News to know: Windows 7; Graphic card upgrades; Psystar; Netflix outage

News to know: Windows 7; Graphic card upgrades; Psystar; Netflix outage

Summary: Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Where on earth are these Microsoft patches?Ed Bott: Sinofsky dishes on Windows 7Mary Jo Foley: Sinofsky to dish on Windows 7?


Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Where on earth are these Microsoft patches?

Ed Bott: Sinofsky dishes on Windows 7

Get the best graphics card upgrade. Gallery (right).

Robin Harris: 3D HD cellphone video: a killer app next decade storage

Dancho Danchev: Researcher discovers Nokia S40 security vulnerabilities, demands 20,000 euros to release details

Larry Dignan: Netflix may lose $1.8M to $3.6M in revenue per day over outage. Techmeme

Slate: The Google Black Hole

Heather Clancy: It's 1,100 systems and counting for open-source refurbishment advocates

Jason O'Grady: Psystar requires Acknowledgement of Sale letter to receive restore media (updated 3x)

Matthew Miller: Rumored Palm Treo Pro briefly appears online

Bill Gates: Software innovation poses privacy challenge

Paul Murphy: From Chapter one: Data Processing and the IBM Mainframe

Andrew Mager: MySpace Data Availability at Lunch 2.0

Richard Koman: Decision on MIT students' gag order delayed until Tuesday

Gallery: Tools for CSI cybercrime

Roland Piquepaille: Capturing solar energy from asphalt pavements

Dana Gardner: Survey says: Aligning IT operations with business goals increases agility, cuts costs

Oliver Marks: Two flavors of software as a service: Intuit QuickBase and Etelos

Jason O'Grady: More on the iPhone 3G woes (updated)

Deb Perelman: IT is shedding jobs--should you worry?

GigaOm: Why Blogs Need To Be Social

Security researcher demands money from Sun, Nokia

Business Week: What May Be Behind the iPhone 3G Glitches

TechTrader Daily: Here's An Idea: Stream Sirius Radio On Your iPhone

DocuDrama: Heinen settles with SEC over Apple option backdating complaint

John Morris: Gateway's new desktop replacement: How much game does $1,400 get?

Sam Diaz: Go ahead and nap, PC. We'll wake you when we need you.

The Green Enterprise: Cisco

Ryan Stewart: Metadata in Flash Video

Dana Blankenhorn: Intel's health challenge

Paula Rooney: VMware re-issues ESX 3.5 Update 2 to remove embarassing timebomb

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Next Question: A Whole Lot of Traffic Shaping Going On, With Olympics Video?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple is the tech equivalent of Disney World?

Ryan Naraine: Measuring (not so) recent BIND nameserver patching

John Carroll: Countering an Apple-favoring .NET critic

Jennifer Leggio: Bloggers vs. PR - the broken record continues to skip

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