Microsoft, Facebook are collaboration pals: Will the new Bing deliver market share returns?

Microsoft, Facebook are collaboration pals: Will the new Bing deliver market share returns?

Summary: Microsoft and Facebook sound like a match made in search heaven. But the returns on the new Bing are far from complete without market share gains vs. Google.


The latest Bing is billed as a great collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft and Bill Gates. It's a nice partnership between the two companies, but it remains to be seen if hackathons and corporate powwows can result in a real encroachment on Google's turf.

CNET's Jay Greene outlines the collaboration between the two companies. The details roughly go like this:

  • 10 Microsoft developers hacked it out with 10 counterparts from Facebook.
  • Zuckerberg dropped in and had some ideas about integrating Facebook and Bing. In a nutshell, don't force it.
  • Bing now has results from your Facebook friends and their searches.
  • People referrals lead and social networking is baked into search. That last takeaway was from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.
  • Add it up and this collaboration exercise is worth noting. Two companies are coming together and pairing up developers. The early returns go to Bing---it has a feature that Google doesn't.

But this collaboration case study is far from complete. The ultimate returns will come if a) Microsoft gains on Google; and b) Facebook can keep Google from using its search as a social bridge to users.

Google already has its search plus your world with a Google+ backbone. Can a partner---Microsoft---essentially be Facebook's search backbone and vice versa? We'll find out. For now, the Bing launch with Facebook is a heartwarming collaboration project, but nothing more. The real success of this collaboration will show up in the market share statistics down the line.

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  • It's the number one reason

    To never use Facebook, as they turn over all your info to Microsoft. Every Microsoft product reports your activity back to the Mother ship. Microsoft believes that all of your data, and files are belonging to Microsoft.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • agree

      only google protects your info from the prying eyes, not M$ or facebook.
      The Linux Geek
      • What is that 'M$'? This is a real company name?

        Yes, of course google protects your info from the prying eyes, you just need don't use they services, everything is in ToS ;)
      • I don't trust Google either

        I just have a problem when ZDNet lies about Microsoft. Microsoft is no better than Google, and in some aspects, Microsoft is worse
        Jumpin Jack Flash
    • I see I struck a nerve again

      Otherwise the [b]Angry Minions of Microsoft[/b] wouldn't need to vote the post into oblivion.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
  • This is a very important new phase of local advertising

    The upside is limitless until the public realizes the intrusion factor. Ya know, some people have no idea and don't care either. That is the market Bing/FB is after. Realtime location is what its all about.
  • Microsoft, Facebook are collaboration pals: Will the new Bing deliver marke

    A story trying to make something out of nothing. The Microsoft/Facebook collaboration was all about making some extra revenue and gaining a little extra share in search. In no way is this supposed to be some type of "Google killer" deal like this story makes it out to be. Anyone who has used Microsoft Bing will know once you give it a try there is no going back to Google. Bing provides relevant search results no matter what your looking for be it web info or shopping.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Bing to win against Google.

      I like Bing search's new look. it is nice to see it compete against Google. I just hope that Microsoft respect our privacy once the colloboration is on the large scale.

      A story that trying to make something out of nothing? It is no more bigger than big bang theory or the Holy Bible.
  • Not Significantly Because of...

    Human inertia.

    It takes much more than these non-significant additions to break habits that have been installed for years now.
  • Don't forget Maps

    Bing search results are better than google search, but here are the things MS needs to do if they want to kill google search

    1. Roll out all the Bing features to all countries, not just US

    2. Bing Maps is good only in a few counties and cities. If MS want to destroy google, roll out Bing Maps in all countries. Do whatever it takes, buy nokia maps or whatever. So far Bing maps is pure half-ass job in many countries. The roll out is too slow.

    3. If MS wants to win the heart and minds on internet and search, Maps is a must and so does world wide coverage.