Microsoft: Pact with Novell is just swell (really it is)

Microsoft: Pact with Novell is just swell (really it is)

Summary: The Microsoft-Novell Linux pact is going swimmingly. And you thought it was fluff.

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The Microsoft-Novell Linux pact is going swimmingly. And you thought it was fluff. Just ask Microsoft and Novell how things are going.

Those two crazy kids have three big companies--Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and AIG Technologies, a part of insurer AIG--taking advantage of the interoperability between Microsoft and Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise.

In a press release today, the two parties were glowing: 

Under three separate customer agreements, Microsoft will deliver to each company SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription certificates, allowing these customers to take advantage of the Microsoft and Novell agreement. Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and AIG Technologies, which is a member company of American International Group Inc., highlighted the benefits of interoperability, the patent cooperation agreement and the road map for bidirectional virtualization solutions as the deciding factors in their choice.

Wow. That's great. OK maybe I'm a bit cynical and should stop bashing this Microsoft-Novell love affair. BUT the two sides--especially Microsoft--sure seem to be working hard to make this partnership look good. 

Now to be sure, mixed source environments are the future--and the three CIOs in Microsoft's press release agree--but time will be ultimate measure of whether the Novell-Microsoft pact has legs.

How exactly are CIOs using the technologies of Novell and Microsoft? How has this interoperability helped matters? What's the return? At this juncture, three financial services titans--and the financial services industry typically leads in IT--have a Linux subscription certificate from Microsoft. Without some IT meat around those certificates it's a little early to declare the Microsoft and Novell deal a success.

Post script: While folks may be skeptical about Microsoft and Novell's partnership, they do seem to be saying a little more than Oracle about its Red Hat support efforts. On Oracle's earnings conference call, president Charles Phillips only said the following on Red Hat support: 

"Just an update on a couple of other announcements you might be interested in. Obviously we made a big announcement at Open World around Unbreakable Linux, our support offering. In the first 30 days, we had 9,000 downloads of Unbreakable Linux from our website and hundreds of customers connecting their servers to our network."

Gee Chuck, thanks for the color.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • Did the trio switch from other vendor, or just stop paying Novell direct?

    What is seriously unclear is does the three companies already deploy SUSE Linux already? It might be the case in Deutsche Bank coz according to the Press Release, it is already a "heavy" user of Microsoft/Novell product. This question is significant because if they do, this could mean that instead of paying Novell direct, they pay Microsoft who then forward the money to Novell. If so, it is just a merry-go-round to generate good PR. And... did they get those certificates free?

    There are still (big) software vendors around who insists that users use RedHat or lose support. Thus, a lot of people cannot "take advantage" of the MS/Novell deal.

    Moreover, given the opaque nature of Financial Institution on IT, I cannot help but to "smear" them by asking do they have something to hide, i.e., using this to cure existing infringement on Microsoft/Novell IP?
    • of the three, I won't tell the name... of the three, I won't tell the name, is one of the biggest Sun customers in the
      world, and is certainly not throwing Sun out, because of this deal. Au
      friend :-)
  • Novell SLES/SLED

    It's 'business as usual' at Novell.
    Except, MS has finally conceded that Linux has worth.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

    Just go over to Xensource and run the [url=]XenEnterprise 3.1 demo.[/url]

    Novell SUSE Linux: It's more than [i]"good enough"[/i]!

    Ok then. Auf Wiedersehen! ;)

    Und jetzt, ein Wort von unseren F?rderern:

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    MMMM" o o o "MMMMMMMMMMo
    oMMMMM Friends Forever MMMMMMMMMMo
    MMM"MM Novell/Microsoft "MMM"MMMMMMM
    "o "ooo o o o"MMMMMMMMoM"
    " o "o "MMo " o" MMMMMMMM"
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    "" M Mo"o"oo"oM"" " MMoM M M M
    """ """ " """ "

    D T Schmitz
    • Wow that penguin is impressive

      Also did a followup post clarifying a bit.

