New, improved

New, improved

Summary: One of my favorite tools just got better. Answers.

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One of my favorite tools just got better. provides answers (not search result listings) to queries, covering about 3 million topics. It has about 100 data sources, such as Wikipedia, Houghton Mifflin, Columbia University Press, Thomson Gale, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, MarketWatch, Investopedia, and AccuWeather. Alt-clicking on a word takes you to the Web site. The just released version 2.0 1-Click Answers, a free Windows download, joined the parade of AJAXed interfaces (also see Yahoo's new home page), which emphasizes convenience over page views. Instead of taking you to a Web page, version 2.0 pops up an information bubble, called AnswerTips, on the page you are reading.  The service is ad supported, but the text ads at the bottom of the AnswerTips bubble thankfully don't get in the way.



Topic: Browser

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