo! into an exciting and successful future.

Yang also resigned from the boards of Yahoo Japan Corporation and the Alibaba Group, effective today.

Yahoo has had a major reshuffle at the top lately, most recently with the hiring of PayPal's chief executive Scott Thompson as its new CEO.

The statement did not include any reasoning as to why Yang has departed Yahoo (besides the very nondescript "other interests"), although it appears to be spun in more a positive light -- at least when you compare it to Bartz's firing over the phone in September.

However, earlier this month it was reported that Yahoo was looking for new blood on its board and replace "possible outgoing directors."

The timing of Yang's departure is too coincidental for this tidbit to not refer to him, but does this mean that Yahoo will be losing (or axing) more board members?


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  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    why he did this..
    • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

      @nomikhokher Iam just running yahoo messenger on my that phone:
    • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

      For fcuking up the Microsoft takeover by being a greedy boy, and then presiding over a tanking shareprice ever since.

      Yahoo are now pretty much irrelevant and heading the same way as Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos ....
      • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

        @neil.postlethwaite@... Dead on comment, and thanks for the trip down memory lane. Been a loooong time since I thought of Alta Vista, Excite, or Lycos.
      • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

        @neil.postlethwaite@... wrote:
        "by being a greedy boy

        If Jerry Yang were greedy, he would have jumped at the chance to sell Yahoo! to Microsoft at the share price offered ($33 per share U.S.) in 2008. As a Yahoo! co-founder and CEO at the time of Microsoft's offer, he simply couldn't let go.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    Evolve or Die?
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    He should have been ridden out of town on a rail for not taking the Microsoft offer years ago. That would have made the shareholders very wealthy and Yahoo would probably be doing quite well by now. He is now the King Rat deserting the sinking ship. Shame on you Jerry!
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    It is so simple. What we feared has happened.
    Microsoft got its hands on Yahoo.
    The interface and quality and safety evaporated.
    With in days of being forced to accept the new interface people were able to in and steal my identity and send emails from me saying I was filthy rich after trying a certain online bogus work at home scam. It was all lies. I still get food-stamps.
    But I knew it was going to happen.
    Microsoft starts coding and they leave back doors open for anyone to walk in.
    So sad, Yahoo was a good email client and search engine.
    Microsoft has done to Yahoo what they did to Rocket Mail, another good company until Microsoft destroyed it.
    I do not blame Jerry Yang, and maybe I would have gotten out sooner so they do not think I destroyed Yahoo.
    But be kind to Microsoft, their share is slipping everywhere as people find out they can get a superior product with better functionality and less security risks just about anywhere else than Microsoft.
    Too bad.
    Microsoft is headed in the same direction as RCA.

    Yes I know, you don't know who RCA was, just look up the history and then compare the companies.

    Good Going Jerry, you had a great company until Microsoft came like pigs and messed up the yard.
    • You are delusional

      @ceknight Last time I checked Microsoft didn't buy Yahoo so I don't know how you got the idea that Microsoft is somehow responsible.
      • For some, any opportunity to blame Microsoft

        for their own, or someone elses failure, is not unusual.

        I have noticed that jealousy drives some of you humans to do and say the most illogical things.
        Tim Cook
    • Typical.

      You can not bare the thought that a hero of yours is flawed, so instead of excepting the truth and placing the blame where it belongs, you instead blame it on a company you dislike, likely due some jealousy of their success.

      Illogical, but typical of many humans.
      Tim Cook
      • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

        @Mister Spock <br>You may be logical but you should use your spellchecker ;-)
    • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

      @ceknight Microsoft doesn??t have to do anything to yahoo, yahoo has done it to itself. It simply ceased to be competitive and creative in a dog eat dog big leagues business. Yang should have taken the money from MS when he could and now yahoo or MSYahoo for that matter would have been the one to beat in the king of the Web race. He blew it... he??s paying the price. Good riddance. New blood might do but I don??t think so.
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    It must bill gates fault Microsoft interest served to revitalize interest in a brand that appeared to be largely irrelevant by 2006.
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    Yahoo has hired PayPal???s chief executive Scott Thompson as its new CEO......
    So how long before Yahoo starts to kick people off for not complying with a strict code of conduct? Maybe they'll hold your email account for a while if someone doesn't like your commentary in the news segments.
  • RE: Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo's board of directors

    I called it at the time and I'll repeat it again here now. Microsoft's extremely over-generous offer in 2008 of $47.5bn was a case of one drowning man throwing another a lead weight. I was of course roundly attacked for that. But I was right.

    Turning down a deal that valued the company he founded at twice its market CAP was dumb dumb dumb. God knows why Microsoft wanted Yahoo. What did Yahoo have that Microsoft needed? Indeed, what did Yahoo have that ANYONE needed?

    Yahoo was always a horrible company. This web portal/search engine thing was named after the savage, filthy creatures, with unpleasant habits from Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels. Why? Who knows? But in a world rich with vocabulary, it was obvious a smarter competitor would come along with a better named product. And it really does all start with a name.

    I have no respect for Yang. When he sold out the Chinese journalist Shi Tao and other dissidents to Chinese authorities, leading to arrests, imprisonment, torture and confiscation of property, it demonstrated what an utter fool he is. Nothing he's done since to try to make amends convinces me otherwise.

    Now Yang has finally fallen on his sword - or had it thrust in his guts by smarter people. There were any number of occasions over the past 18 years since he co-founded Yahoo, when it would have been both the smart and decent thing to do. What makes 17 January 2012 special? Who cares? Leaving is the best thing he ever did. Now let's move on.
    Graham Ellison