Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded

Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded

Summary: Microsoft and Novell had their first virtualization child Thursday. A joint virtualization effort that couples SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell operating with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.


Microsoft and Novell had their first virtualization child Thursday. A joint virtualization effort that couples SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell operating with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. The news itself isn't all that important--part of the Microsoft-Novell pact--dictated that SUSE would use the software giant's virtualization technology. But if you zoom out the Novell move to offer Microsoft virtualization in mixed source environments (statement) is just the latest item this week showing that Microsoft is flexing its distribution muscles.

The message is clear: Microsoft's Hyper-V has VMware surrounded and the software giant will beat the virtualization drum forever. Sure, VMware has just as many distribution agreements, but Microsoft's ecosystem can kick into overdrive quickly. It's an old strategy for Microsoft and I'd bet it's the biggest reason VMware now has Paul Maritz, a former Microsoft honcho, as CEO. If VMware (all resources) is going to stand a chance it needs to understand what it's up against.

Microsoft's moves this week aren't necessarily about technology. Hyper-V is good enough to annoy VMware, but isn't its technology peer just yet. This is about art of war and why Microsoft could squash VMware with its heft. Novell's pact with Microsoft gets Hyper-V in mixed source environments. Microsoft says the offering is "the first to include technology developed by both companies at their joint Interoperability Lab."

  • Dell launched blades, support and services focused on Hyper-V. It also integrated its EqualLogic storage lineup with Hyper-V (statement). In a nutshell, Dell is supporting all of Microsoft's virtualization technology and offering services to get customers up and running. Dell also launched services for VMware too.
  • HP updated its servers, storage, software and services for Microsoft's virtualization offering. Sun did much of the same and said it was collaborating with Microsoft to make the Sun xVM server play well with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. In a nutshell, the lineups of both companies will be interoperable with Hyper-V.
  • NetApp offered a storage line-up optimized for Hyper-V.
  • AMD Opteron processors are lumping in Hyper-V support.

Individually these announcements don't add up to much. If you put them together you realize that Hyper-V is now everywhere. Support and interoperability doesn't completely equate to a market share grab, but it's early. Now that VMware is surrounded the games will really begin.

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  • What's the difference minus the hype?

    <a href=",289142,sid94_gci1317995,00.html" target="_blank">"Red Hat intros VMware hypervisor alternative based on KVM"</a><br>
    <font color=gray><em>"Raleigh, N.C.-based <strong>Red Hat Inc.</strong> has set itself up as the alternative to VMware Inc., ..."<br>
    <strong>A Linux-based hypervisor</strong><br>
    <font color=gray><em>"The new hypervisor <font color=gray>is a lightweight <strong><font color=black>embeddable hypervisor</font></strong> for hosting Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Windows-based environments, as well as Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system</font>. The technology is based on the Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) project, which was integrated into the Linux kernel in 2006.</em></font><br>
    Oh, I see, it's Microsoft! Look out VMware, ready or not, here we come...<br>
    <font color=gray>"<a href="" target="_blank">Red Hat has predicted</a> that virtualization will be included in all operating systems for free, while setting out the roles of the two hypervisors it is working on for its own product range."</font><br>
    <font color=gray>"KVM is clean, and is accepted in the upstream Linux community," ... "All Linux distributions will work on this virtualization technology. <strong>It's not a bolt-on</strong> or graft-underneath technology."</font><br>
    <font color=gray><em>"It?s an <font color=gray>old</font> strategy for Microsoft..." </em></font> Microsoft keeps trying to sqeeze a watermelon seed.<br>
    • Ow my eyes! <nt>

      • Does it look something like this ? ....

        <font color=grey><em>"Ow <a href="" target="_blank">my eyes</a>!" or <a href="" target="_blank">this</a>?</em></font><br>
        • The subject is not about eyes

  • RE: Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded

    We are going to be using MS Hyper-V for our production app servers as Hyper-V has tested very well and is very easy to manage. Vmware is also very intuitive, but the servers ran about the same with both products, but vmware does offer some features that are not available in Hyper-v, but from what I hear they are on the way. Either product will get the job done, so let the race begin.
    • Even as the markets recover, people aren't gonna throw money at bullsiht

      Microsoft are destined to become a consumer gadgets / games company.

      Their demise is via an outpouring of previously muzzled creativity, and their monolithic control of everything is over.

      Just don't let them merge with the comms companies.
      • ZZZZZZZZzzzz....nt

  • RE: Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded

    Does this mean visualized clients can crash at the same time windows crash?
    • If their code isn't causing hardware seizures then their job isn't done

  • Things proceeding as my rep and I have foreseen it....

    My rep and I knew this day would come. We knew Microsoft would crush VMware. How we have yearned for this day!!! The last office we did not deploy Hyper-V in was our Houston office. I told our IT team there to report to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday and deploy Hyper-V throughout the data center. When they said there was a pending hurricane, I said they were right. Hurricane Cox would blow through the office and FIRE everyone if this was not done. My rep and I then embarked to Daniel's Broiler for cigars and a $500 glass of Cognac.
    Mike Cox
    • 8.4 - Great to see the real Mike, not that Loverock Imitation

      Basic Logic
    • ..Drum roll...symbol smash.....

      D T Schmitz
  • disregard this message

    D T Schmitz
  • SUN xVM

    My money is on SUN's xVM.

    Try VirtualBox 2.0 and compare to VMware Server--then decide how you feel.

    I discuss it at my blog. More [url=]here[/url].

    D T Schmitz
    • Speaking of other solutions

      Have you looked at Parallels?

      They have some interesting offerings... Their Virtuozzo while not a conventional VM is really kind of neat. I have not gotten a chance to try it yet though?
  • workstation products ..

    Interestingly, no one mentiones USB. USB is everywhere today. Printers, scanners, memory sticks, dongles ...
    Virtual PC / Microsoft. Free. Very stable product, no USB support at all! Only parallel ports.
    SUN xVM. Free. Extremely complicated procedure to make it recognize USB-ports, but it did not recognize any USB-ports in reality. Crashes sometimes too.
    VMWare Workstation. $189,-. USB support is a no-brainer. Works quite fine. Does not crash. Sometimes it makes other software crash on the same PC.
  • RE: Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded

    What has happened to Novell, have they now become Micrsofts bitch, I remember when they would fight MS to the end!
  • Microsoft hypocrisy: desktop Linux

    Why doesn't the same argument work for desktop Linux? Why do MS bigots complain that desktop Linux is not at the level of Windows, and thereby dismiss it? Now that the shoe is on the other foot and MS is playing catch-up, everyone is claiming that Hyper-V will dethrone VMWare. If that's true, then desktop Linux will dethrone Windows.
    • That's the point of the Article

      Microsoft through size alone and parallel prodocts Windows, office can convince people to integrate and run a product that is not as established, does less or even one that does not work as well.

      If Linux had over half the productivity software on the planet they might just dethrone microsoft. As it stands Linux will just have to wait until Microsoft finishes shooting itself in the head to get its chance.

      That all said, I think that Hyper-V has promise, but it needs a little work...
  • Embrace, Extend, Extinguish


    Thing is, will Microsoft be able to pull another shenanigan after they have shot themselves in both feet and put a round (called Vista) through their head.

    Only time will tell... but... the natives are getting restless. Some of them doing a war dance......
    Ole Man