Loosely coupled Microsoft Office

Loosely coupled Microsoft Office

Summary: I recently spent a half hour on the phone with Microsoft Office VP Richard McAniff talking about Office...

TOPICS: Microsoft

I recently spent a half hour on the phone with Microsoft Office VP Richard McAniff talking about Office, the

Topic: Microsoft

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  • Good for consumers or MS?

    Interstingly, what is good for consumers is not always good for a company. I mean heck, it would be good for consumers if GM lowered the price of all cars to $1 but that would hardly be a good thing for GM.

    The key I supppose is that a company must carefully mix what they believe to be good for them and good for consumers. (If GM sold cars at $1 million each it would be greate for GM, but only if they could sell them.)

    MS must walk a very fine line between these two needs, their own and the customers they serve. Will they uncouple Office? I would say yes, *IF* it serves both groups needs. Any thing else is a waste of resources and effort...
  • Openoffice 2.0

    All the word processing 95% of people need at 0% of the price.

    As of 1.9, build 69 it finally became my default word processor. We are now on build 77. Version 2.0 releases in March.

    Given that it is 30% of microsoft's revenues they have got to be terrified.

    None of their new features are of use to home users and college students.

    They are barely useful to me in a work environment.

    The problem is word processors as an application are basically "finished" and have been for several years.

    The great thing is my 40 megabyte word document .doc document that I had to split up into a
    "master document" in word is a 6.7 megabyte openoffice .swf document that I can print directly to PDF from openoffice without any extra tools.

    I'm sure I will continue to use word at work. It's required. But they have already cut home prices from 500 to 270 to $135 (for the "teacher/student" version which anyone can buy).