New Chromebook pricing scale targets businesses, schools

New Chromebook pricing scale targets businesses, schools

Summary: Google aims to expand its Chromebook reach into schools and businesses with a new pricing scale.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google

Google has been touting Chromebooks as a budget-friendly computer upgrade option for schools and businesses, mainly because of the price and how simple they are to use.

Now the Goog is aiming to deliver more of its Chrome OS-based netbooks to these customer bases with new subscription-based, alternative payment plans.

Glenn Wilson, product manager for Chrome for business and education, explained on the Google Enterprise blog that customers are "embracing this new way of computing," but are sometimes hindered by yearly budget cycles. So these new options give customers more of a choice while being able to sign up for product support.

Here's how the new pricing structure breaks down:


  • First year (upfront): $449 (Wi-Fi only), $519 (3G)
  • Following two to three years: $5 per month per Chromebook for management and support


  • First year (upfront): $559 (Wi-Fi only), $639 (3G)
  • Following two to three years: $13 per month per Chromebook for management and support

That extra monthly package (which is included in the starting price for the first year) includes a web-based administrator management console, phone support, and hardware warranty coverage.

For reference, Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung retail between $349.99 and $499.99 on their own without this support.

Google has been working on a number of different ways to get Chromebooks into the hands of consumer and enterprise PC users since the ultra low-featured notebooks debuted at Google I/O in May. For example, flyers on Virgin America between select cities can rent Chromebooks for their flights for free, which will go nicely with the Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi -- although network access does come with a fee.


Topics: Mobility, Google

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  • RE: New Chromebook pricing scale targets businesses, schools

    Oh these things are still around? >.>
  • I don't get it...

    I don't get it. It costs as much as a normal laptop, doesn't have the same functionality, and costs an additional $5 a month to support.
    • Same here...who wants this crap?

      @olePigeon If im not going to use Windows, then I'll go with least you get a full functioning product.

      BTW, I use Chrome exclusively need for that outdated Firefox...but Chromebook is a waste of money and time...
  • RE: New Chromebook pricing scale targets businesses, schools

    I don't seem why Chromebook prices can't drop to $150 with ARM processors. Maybe after if the Google-Motorola purchase goes through.
  • RE: New Chromebook pricing scale targets businesses, schools

    For 500$ you can buy a well functioning laptop vth original windows 4 gb ram..500 gb hardisk...+ 1gb graphics card...who would but this crap
  • Mayby Google should offer the laptops for free.

    Can't see any other way to make this product succeed
  • This idea is so stupid that, whoever thought of it at Google should be

    fired and extradited to an isolated island somewhere, never to be heard from again.

    And, anybody that does purchase a Crummybook, should be summarily executed for being brainless.

    This is just another one of Google's ideas, whose time never came, and will be scrapped, like many other Google "innovations".

    The perception that Google had a lot of brilliant minds working for them, is rapidly being eroded by so many stupid ideas coming from there.
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