LightSquared teams with ClearTalk on bilateral 4G roaming deal

LightSquared teams with ClearTalk on bilateral 4G roaming deal

Summary: LightSquared has entered into a new partnership with ClearTalk that will bring 4G to more rural areas across the country.

TOPICS: 4G, Networking, Telcos

Already on a mission to "revolutionize the U.S. wireless industry," LightSquared has inked a 4G bilateral roaming agreement with ClearTalk Wireless.

ClearTalk is a regional provider of flat-rate wireless phone services in several states scattered around the southwest. LightSquared is becoming more well-known for its wholesale-only nationwide 4G LTE network that is being deployed thanks to $14 billion in private investment funding over the next eight years.

Thus, when their powers combine, ClearTalk will get the nationwide 4G LTE network access it has been wanting in order to turn around and sell advanced broadband services to their customers.

Furthermore, LightSquared's integrated satellite network will bring connectivity to more under-served rural communities served by ClearTalk in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

The deal with ClearTalk follows a few other major agreements that LightSquared has secured in the last few weeks as it continues to expand.

In July, LightSquared announced a 15-year wholesale 4G LTE agreement with Sprint. Under that deal, LightSquared will pay Sprint to deploy and operate an LTE network, and it will also be able to sell its 4G service via Sprint and other carriers.

And as recently as last week, LightSquared entered a multi-year wholesale agreement with PowerNet Global, a provider of integrated telecommunications services. PowerNet Global will become a wholesale customer on LightSquared’s 4G LTE network in order to develop its own branded voice and high-speed mobile data services for its business and residential customers.


Topics: 4G, Networking, Telcos

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