Kobo responds to Borders' liquidation

Kobo responds to Borders' liquidation

Summary: Following yesterday's demise of Borders, Kobo, the once giant bookseller's partner in the e-book industry, has made an official response.

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Following yesterday's demise of Borders, there were already initial questions asking about the future of Kobo, the once giant bookseller's partner in the e-book industry. Kobo has since made an official response.

Instead of offering condolences to the now-defunct retail chain, Kobo has gone on the defensive, trying to distinguish itself as "privately-held company that offers over 2.4 million" digital publications. It's also reiterating its independence from Borders as clearly as possible:

Kobo does not rely on Borders for content. Kobo owns the publishing agreements and has direct relationships with all major publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, St. Martin's Press and many more. Kobo is solely responsible for payment to publishers for eBooks sold through the Kobo platform and publishers will continue to be paid on time as usual.

As for leftover Borders customers with Kobo e-readers and libraries? They can visit Kobo's site to "easily" migrate all of that content over immediately. Kobo reports that it has been working with Borders lately to transition all of Borders' eBook accounts to Kobo.

Nevertheless, the e-book reader manufacturer adds the following points:

  • Borders was one of the early investors in Kobo, but it was a minority stake with only 11 percent
  • Best Buy, Walmart, Sears and other large retailers also sell Kobo products
  • "Kobo continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world"

So take that, Borders. Apparently Kobo won't miss you. However, plenty of other consumers will.


Topic: Tablets

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  • It is not just 'a try' to distance itself, Kobo is sufficient business, ...

    ... which no way was tied with Borders in any scale that could possibly seriously affect the company.
  • RE: Kobo responds to Borders' liquidation

    @Rachel King <br>Kobo is owned by Canada's largest national bookstore chain, Indigo Books & Music. <br><br>Here in Canada where you can't buy book from Amazon, you go to Indigo/Chapters/Coles/SmithBooks which owned by the same company. As a matter of fact, for some people their default bookstore is Chapters, not Amazon.<br><br>In summary, Kobo will not going away anytime soon.<br><br>I wonder why ZDNet's writers always limited their world perspective to only to US of A, yet ZDnet is an international syndication with different editions.