      Larry Dignan
  • I'm confused

    I'm so confused. For years Microsoft has told us that Linux is junk -- think of the Get the Facts campaign. And now it is selling Novell Linux support coupons. Did it suddenly change its evaluation?
    • It's very simple

      [i]"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"[/i] :)
      D T Schmitz
    • They told us what?

      You really have to get some facts to support that claim. I don't recall any Microsoft statement saying Linux was junk? That is a very loose and lacking statement.
      They have said that the TCO of Windows was less than Linux. And it is. But there are those that want a mixed environment and with Microsoft's guidance they can provide the best support and lower that TCO by integrating Linux with Microsoft.
      I believe that many sites have NOT found Windows less than they needed but are literally buckling the united press front and legions of zealots that are trying to sensationalize and discredit MS as much as possible. Look at many on zdnet. There is no way hundreds of these people work. they are on here night and day reporting the news that MS is the devil. It's their jobs. They are wannabe bloggers that couldn't cut it and sold their souls to Google and Mozilla for whatever it is a shill gets these days. Enough for a broadband connection, some fudge and cheese and basement room to work from.
      • your real message

        So the only reason that people use Linux is that they are nutcase zealots who are being paid by Google and Mozilla.

        Isn't that just another way of saying Linux is junk?
        • You once again injected your own

          thoughts into what someone else wrote.
          No. Microsoft has had a linux division for years now. Microsoft never described Linux as "junk". I don't work for Microsoft.
          I just don't see the point of negative campaigning. Its something that started years ago and MS has changed dramatically since then. Most MS bashing lines about bug ridden code and vulnerabilities are lies. Bugs are subjective, but MS never once said it had a secure system. Only a very very useful one. However, even so, the bashers use win95 lines against XP and that's insane. XP is as solid or moreso than ANY linux distro available. And it's exceedingly more user friendly, plug and play is far superior and there are endless software packages. Including many many niche programs that have been tested for years in the pipeline for many vertical markets.
          Also, not all here are zealots, but there are many. But even the average linux or MAC OSX user makes the lockin claim over and over and over. we don't want lock in!! Well, Microsoft gives you the LEAST amount of lockin. Think aobut it. I take back the MAC OSX statement, they can't claim that since OSX and it's hardware is the most proprietary stuff going in the mainstream today. But take linux. If you take the great effort to migrate to a Linux shop, you are LOCKED in far more than Microsoft. Say that shop then wanted to got Microsoft. Freedom of choice is their MANTRA but they don't want you using MS under any cirucumstances. They are hypocrits. ANYWAY, lets say they really mean the "Freedom of Choice" thing. Once you are on Linux or open source databases, the expense to go the other way, from linux to Microsoft becomes astronomical costs. The OSS databases can't touch SQL Server for the toolsets and documentation and pure EASE to extract all the data from a Microsoft shop. And that is what you need the most, if not all you need. The data. You may have to rebuild user accounts but I'm not even sure of that. YOu certainly do going the other way.
          How dare OSS claim to be standards based. What standards? Some are foreign government made standards. The people are using MS by far in the United States which makes it the defacto standard. That may irritate many but that's the facts. If you want to fight against that, then build something to compete, put it out there in retail fashion instead of having 500 factions fighting over who's distro should be "the" retail version, just get one solid version as the retail, build up easy install and great device support around that one, then allow the other distros to be more or less desktop choices to the endusers. Don't complicate it if they want it to be retail.
          The way they are doing it now is profoundly wrong and against all the principles which OSS stands for to begin with.
          • dude, take your midol!

            "you want to fight against that, then build something to compete, put it out there in retail fashion"

            Linux should NOT try to pare down into ONE distro any more than car makers should only make SUVs! People want different types of cars, and computer users want to do different things on their computers.

