Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

Summary: Nokia is the latest to file suits against Samsung, LG and others, alleging LCD price fixing.


Nokia has sued Samsung, LG Displays and other makers of liquid display manufacturers, accusing them of conspiring to inflate prices for displays, a suit that comes a month after AT&T made the same allegations against LCD manufacturers, according to a Bloomberg report.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 25 in San Francisco, is based on federal and state antitrust claims. Nokia is seeking unspecified damages, as well as an injunction that would bring a halt to the alleged collusion.

Both the AT&T and Nokia suits cite an investigation of display panel price-fixing by the U.S. Justice Department. In March, Hitachi Displays, a unit of Hitachi, became the fourth company to plead guilty in the inquiry. Hitachi is one of the defendants named in the Nokia suit but not AT&T's, according to Bloomberg.

LG Display, which is second to Samsung as the world's largest LCD makers, was one of three companies named in the suit to plead guilty last year to the DOJs allegations and pay $585 million in criminal fines. The others were Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Sharp Corp.

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  • Poor Nokia... unable to gain market traction

    First go after Apple and then hardware suppliers... cry us a river.

    Or maybe just make something innovative that people will want to buy.
    • Ha Ha

      Yep. If you don't supply the right stuff, nobody's going to demand it!
  • You missed the point

    It has nothing to do with gaining traction. I'm certain Nokia does not make their own LCD displays (and I know for certain AT&T doesn't, they don't 'make' anything, they offer a service). The problem is that these companies are in collusion to keep the prices of LCD displays artificially high.
    • Exactly.

      LCD technology hasn't changed a bit since the days
      of the monochrome Game Boy. That the prices go up
      instead of down goes against all economics.
      • What? Like the simple rule of supply and demand?

    • Have you filled up your gas tank lately?

      Welcome to the real world. Fairness in business went out with the buggy whip. When company's collude we all get hurt... or do we? You take the buggy, I'll take the Porsche...
  • RE: Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

    Uh-oh, I smell an apple fanboy bitter about how Nokia sued apple.

    Tell me, would you be pissed-off if apple followed-suit and sued Samsung? And did you say the same thing when AT&T sued them?
  • RE: Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

    What? Like the simple rule of supply and demand?
    • are you thick or just stupid?

      the rule of supply and demand is only useable if there is virtually no supply and massive demand, the price fixing used by a lot of big companies ot artificially inflate there prices as has happened here is different because there are more than enough offerings (massive supply) and not enough customers (low demand) so the prices should be going down not standing still or increasing.

      then again if this means that the mobile phones and set top boxes etc produced by nokia goes down this can only be a good thing for consumers, not to mention the halt to this kind of practice is never going to be bad.

      personally i can see your post is a blatent troll flame bait but just so you know logical reasoning of the average mind is more than enough to see through the smoke screen your trying ot emit, oh that and the fact nokia products are pretty sought after but there prices makes them hard to get.

      me i love nokia products, the way they use the same menu structure in everything, the way stuff gets better with each generation and the fact that when they say useable and long lasting there products generally stand the test of time when used in accordance with there instructions (not dropped in a bucket of water).

      maybe if apply could make a well rounded product they could of had a bigger market share instead of the gimmiky buggy piece of junk called the iphone (lets face it the nokia 5800 doesnt have the bugs and it's not locked to one provider to hide it) why didnt apple make all the "apps" by default? easy they wanted to screw people out of maximum cash, forcing them to keep buying what should be free or pre existing content addons when nokia just had them by default.
      • price fixing

        Adam Smith, the father of free market economics, said that every time two merchants meet they plot a conspiracy against the public.
  • Refreshing

    Glad to see non-American companies being targeted for once. Next up ... deep-pocketed European companies.
  • Hello! The consumer loses when companies collude on prices

    How are some of you defending LG and Samsung? Apparently
    you are not consumers? Or you just don't watch TV? Nokia
    is suing the LCD manufacturers for agreeing to over
    charge all of us on our flat screens! You should be
    supporting Nokia and AT&T for helping to lower prices,
    that is what there success in court will accomplish. I
    hope they win so LCD prices go down more.
    • I agree in principal...

      but understand that the sole reason for Nokia doing this is their
      constant poor showing financially. Not because of some social moral
  • RE: Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

    Nokia is doing a good job in low price high quality products when compared to its rivals. They did a great deed by bring this crime to the spot light.
  • RE: Nokia sues Samsung, LG over LCD price fixing

    Price fixing...Where? I thought we were getting the
    lowest price on these LCD.