Microsoft launches Firefox Media Player plug-in

Microsoft launches Firefox Media Player plug-in

Summary: Microsoft has released a Windows Media Player plug-in so the player works with Firefox 2.0 on Vista.

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Microsoft has released a Windows Media Player plug-in so the player works with Firefox 2.0 on Vista.

Nick White posted on the Windows Vista blog:

The Windows Media Player team put a lot of work into evolving media playback on Windows Vista through the new Media Foundation pipeline, and has also been actively monitoring feedback on WMP and playback in general.  While commentary has been mainly positive for Web playback through IE, we've noticed that there's still work to be done to make Firefox users able to enjoy their media content on Windows.

We couldn't respond as quickly as we would have liked to (we had to get Windows Vista out the door!), but now that it's shipped, the team has moved its attention to getting Firefox users up and running.

The new plug-in for Firefox can be found at Port 25, which is Microsoft's communications hub with the open source world.

Infoworld also noted that that Microsoft is also working on a Firefox plug-in for Cardspace. Mary Jo Foley reported on that development in December. 

Topic: Windows

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  • But not on Linux?

    Imagine that... LOL
    • baby steps

      They can't do everything at once.

      Step 1) get it running on FF on Wndows

      Step 2) get it working on FF on Linux

      Step 3) pray there are enough Linux users who've never used anything else so they don't know what crap it is.

      none none
      • Not now, not in the future.

        First off, its an activex control. Second, you MSUT sign an EULA to use it. Third, MS is not likely to allow it...
        • Who Cares, Don't Care, Will Never Care

          And the majority of us feel the same.

          Go back to your hole.
          • Message has been deleted.

          • Wow....

            [i]As to going back to my hole, is your mom ready again?[/i]

            LOL... nice.
            Hallowed are the Ori
        • Are you sure?

          [i]"First off, its an activex control..."[/i]

          So Firefox now allows ActiveX controls to run? No wonder the security of FF is so poor these days!
          • No, the player is

            This is just a wrapper that calls on it and as you can't install WMP on Linux...
          • And WMP is such great software.

            Nor would you want to.

            In Linux we have an app called mplayer, try it it takes the place of realplayer, WMP and quicktime.

            It is used by Industry to capture and record multicast IP video streams and encode it.

            I have 8 servers that use it to record 16 simultaneous 16MB hi-res HDTV quality video streams and spit them out on a NAS.

            Thats 32MB/s of video streams and I know for a fact that WMP cant do that because we even called Microsoft first and they said that WMP and not even windows could handle that much data reliably.
        • You bet up sweet bottom not for Linux ...

          [i]First off, its an activex control.[/i]

          No way on God's green earth *nix users would let activeX controls run all over there systems even if it was possible. It would be like walking through the zone in Boston with $100 bills hanging out of your pockets!!!
          • Nothing unuual about Linux being left

            out in the code and users saying no thanks.
          • Nothing unusual about your ignorance

            Linux has MPlayer, it doesn't need WMP to play video content. Microsoft has also
            dropped OS X support for WMP - big deal.

            MS had to make a plugin for Firefox since so many people are starting to use it to
            surf the web and use video blogging sites, WMP was being totally ignored. MS still
            don't get it - it's about the content, stupid. I can't see too many Firefox users
            going out of their way to get the WMP plugin.

            MPlayer link:

            Fred Fredrickson
        • It's a wrapper for existing the existing WMP ActiveX control

          The plugin isn't an ActiveX control itself. It is a Firefox plugin. What does that plugin do? It instantiates the WMP ActiveX control and acts as a middleman between Firefox and the WMP control.

          The plugin is thus just a small wrapper over the existing, underlying WMP code. Hence we won't be seeing this on Linux any time soon, since the underlying WMP code hasn't been ported to Linux.
          • Correct.

            You are right, not for Linux.
          • Re: Correct.

            [i]You are right, not for Linux. [/i]

            Thank goodness!

            none none
        • Re: Not now, not in the future.

          [i]Second, you MSUT sign an EULA to use it. [/i]

          OMG I must run out and and agree to waive my rights! All the wasted years!!


          none none
        • Do I

          have to go to Redmond to sign it, or does it come with a postpaid envelope?

          Jack-Booted EULA
      • It's not that bad

        Windows Media Player works well. What doesn't work well is the Window Media Format. I wmv file really suck! So really you don't need nor want those files. Now if you're on Linux who really care, there are some pretty nice media players for Linux. Sure they don't look as polished as WMP but they are just as functional if not more functional. Media players sure are the thing holding me back from using Linux.
    • Because it is Windows Media Player.

      It is Windows specific, thus tied (or restricted) to Windows. Windows Media Player is also not on MacOS (becasue MacOS is not Windows). Any more clues you need?

      BTW, did you know that Microsoft loses money each time WM9 (or whatever one they were pushing as a standard against MPEG-4) is used due to the copious patents that [i]they[/i] have top pay licenses for.
      • Correct, no Linux or OS X.

        Glad we agree.