New iMacs likely to be boon to Apple

New iMacs likely to be boon to Apple

Summary: Update below: Apple will hold a press event Tuesday and most observers expect the company to introduce a redesigned iMac. AppleInsider, News.

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Update below: Apple will hold a press event Tuesday and most observers expect the company to introduce a redesigned iMac.

AppleInsider, and Gizmodo noted last week that Apple had been calling analysts and media members to give them a heads up on the shindig at the company's Cupertino headquarters. Folks were told that the event is Mac related.

The bottom line: New iMacs are likely to juice Apple's Mac shipments for the September quarter. Meanwhile, these iMacs happen to line up with the back-to-school and holiday seasons.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster notes that the iMac hasn't been updated in 334 days compared to the product average of 168 days. In other words, the iMac is overdue for a refresh.

Munster reckons that the iMac will be updated with a "radically new form-factor" that should enable Apple to top his estimate of 1.9 million Mac units in the September quarter.

Munster says in a research note:

Apple seems to be replicating its iPod strategy in the Mac business. For the past two years Apple has announced new iPod models in Sept., ahead of the holiday shopping season; this year Apple is announcing upgraded Macs ahead of the education buying season. And similar to the successful holiday quarters in CY05 and CY06, we expect Mac sales in the CY07 education season to be strong.

Munster also adds that Apple is likely to shift investor and media focus back to its Mac business, which has been stellar of late. Lost in all the iPhone hoopla is that the Mac has been handily beating shipment expectations. Toss in products like VMware's Fusion, which launched today, and the excuses for not using a Mac are disappearing. It remains to be seen whether Apple will get enterprise gains, but the hurdles are far fewer these days. Auto Warehousing Co. CIO Dale Frantz cited software from Parallels as part of the reason he's moving toward Mac desktops.

Mac market share in the second calendar quarter rose to 3 percent globally compared to 2.6 percent in the March quarter, says Munster and the stars are aligning in Apple's favor for more share gains.

Munster adds two reasons why Mac sales are likely to remain strong:

  • The industry is moving toward portables, which benefits Apple.
  • OS X is being refreshed and introduced to users via the iPhone and most likely the iPod.

I'd add a few more. Macs are speedier on the Intel platform and it's easy to keep Windows running on a Mac if you're so inclined. In many respects a Mac is a two-fer. And the biggest reason for Mac success: Design matters and Apple is the best at it.

Other products--iLife and new MacBooks--are also possible but a revamped iMac will steal the show.

Update: It appears that there may be a .Mac update on Tuesday also. MacRumors reports that .Mac service will be down at the same time as the presentation. Hmm.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • SWEET!!!

    I'm all for two fers myself..heh heh heh. And yes Design matters.

    Pagan jim
  • Education? Waaay too late!

    Students return next week. Our last day to place orders from our IT admin was two weeks ago. I work in higher ed, and we're kinda upset since we were holding out for an iLife update, don't really care about new hardware so much. If iLife is updated tomorrow, then we'll have students who did wait to buy a new machine using newer and potentially incompatible versions of iMovie, iDVD, etc.

    At least apple gave us a volume deal (about 100 macs total), but now we think we were used to help clear channel inventory. Apple seems to do this every year. If they want to hit the school upgrade cycle, here's a hint: budgets get finalized in June, based on the number of students that have been accepted.
    • Apple is thinking of

      students. Not teachers. They missed it by a week here in GA, though. The tax free day to buy computers was aug 5 and 6.
      • Since Apple is based in Cupertino, CA....

        ... and CA schools traditionally do not go back into session until late August/early September, they obviously did not consider the rest of the states where school begins earlier to accommodate snow days, etc.

        Or so it would seem - I have no insight into how Apple thinks and don't want any.
        Confused by religion
        • Apple Thinks...

          ...Different! :)
        • well, it's not related to california schools...

          nice idea, but apple education sees the us as one entire system.

          in recent years apple has been pretty good about announcing things in time for the school buying season, so this sounds like component delays, not anything to do with "california schools".

          and there won't be any iLife or iWork updates this year. look for 08 for that.
      • Not really...

        I got my notice from Lenox right on time, but as stated in an early post, this was to
        clear the channel for tomorrow, Tuesday.
    • yep

      My niece already bought her MBP; must have been about 2 weeks ago now.
  • Apple in the enterprise?

