News to know: Vista tips; Sun & GPL; YouTube

News to know: Vista tips; Sun & GPL; YouTube

Summary: Notable headlines: Five Vista tips, revisited and expanded. NVIDIA drivers don’t play nicely with Windows Vista.

TOPICS: Windows

Notable headlines: 

Five Vista tips, revisited and expanded. NVIDIA drivers don’t play nicely with Windows Vista.

Cisco buys into social networking fray.

Sun likes what it sees in the new GPL.

Microsoft ‘officelabs’ looks to open source for inspiration

IDC study will reveal the dark matter of search.

IT Whodunnit: 911 computer system breach pinned on Pa. coroner.

Hotmail + Windows Live Mail = Windows Live Hotmail. Microsoft sticks with Hotmail. A Comparison of Live Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Techmeme discussion.

Jeremy Allison: Local software for local people.

Top 5 blog platforms
. Mainstream Media Wants to Take Back Control.

Apple TV to play games, too?


Project Titan: Verisign moves to strengthen DNS infrastructure. Verisign's cloud fortress.

DHS’s Greg Garcia gets organized for cybersecurity battle.

Photos: Scenes from the RSA show floor.

Printer makers back cartridge test standard. HP's print cartridge packaging goes green.

Microsoft to deliver patches by the dozen. Dirty dozen: Windows, Office, OneCare patches on tap. Trend Micro flaw opens PCs to takeover.

VMWare's 3D graphics acceleration just around the corner?

YouTube: NOT future of media? After all, Viacom moves on without YouTube. Are YouTubers at risk?

Amazon's Content Conundrum.

Alcatel-Lucent Plans to Cut 12,500 Jobs

Gateway Plans to Cut Expenses, Employees.

Gallery: Novice wrestles with Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo Pipes becomes belle of the RSS ball. Techmeme discussion.

User Experience, Rich Internet Applications and the future of software. Is the New York Times going to charge for their WPF reader?

Pixar options reportedly under probe.

EMI in Talks to Sell Unprotected MP3s.

Verizon reels in IT services.

“iPhone” FCC confidentiality doc a hoax.

Critical mass: The reason alternative office suites stumble

Topic: Windows

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