News to know: Microsoft; IBM; Crimeware; AT&T; Facebook; Jan Baan

News to know: Microsoft; IBM; Crimeware; AT&T; Facebook; Jan Baan

Summary: Microsoft, IBM, crimeware, AT&T and Facebook are among Thursday's headliners.


Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7 download tool is back and now available under a GPL open-source license

Dancho Danchev: Zeus crimeware using Amazon's EC2 as command and control server

Larry Dignan: IBM: LotusLive paying subscribers go 0 to 18 million in a year

Brian Sommer: CEO Interview: Jan Baan

ERP Holiday Letter: "Did you get one in your vendor's card to you?

Phil Wainewright: Cloud computing, so much more than multi-tenancy

AT&T's wireless chief hints at curbing iPhone data hogs

Facebook force feeds new privacy settings: How many folks will really personalize them? Facebook statement

Matthew Miller: 3rd Annual Smartphone Round Robin kicks off

Nokia to close two US Flagship stores

Hands-on: B&N Nook is the king of connectivity and content

Andrew Nusca: Study: Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information every day

Joe McKendrick: Governance isn't just for on-premise services anymore

The global mobile industry needs a reality check

Christopher Dawson: Oh, that's why SIF is important

Apple tablet in the spring, for sure? Whatever...

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to move Orchard open-source CMS project to the CodePlex Foundation

Ad Age: Vevo Debuts as Top 10 Video Site

Zack Whittaker: About time! Office 2010 'academic edition'; Microsoft actually listens

Heather Clancy: Roambi reaches out to iPhone users with carbon emissions data

NYT: AOL Quietly Returns to Life on Its Own

Jennifer Leggio: An app that filters Twitter noise? It's about time

Tom Foremski: Paris diary: A new spirit among French entrepreneurs...

TechCrunch: Marissa Mayer Talks Google Search, Chrome, Online News And More At Le Web

Jason O'Grady: Analyst: Apple tablet to arrive in Spring for $1k

Sean Portnoy: Boxee takes inevitable hardware plunge with Box living room device

CNET's most popular home theater products of 2009 (photos)

Dana Blankenhorn: Back to they did too much on swine flu

Mobile Firefox nears launch

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Saboteur doesn't play well with ATI graphics cards

Rachel King: HP leaks slides with details on Radeon HD 5000-series GPUs

Android gets enterprise-grade email app

Bloomberg: EBay Lawyer Says Company Used Confidential Craigslist Data to Build Site

Dan Kusnetzky: Visiting Microsoft

Is Google DNS for your enterprise?

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