LIVE from the Apple event

LIVE from the Apple event

Summary: Updated: This post is in reverse order.11:04 a.m.: Jobs (right) thanks everyone for coming and invites us to "go get your hands on some of these new products.


Updated: This post is in reverse order.

11:04 a.m.: Jobs (right) thanks everyone for coming and invites us to "go get your hands on some of these new products. I think you're going to love them." Eric Clapton's "Layla" plays as people start walking out.

10:52 a.m.: Jobs talks about how much Apple loves music and music events. So it's only fitting that he invite a top-selling artist to the stage: singer-songwriter Jack Johnson.

10:50 a.m.: New software for the iPod Touch and iPhone. iPhone update - free starting Friday - is a "Big update," Jobs said. "It will fix a lot of bugs." Updates for iPod Touch owners is free from version 2.0 software or $9.95 for those with version 1.x

10:46 a.m.: There are three models of the new iPod Touch. An 8 GB model for $229, a 16 GB model for $299 and a 32 GB model for $399. There's also a new commercial that showcases games. The new models are available today.

10:44 a.m.: There are actually some cool games being demonstrated. Spore is a new game. Right now, we're watching Need For Speed: Undercover - basically an outrun-the-cops games with very nice graphics. Seems like something my son might toss his PlayStation Portable aside for. Hmmm.

10:40 a.m.: We've heard some statistics about the App Store, which is celebrating its 60-day anniversary today. Jobs says more than 100 million applications have been downloaded in that time. "This is mind blowing," he said. We're still getting some demos of apps and some new games. (I also took a minute to shift these updates around so they're easier to follow.)

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Techmeme roundup

10:32 a.m. - New iPod Touch. Same 3.5-inch display but it's even thinner now.  Volume controls have been integrated into the side. Now comes with a built-in speaker for "casual listening," not high quality. The user interface has some minor tweaks. And now, the Nike+ feature is built-in to it. The receiver that Nike+iPod usually needs is no longer. It's built into the device. Still waiting on pricing and availability.

10:28 a.m. - There's a new commercial for the iPod Nano. Some music and the colorful iPods fly onto the screen. Jerry Seinfeld is no where to be found.

10:26 a.m. New cool feature is called "Shake to Shuffle," which allows you to shuffle to a new song simply by shaking the iPod - literally. It's actually a very cool feature and something I didn't see coming at all. Jobs also talks about improved battery life - 24 hours for music, 4 hours for video. And, of course, there's new colors. Very vibrant colors - 8 total, including the standard grey. The 8 GB entry iPod nano is $149; the 16 GB model is priced at $199. The 8 GB models should be in stores any day; the 16 GB models could be stores by this weekend or early next week.

10:20 a.m. iPod Classic this holiday season - the thicker version - is discontinued. The thinner iPod is upgraded from 80 GB to 120 GB. Price stays the same: $249. There's anew iPod Nano for the holidays. It has the larger hi-res screen as has been rumored. It has a new curved aluminum design with curved glass. It has a new enhanced user interface and includes the Genius playlist creation - without connection to iTunes. It also includes the iPhone's accelerometer, which allows the screen to shift from portrait to landscape mode by turning the device on its side.

10:14 a.m. The demo continues. Jobs picks a single song - Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel - and clicks once to create a genius playlist. Some Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Little Richard, Chuck Berry. And you can instantly refresh the list and make it bigger - 25 songs, 50 songs, 100 songs. "We really think you're going to like the genius playlist feature," he said. I already do. It's available today as a free download.  Here comes iPod news...

10:09 a.m. Jobs is talking about and demonstrating new features to iTunes 8, including a new way to browse albums and TV shows that makes better use of the screen space. In addition, there's a feature called Genius, which allows users to create playlists from songs in their library that go great together. An opt-in connection to iTunes allows the company to learn about your musical tastes, as well as the tastes of other iTunes users. Genius also includes a sidebar that makes recommendations of songs on iTunes that you might like.

10:03 a.m. HD TV shows will be added to iTunes. Priced at $2.99 (with SD shows for $1.99). Also, NBC is coming back to iTunes. Also, news of iTunes 8.

