Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners

Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners

Summary: Amazon certainly isn't settling for just promoting its own services and ecosystem on the Kindle Fire.

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The next two weeks are going to prove very interesting in the tablet market once both the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet start hitting shelves.

Once it was revealed that the Nook Tablet would be featuring content from many major third-party players like Netflix and Hulu Plus to spice things up on that advanced e-book reader, everyone began to wonder what Amazon would come up with.

Although it looked like Amazon was just going to rest on its own ecosystem of products (Cloud Drive, Cloud Player, On-Demand video streaming, etc.) and promote those via the Kindle Fire, it turns out that is defintely not the case. Earlier this week.

Amazon responded with a lengthy list of apps that will be available to download from the Amazon AppStore at launch time, including Netflix, Rhapsody, and Pandora.

Today, Amazon continues to add to that list with the announcement that Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter will be joining several thousands other apps that will be available on Kindle Fire beginning next week.

Thus, this makes things considerably more difficult for Barnes & Noble to tout their new tablet as the prime option for third-party vendors as well as for customers who don't want to buy into the Amazon ecosystem because they already have subscriptions elsewhere. Now, one could argue that you can have it all on the Kindle Fire.

However, you can't get around the fact that the storage space and the hardware specs are better on the $249 Nook Tablet than the $199 Kindle Fire. If you want to have videos accessible at all times beyond streaming, the Kindle Fire isn't really the best option.

But don't forget about that other major tablet, the iPad, which has been available for months. Although the starting price is $300 more than either the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, the iPad is still heavily in consideration among consumers shopping for a new tablet this holiday season.

Yet, a recent survey found that more current and non-current tablet owners replied that they are planning to buy a Kindle Fire over an iPad in the next couple of months.

UPDATE: Kindle Fire owners will have plenty of periodicals to peruse through next week as well as Amazon just announced that it will be offering more than 400 full-color magazines and newspapers at launch time.

To further sweeten the deal, Kindle Fire customers who subscribe before March 1, 2012 will also receive a free, three-month trial of 17 Conde Nast magazines.

For comparison, Barnes & Noble's Nook Newsstand has 234 magazines and 36 newspapers and counting. The Apple Newsstand for iOS devices has 240 publications listed.

All of these numbers stand to change dramatically in the next couple of months as both Time Inc. and Conde Nast have said that they will be releasing tablet editions of more of their titles soon.


Topic: Hardware

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  • Kindle Twinke

    Kindle Fire is one underpowered piece of scraps of old RIM PlayBook hardware. How about double the space for content or quadruple if you count microSD slot on Nook Tablet than on Fire? How about 30% better battery life of Nook? How about double the RAM of Nook Tablet? And about Nook's fully laminated non-glare screen? And don't start with that Cloud baloney, it won't be available while traveling or where Wi-Fi is not available. You have Wi-Fi at you house you say? Then you'll watch the movies on your TV from Netflix. Portable tablets are all about doing things on the go. Cloud is way overrated - good for an occasional backup but not for content usage on Wi-Fi-only tablet on the go.
    • RE: Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners

      @eco733 I won't comment on the overall quality of the Kindle Fire but your call outs on hardware specs (storage, RAM, non-glare) as they relate to overall usability (without a Wi-Fi connection) are spot on!
    • RE: Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners

      @eco733 The Kindle Fire seems to be doing great, and is the hottest gadget of this holidays.
      Content, not a spec factsheet is what customers want and that's what they get with the Fire. When is the last time you went to a coffee shop, a friends place, or hotel without wifi?
      As for nook's specs:
      Double the space? you seem to forget they have only 1GB allowed for non-Barnes&Noble content, yet they don't sell videos or music, good luck filling that with books.
      To quadruple the space with microSD? yeah, shell out an extra $50 for that, might as well get a Galaxy Tab or even iPad then. Don't get me started on Amazon's unlimited cloud storage for their content.
      Double the ram? The iPad2 does pretty well with 512mb right now.
      30% better battery life? reading or watching videos?

      nook is great for hackers if you plan to root it, for the 99% rest of the population, Kindle Fire it is. 3 reasons why: 1) content ecosystem, 2) content ecosystem, 3) you get it.
  • RE: Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners

    How exactly is the Kindle Fire "besting" the Nook Tablet? I certainly didn't get that impression from the article. They seem to be about neck and neck, content-wise. 17 free Conde Nast magazines - but how many of them will you actually want to read? Just because content is available doesn't mean that people will want it. And, @gagdetscrazy, how is the Kindle Fire doing great? How can it be the hottest gadget of this holidays when they're not even here yet? That's like when the TV networks advertise "the new smash hit" for a show which has aired one episode. Neither the Kindle Fire nor the Nook Tablet are even out yet! How do you know the new Nook Tablet will be great for hackers? Do you have one? You can't base it strictly on the Nook Color, as nobody knows what changes have been made yet. All of these articles by analysts and pundits are no more than guesses - maybe educated guesses, but guesses all the same. And a large percentage of them generally turn out to be wrong. Get back to me in six months AFTER they have been released and I might be willing to venture an opinion on whether Kindle or Nook are doing well. Until then, it's nothing but hot air.
  • RE: Kindle Fire besting Nook Tablet with more third-party partners