Mad about DRM techs or the DMCA? Here's the fastest way to let your Congressperson know

Mad about DRM techs or the DMCA? Here's the fastest way to let your Congressperson know

Summary: So, are you sick of and tired of C.R.A.P. (my own acronym for DRM or digital restrictions management technology)?

TOPICS: Government

So, are you sick of and tired of C.R.A.P. (my own acronym for DRM or digital restrictions management technology)?  Do you feel like Hollywood, the record industry, and the government have gone too far with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act?  Do you want to see broadcast flag legislation stopped (and you should)?  What about the law enforced obsoletion of that new HDTV you just bought.  You know. The one where, if it lacks the new secret decoder ring (which most HDTV diplays do), it will only playback HiDef broadcasts in LoDef. 

Perhaps you're one of those people (like me) that wants to do something about all this but that doesn't have the time to draft your own letter to your Congressperson or President Bush.  Then maybe you should check out the Home Recording Rights Coalition (HRRC) Web site.  After entering your zip code, the HRRC's Web site figures out who your Congressional representatives are, and then, with a few more clicks, generates an email to them as well as to President Bush on the issues of your choice (see the partial screen shot below).  In the course of doing your civic duty, you can be in and out of the site in a matter of minutes.  Regarding your privacy (since you have to provide some personal information), the HRRC's Web site says:

If you choose to email Members of Congress or other government officials through our website and to provide us with a copy of your communication, we may show a copy of that communication to Members of Congress, congressional staffers or other government officials. We may also use your communication as an exhibit at a hearing or other public discussion, or we may quote from it in our educational materials. Also, we may include your name on a list of HRRC supporters that we make public.

Here's the partial screenshot:hrrcscreen.jpg


Topic: Government

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  • Education = POWER!!! READ on...

    After you have done as Mr. Berlind suggests, THEN go and join the EFF:

    to help them fight for us, too.

    EDUCATION/KNOWLEDGE = POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    World Intellectual Property Organization = ROOT of World Wide DRM EVIL!!!

    ...Part of "The New World Order"

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) In USA 'DMCA'

    Felten and Halderman on DRM: III Lessons for the future -

    IF any of the links don't work try copying and pasting them. ;)

    READ this one:

    Us 'little guys' can only BOYCOTT all members of THESE organizations in the mean time:

    The RIAA:

    Cruise that site thoroughly and find out what the RIAA REALLY are about!!! Along with their member list(s), pay close attention to the physical address given on the page where 'you' can ''Join the RIAA''.

    NOTE: <RIAA uses 'verbal shell game' in court

    Sloppy RIAA 'investigation' attacked:

    The MPAA/MPA:

    Do the same with the MPAA/MPA site as you did with the RIAA site. ;)

    These sites will also be of interest to those who want the RIAA, and those like them, brought down:

    RIAA RICO case hearing February 27 -

    About Patti Santangelo, the working mom of five kids being targeted by the RIAA:

    How to HELP her:

    Join the p2net 'community' and donate to her cause. FIRST the RIAA tries ripping her off then her ORIGINAL 'lawyer' does, leaving her destitute and still fighting ALONE until her present lawyer picked up the ball for her. She's but one of over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND targeted by the RIAA...including MINORS! But SHE is the ONLY one so far to stand up to them!!!

    If you can't contribute there then pass all this info along to all you can any way you can. Thanks @;}-

    Brittany Chan, a 14 year old targeted by RIAA:

    Another RIAA victim says, "NO!"

    And yet OTHERS:

    Now, THESE are just plain waaaay toooo 'INTERESTING'!!!!!:::

    Hollywood Broadway bust With help from the NYPD -

    Sony BMG guilty in copyright case Lil' Flip's Undaground Legend -

    DRM in other countries:

    P.S.: p2pnet recently changed servers. IF you have problems getting to their site that could be one reason. Another reason is that your network could be "locked out" of their site somehow so keep trying or try from another computer/network if you are TRULY interested in their articles. Their MAIN URL is:
    • UPDATE: DRM bites Sony BACK!:::
  • I guess we'll have to see ...

    I went through the site. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how all of this pans out.
    P. Douglas
  • Broken signup

    Attempts to sign up on their site currently result in error messages.
  • pdouglas and commsoft....

    to which sites are you referring???