10 a.m. Steve Jobs takes the stage in his signature outfit. He looks good and jokes as the screen comes up with the message: "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Big 1

9:55 a.m.: We're here at the Apple event, seated and waiting. Laptops everywhere. Some great tunes from the 1960s - today, we call it Classic Rock - are playing while we wait. The event, after all, is titled "Let's Rock. The music seems appropriate.

Updates will be coming regularly.

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  • iPod Nano

    I'm glad I just bought my son a 4 GB Nano for $199 from the Apple web site. OUCH!
    • Check the return policy...

      Apple's is pretty good.
      • Depends on your definition of "pretty good"

        I wouldn't call a 14-day window and 10% restocking fee "pretty good"

        30-day and no restocking fee is standard.
        Anything above standard would be "pretty good"

        And hopefully he didn't get it with an etched message on the back, b/c he's SOL in that case.
        • SOL

          Unfortunately I did get it engraved with a birthday message. Wished I would have known that when I selected the option. Also the unique "red" version is no longer that unique. :-(
          • Oh well

            At least it's a nice personalized gift.
            It'll still play the same music as one of the new ones.

            Next time remember Apple announces new products around this time of year.
  • Apple events are better than Sleeping pills

    Another Yawn event from Apple, there will be a day when no one comes to hear Steve Jobs pamper his ego over, and, over again.
    • If that's a bet I'll take it...:P

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • The investers are starting to yawn

        But the problem is that Apple is starting to hold these "events" too often.

        Granted it is one thing if a company is releasing an iPhone, XBox360, a Segway, ect, yes that is a big event.

        But to have an event as such for nothing other then to annouce some minor updates or small additions to a product line will eventually diminish the effect overall.
        • Oh, Yeah - Windoze Bigots and McCain Supporters

          Masters of smug self-delusion!

          "Our out-of-touch Old Men, led by has-been Jerry Seinfeld, will show you uppity whippersnappers - now git off our lawn!" :ppp
          • McCain = Microsoft?


            This Mac user is the epitome of modesty:

            Sounds more like Palin, Giuliani, et al to me...
          • OOOOOOkay.

            Really can't determine what that crazy rant was all about, little afraid to ask as it could set you off on a killin' spree or something.

            GL's got a point: anytime something like these events are overdone, the excitement diminishes.

            But you wouldn't notice it as you're too busy throwing you opinions around like they actually mean something or are of some value to anyone.

            I didn't even see Windows or McCain mentioned in the story.
            John Zern
          • pfft

            [i]I didn't even see Windows or McCain mentioned in the story.[/i]

            Like that matters to a conspiracy theorist. ;)
          • McCain = Apple

            I was at a lunch in Detroit, and McCain and his people walked in to have lunch there... guess what they were all carrying? MACS! Not windows... please don't insult us by saying McCain people are windows users.

            Besides McCain said it himself... he doesn't know how to use computers... so he has to use a Mac.
          • It is really useful for ignorants

            This is true -- it is really useful for ignorants
          • that's an inclusive statement

            After all, they are only useful for ignorants. Good news is ignorance gets more and more popular everyday.
          • Wha????

            I was unaware that I had to support McCain simply by owning a PC...hmmm, the Windows EULA never mentioned that I don't think. More likely is that your post is just a senseless rant from an anti-MS zealot.

            Talk about bigots and smug self-delusion...
          • you were only unaware because...

   have some sense.

            Mac-heads are constantly spewing that kind of stuff here on zdnet.
          • Real bright drprod

            Liberals just can't resist their ridiculous attacks. That's probably why McCain/Palin are now leading in the polls. People are tired of your useless slander.
      • Put your money where your mouth is

        go buy some stock then
  • best portable gaming system?

    Gaming systems need buttons - not on-screen buttons that obscure your view, but real buttons. The accelerometer is neat and all, but sometimes you have to mash buttons.

    Until the iPod Touch gets them, it will be a really neat, interesting gadget, but not the "best portable device for playing games", as Jobs said.