    Apple is an enterprise and it runs itself on Macs.

    Why this late date?

    School doesn't start until fourth week in August or after Labor Day in most of the
    United States. Timing is perfect.

    New speeds and designs are not important to the education market and this isn't
    for the education market, it's for the students.

    Have yet to see how a new iLife, new iMovie, etc. were not compatible with earlier
    versions but hey, I don't look at them all.

    Most family vacations take place in July and August. This seems like a perfect
    release date for a new family computer like the iMac, just in time for the school
    year to start.
    • 2 different buying groups in HiEd

      One is the institution itself, which yes, Apple is too late for many of them to get approvals, write up a PO, expect delivery, then install, etc.

      But yes, for the larger $$ segment (probably) of Students and Teachers, the timing is about right.

      It seems Apple is once again doing the "bottom up" infiltration of bureaucratic institutions.

      So once these non-functioning institutions and/or (large businesses) finally figure out Macs are by far the best way to go, all the Students, Teachers and Businessmen/women will already be using them.

      Everyone needs to keep in mind Microsoft is still "trying" to prop up the old IBM mindset, but once that falls, Apple will "own" much of Education and most of Business computer market as we know it.

      Yeah, yeah, it's a 10-15 project, but now that Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft, it will be an easy kill.

      • RE: 2 different buying groups in HiEd

        ...Apple will "own" much of Education and most of Business computer market as we know it...

        Yeah, when pigs fly. In formation.
  • New iMacs? This I have to see...

    I'm just patiently waiting for the next OS to arrive, then
    I'll get another Mac. So far the maxed out 2g ram
    Powerbook 15" w/lighted keys has been very good to
    me. Even when I first got him, I tried to destroy it. Who
    would of thought logically that the Finder was the same
    thing as a PC's Programs as I tried to rearrange it.
    I can promise you it doesn't take kindly to free style
    moves like Chess.

    Mac Wise,
    I really have an attitude with the names they give across
    the board. You'd think they could give us a break that
    we're not 6 years old with the language they use.

    This is where the PC shines with logic. They simply call it
    what it is.

    When I bring mine in for therapy, I will kill time checking
    out how cool most of the new items work. It's

    On the other hand, I no longer let my PC on line.
    Funny too, It says I need to update. Yea right, like I'm
    going to download 53 updates when it still works fine
    off line. On XP PRO.
  • Logical name?

    Are you being sarcastic here? "This is where the PC shines with logic. They simply
    call it what it is"? If so, sorry but I missed it.

    If you aren't, how about the Acer Aspire E700-UQ660A Minitower (Intel Viiv
    Technology, Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard
    Drive, etc.) I see where the "660" comes from, but what's the logic behind rest of
    the name? There are lots more examples, but I won't waste your time with them.
    (If you want to see them, just ask!)

    I sure hope you were being sarcastic!
  • New iMacs likely to be boon to Apple

    ...Toss in products like VMware?s Fusion, which launched today, and the excuses for not using a Mac are disappearing...

    I don't need an excuse for not using a Mac, I need a reason to use a Mac, and I have not seen one.
    • Q: Who cares?

      A: No one.
      • RE: Q: Who cares?

        Thank you for that insightful and thoughtful answer. So, you can't come up with a reason to buy a Mac either, huh? I am sure you would have given me one if you could have.
        • Anyone with a biased view.

          Will stay with their view. This goes for any system. It would be like the NBM members
          trying a Mac, or Linux. Not going to happen.
          • RE: Anyone with a biased view.

            Surely you don't mean the bias in the article. It should have been clear from my original post that I was ribbing the writer for rather heavy handedly implying that people are looking for or need a reason or reasons not to use a Mac, and somehow those reasons have been magically overcome by Apples latest offering. Arrogance!!! Hubris!!!

            ...Toss in products like VMware?s Fusion, which launched today, and the excuses for not using a Mac are disappearing...
      • Well, if no-one cares...

        ...why do you MacFreaks spend so much time and effort in... not so much encouraging us to join you but hurling personal insults and other abusive crap predicting Microsoft's fall and Apple's dancing happily on its grave?

        If no-one cares, then surely it [i]doesn't matter[/i] what people use, whether it be Windows, Linux or Mac?
    • Then....

      it is not for you. Not to be rude, but I like the way you think. You did not bash, but
      simply said, you see no reason to use Mac.