Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

Summary: More than half of of global security experts believe that an arms race is already taking place in cyber space, according to McAfee.

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The digital arms race is already underway, according to many global experts and their opinions included in McAfee's global cyber defense report.

At least 57 percent of the study participants concurred with this point, while another 36 percent went so far as to argue that cyber security is more important than missile defense.

For reference, the report, conducted by the Brussels-based Security & Defense Agenda think tank, is based upon responses from 80 policymakers and cyber-security experts in government, business and academic sectors in 27 countries -- not to mention anonymous surveys of more than 250 world leaders in 35 countries.

Out of the 23 nations ranked within the study, the smaller ones proved to be more prepared for cyber threats -- most notably Israel, Sweden and Finland. The least prepared were found to be China, Russia, Italy and Poland.

Phyllis Schneck, chief technology officer for the global public sector at McAfee, explained the heavily looming threats in the report:

The core problem is that the cyber criminal has greater agility, given large funding streams and no legal boundaries to sharing information, and can thus choreograph well-orchestrated attacks into systems. Until we can pool our data and equip our people and machines with intelligence, we are playing chess with only half the pieces.

Unfortunately, it seems the private sector is even less prepared as only 20 percent of that group affirmed taking part in cyber security exercises and precautions, while 56 percent of respondents admitted that we're on the cusp of a skills shortage among the growing cyber workforce.

So what is there really to be afraid of? Plenty, and 43 percent pointed towards damage or disruption to critical infrastructure as the single greatest threat posed by cyber attacks with wide economic consequences.


Topics: Malware, Cisco, Security

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  • RE: Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

    I keep hearing that the problem is there because the internet was built (by the university and research people) to be an open system. So what would it take to convert or build a new infrastructure built on security? Just asking...
  • Monitoring of Anti-Virus software

    There are solutions that some <a href="">IT Support companies</a> provide that monitor and communicate with Anti-Virus software through their managed services platforms. This allows the helpdesk staff to be alerted as viruses are detected and move to intervene.
  • RE: Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

    If you don't want others to have/use your sensitive/critical information, then don't put it on the net! Everyone knows that who has paid attention! Instead of the 'net, there are dedicated leased lines (no nodes, direct wired, repeaters only on the lines) which were used a decade ago and are still in high usage. They are NOT the internet! W/R to gvt, I don't think you'll find it as dangerously exposed as many would like to think; as long as it follows it own "rules". Unfortunately ... <g>.
  • What my friends like?

    "16 likes. Sign Up to see what your friends like."
    No, you sign up to see what my friends like. Talk about lack of security! Are you for real?
  • RE: Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

    I feel that cyber attacks are now our biggest threat to national security.
  • RE: Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

    Word to McAfee, Norton, the US government: "Retask a Cray Supercomputer to actively hunt and delete all forms of malware on the Internet." I know it's hard because we use them to infect others. However, this is necessary or we can all expect one day several hundred thousand PCs are going to knock out some power plant somewhere.
  • RE: Most cyber security experts believe cyber arms race is on

    These are the biggest threats now a days and also we should be carefull in providing our details. its safe if we dont gv any of our true information and therefore dont want to worry about it tooo