Microsoft lands Facebook, Twitter deals for Bing

Microsoft lands Facebook, Twitter deals for Bing

Summary: Microsoft's Bing search engine won non-exclusive deals to integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds, officials said at the Web 2.0 conference.


Microsoft's Bing search engine won non-exclusive deals to integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds, officials said at the Web 2.0 conference. The deal may be a sign that Google won't chase pricey search deals.

The news, first reported by Kara Swisher at BoomTown, could be construed as a punch in Google's gut (Techmeme). Sam Diaz will have a follow-up post on the Bing deals from the Web 2.0 conference. In a blog post, Microsoft said that search needs to keep up with real-time streams of content.

The big takeaway is that there will be data on Bing that won't be on Google. Simply put, Microsoft notched a search win here.

However, these wins aren't cheap. Swisher notes that there will be payments of several million dollars from Microsoft to Twitter and Facebook. Bing is buying market share potentially.

But if you're a Google shareholder you may be happy about this win. Let Microsoft spend its dough on taking share from future search partner Yahoo. Google's ability to walk away and not chase silly deals has to be taken as evidence of financial discipline.

In fact, we'll probably see a lot more Bing wins going forward. Rest assured, Bing will power MySpace search. Why? Google learned its lesson from a $900 million with MySpace that generated little return.

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  • Several million or several hundred million?

    Several million is nothing. The numbers would need to be in the tens of millions to even be considered a "mistake." And if they're revenue sharing, there has to be revenue 1st before they have to share...
  • bing is lame....

    and will cause people to leave twitter and facebook for Google social media.
    Linux Geek
    • Use LinuxGeek search instead!

      You don't have to pay anyone! It's pervasive! Anyone can post on it!

      It's called a utility pole.
    • fishin for flame (nt)

  • Bing is actually very good...

    You'd know that if you actually used it. About 80% of the time they both give you the same results anyway. Honestly folks, some of you sound stupid.
    • Bing is actually.....

      I agree with you. Bing is as good if not better at times - specially with Images - as Google.
      The people on this site who comment are sometimes so 'one-eyed' that sound silly.
      • RE: Microsoft lands Facebook, Twitter deals for Bing

        You certainly not be aware of what is advance in lieu of yourself, akin to <a href="">zoloft</a>.
  • More junk and less relevant search

    Bing is a nice search engine, but I use Google most of the time. Why clutter a perfectly fine search engine up with the useless info from twitter and facebook? Seems like a boat anchor rather than a feature.
  • Truth is, MS Doesn't care...

    MS Doesn't care how they get to the magic 50% mark (they're somewhere in the 30's now) just that they get there as a lot of people will look at Google as though their Gold is Tarnished and it will slow the Search Giant to a crawl as far as growth goes then MS will move to target the Mobile Market.

    Face it, if you want to make Money, MS knows how to do that and given enough freedom by the feds you'll see a lot more money being made from this company.
    • Yes, money is no object ... and the goal

      With their Windows and Office cash cows, MS can afford to spend billions buying market share. Look where it got them with game consoles - they were #3 pretty quickly, but that's where they've stayed.

      As for their search market share, I really don't care how much they spend - likely this latest deal is making Facebook owners happy at least. It should promote healthy competition, hopefully it won't turn into another MS monopoly.
      Fred Fredrickson
  • On a side note: Whose software predicted

    the Dodgers to beat the Phillies in 6?

    I would say it's not worth buying.

    Go Phillies!
  • Facebook owners

    Doesn't MS already own a portion of Facebook? They
    invested $240 million dollars a few years ago. They only
    got 1.6% for that, but given that they already supply
    advertising it's not too surprising that they got this
    deal too.
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  • RE: Microsoft lands Facebook, Twitter deals for Bing

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