Mark your iPhone calendars for June 11

Mark your iPhone calendars for June 11

Summary: A Cingular, now an AT&T Wireless, sales rep has apparently spilled the beans on iPhone's release date. News.

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A Cingular, now an AT&T Wireless, sales rep has apparently spilled the beans on iPhone's release date.'s Declan McCullagh called Cingular was transferred to sales and was told June 11 was the magic date for the iPhone.

All of this lines up well with Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference June 11 through June 15. The June 11 launch date is still unofficial given that the information comes from a sales rep, but it sounds legit.

Pester your friendly neighborhood Cingular sales folks to try and confirm that iPhone date.

You may have a long wait to get a precious iPhone. The waiting list is likely topping one million.

Topic: iPhone

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  • I'll Probably Get One

    My Treo650 is about up on its time limit for a new phone, so I'll check this out...
    • Better get on the list

      If you want an iPhone soon after it comes out it might be wise to get on the
      list at your local store (Apple or ATT) as I think that there will be a backorder
      building up fairly fast after the first day or so.

      While I'm not in the market for a new mobile phone I think it is going to be
      very interesting to watch just how well the iPhone does over the first few
      • My Phone Is Up In Sept 2007

        So by then the kinks will be worked out and it shouldn't be very hard to get one.
  • The wait is excruciating...

    Currently, I have Sprint PCS. I was in the process of looking for a replacement for my phone with one of Sprint?s heavily discounted offers for signing a two-year contract. Boy I?m glad I waited and didn?t succumb to the vast amount of marketing and mail they?ve been sending of late. I can now switch to Cingular when I acquire my new iPhone without paying any penalty to Sprint. The iPhone is going to be the hottest product to hit the market since the original Mac in 1984. The iPhone rocks, figuratively and literally.
    • I've Seen The Demo Vids

      Man, this is gonna rock the cell phone industry to its collective knees...I saw one demoed and it blew my mind....

      I wonder what its core OS is? Hopefully Linux so it'll run really fast and be stable.

      The MS Fanboys are awful silent on this one.
      • The core is OS X

        Maybe even including some bits that work with Leopard as the releases
        are fairly close together.
      • Not really

        [I]The MS Fanboys are awful silent on this one[/I]

        Nothing much to say. It's a phone. "Rock the industry?"

        John Zern
        • That's Right...Because If It Was A Microsoft Phone

          You'd be out on your rooftop with a megaphone praising Ballmer and Gates for being innovators in the phone market...

          Hypocrisy is your expertise isn't it?
  • Hey Everyone Remember This Famous Post??

    Where's your famous prediction now No_Axe?