            Linux seems to be doing a good job "fithing it" already. With Microsoft making a deal with Novell, and Microsoft-zealots like yourself jumping up and down on a couch screaming, it looks like Linux is doing just fine. At least Microsoft is professional about it.
      • "I don't recall "

        Could that be because you didn't know anything to recall?
        You really should do a little comprehensive reading, maybe read a little of what the "legions of zealots" are trying to tell you before airing your ignorance.
        Yes, Bill Gates once said that open source is "like cancer" and likened it to "communismn", but i'm not giving you the links. Look it up yourself if you want the truth.
        Your portrayal of the zdnet zealots is comical. Take a look in your mirror if you want to see a REAL zealot.
        I will post a coupla of links in case someone else wants to check, but I know that you wouldn't read anything, as wittness your post.
        Ole Man
        • The sure sign of a zealot

          To take a statement about the few, a certain group, and to then include himself in it. Fine. I never called you ignorant. I never said those paid to blog against MS are ignorant. I would not want their jobs.

          Perhaps I don't have the time you or many others do to read every blog, nor do I have time to check for any biases in the links you provided. One thing is very clear however. If you license Linux, because it is free, you have absolutely no claim against the authors and furthermore, you cannot expect it to be "useful". I found that line very comical.

          But go on and make a personal attack on me. I think the differences between the two licenses are a total wash. But there are those that sensationalize every word in the MS EULA that could be construed in a bad way. My life long experience of working with polyForth, MUMPS, Unix and Windows is that Windows has been by far the most useful and easiest to deploy and admin. There is no way Linux competes at this moment in time with the level of abstraction MS has achieved in it's server products and desktops. Love 'em or hate 'em, I don't think slamming a very solid product, like XP, is reasonable do you? REally? A cancer, communist. Perhaps. The aim of the OSS zealot is to bring down a large American corporation. What else do YOU call that. And don't tell me freedom of choice bullshit. There has alwyas been freedom of choice. If Apple didn't want to compete head to head when it had a head start on Microsoft, fine? Why is this MS's fault again? The fact there was no reasonable Unix desktop at the time Windows came out, is this somehow MS's fault? Later on, like any other very large company such as IBM, SUN, APPLE, GOOGLE, they started pressing the envelope. But that is universal. Google, right now, owns the large share of search why? better search engine? Bullshit., for one, uses much better algorithms and Googles search is all based around it's adsense now. It's junk. It's a sham and shameful. Yet the legions see Google as an MS slayer so they bow to them. Bullshit. Google has done things already that go way beyond anything MS has ever pulled.
          Think MS is evil? Look hard at IBMs court records. Look at Apple's court records. That is all just overblown rhetoric and spin.
          And there are those that say ZDNet, a Linux site for crying out loud, is Windows biased. You can see from the polls they do periodically that it's over 80% MS hating people here. I feel sory for their health. Some of them really need to relax their hearts for a while. MS is not as bad as they have been made to feel. If MS had not created Windows, where would desktop computing be today? Think of it. Would we all be locked in with Apple software and hardware? Probably. would that be better? I'm sure you will say yes, even though linux would not run on their hardware until recently.
          And as in my other reply. linux is by far more of lockin than MS. With MS, use DTS or the hundreds of toher tools and you can migrate all your data from an MS site to a new one.
          MySQL nad PostGres have nowhere near the tools or ease of migration. Therefore, technically speaking, OSS is in reality a bigger lockin thatn MS. And the freedom of choice they fight so hard for? Another bunch of bullshit. it's only as long as it's NOT MS, which is so hypcritical it's not worth discussing.
          Call me what you like. I don't care. I've used many OSs and am not a zealot. Just tired of seeing this useless waste of time by every other post being about M$, windoze, winsucks, blah blah blah. If you look, and look hard you will only see a few Windows diehards on here, ones that may even attempt to call linux or Apple software worthless. I may have but in response to some ulta ignorant remark about software I use everyday with no problems. It's hard not to speak against someone who is cluless as you feel I am. Sorry I don't have the time to back up every word with research. Perhaps I should discontinue posting here. I work my ass off trying to keep windows and unix and many other systems happy each day to get into this kind of stupid $hit anyway.
  • WOW!

    Someone hit a nerve there.

  • 9,000 downloads in 30 days! ... Well, let's see...

    I just cannot resist. 9000 downloads in 30 days? Well, new version of Fedora Core 6 had that number in roughly 16 <b>hours</b>. See for actual data. And yes, disclaimer, I work for Red Hat.