Neuromancer gets a little closer


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  • What happens if it gets a virus or spyware? [eom]

    that's all I have to ask.
    • Virus or Spyware?

      My question to you, dberlind, is when was the last time your mouse or keyboard got a virus or spyware? This is a piece of hardware that interacts with a computer system. It is a HID (Human Interaction Device). The software is on your computer... As far as getting a virus or spyware for the software drivers that control the device, again, When is the last time your keyboard or mouse got a virus?
      • motivation

        there is little motivation for making a virus that infects the drivers for your mouse or keyboard, for a HID that directly interfaces with a person's brain...
      • Your keyboard or mouse

        is not intimately connected to your main data store.
  • Real Possibilities Here

    This trully does have some amazing possibilities from both a good and bad standpoint.

    From a good standpoint, it can trully help people with disabilites.

    However, given human nature, and the tendacy to be selfish, greedy,'s use will most likely be used to hurt others.

    Just think for a moment. Even though this is a HID, there is SOME feedback. Now if someone could truly harness the feedback, then that open s up a whole can of worms. Look at these scenarios.

    1: Communist Country.

    Can you think of a better way to control your people, then directly through their brain? Governments around the world will embrace this technology whole heartledy. Given how the US is already headed toward communism with it's current's administration's views, this is no suprise.

    2: Hacking.

    The potential here is staggering. The human brain can react hundreds of times faster then our hands or other appendages. Fill a room of computers and just think how ONE man can now control an army of zombie computers to execute attacks.

    True as stated earlier, there is no current motiviation. However if there is a possibility that you can now control a HOST to do your dirty work for you, that is priceless.

    3: Marketing:

    True spyware and virus MAY not be able to effect this thing BUT they can effect the device this is attached to. How easy would it be to make "suggestions" or gather data from it's use.

    4: Cross Interference:

    So how does this work if 2 people with the same device (assuming these go wireless) control a computer. It's been proven some people's brainwaves overwhelmes others. What is you put one with a weak wave in the same room with someone with a dominate one. There is bound to be manipulation there.

    5: Cheating:

    This would be the PERFECT device for students and people alike to cheat. Say for example these come with an adjustable wave length or frequency. Now lets say 2 friends have this implant. Tests nowdays are mostly computer driven, how easy would it be to set the wavelenth / frequency of your computer to your friends implant so he could control it. How would the teacher know?

    You know there are brainacs out there who would use this for money. I can see it now, "PAY ME TO TAKE YOUR TESTS!"

    These are just some example thrown out from an over-active mind, but still, if it's able to be abused, theres a 99.99% chance people will do so. After all..."broad and wide is the road that leads to death and many walk it..."

    Think about it.
  • Thats not the biggest worry

    I would say it is the installation of the device. Down the road a few years, they will have assembly lines like they do for eyeballs. Overworked doctor will cut the wrong nerve bundle and make you worse or kill you.
  • control

    This is inevitable. Don't know if you could really control a person as easily as a person could control the implant peripheral. My guess you have to train your neurons to work with the learning to play the guitar. I never heard of a guitar taking control of a persons brain, well ok, never heard of a persons fingers taking control of a persons brain, but now that I think about it a bit more, I have heard of other body parts with direct links to the brains pleasure centre controlling behavior......

  • not really concerned about "neural hacking"

    for me the issue is quality control. I'm not too excited by the prospect of being implanted with a device that may be subject to 15 high-priority code patches per week, like some other company's flagship products. At least when "some products" croak and die because of poor coding, I can use the 3-fingered salute and start fresh. I don't think I want to risk the three fingers with something plugged into my head.
  • Dr Morbius' warning begins to meet reality!