Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

Summary: Apple might be the supreme leader in the tablet market these days, but a new report suggests that it will face some bigger challenges next year.


Shipments of tablet PCs not made by Apple are expected to surge by 134 percent in 2012, according to DigiTimes.

That rise will be fueled by a number of contributing factors, including new and advanced chips from a handful of ARM suppliers (NVIDIA, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm).

The most obvious direct competitor would be Google as it rolls out the next version of its mobile operating system:

With Google set to launch its new Android operating system codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of 2011, while demand for iPad is approaching saturating, shipments of Android-based tablet PCs are expected to increase from 19-20 million units in 2011 to 44-45 million units in 2012, while Apple's iPad shipments will increase from 14-15 million units in 2010, to 35-36 million units in 2011, and to 54-55 million units in 2012.

Last week, DigiTimes reported that an estimated 40 million iPads will ship in 2011, securing 61 percent of the global tablet market share for Apple.

However, for competitors to present a serious challenge to Apple's dominance in this field, it's going to take more than just more internal bells and whistles to succeed. A recent study from research firm iSuppli argued that one of the reasons that Apple is so far ahead of the pack is that no one has been able to unveil a design that rivals that of the iPad.


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  • A few points

    First off, this is shipments, not sales. While Android has shown poor shipment numbers, they've shown even more pathetic sales numbers. Only Apple sells most of the tablets it "ships".<br><br>Also, the problem with current tablets is not in the hardware alone (although everything but the iPad has really poor hardware too). The problem is that the software sucks. Throwing more hardware at the problem without fixing the software is not going to improve the experience on Android.<br><br>Finally, you can't have it both ways with "market saturation". Either the market is saturated in which case demand for Android tablets is done too or the market is not saturated in which case nothing suggests that Android will pick up a larger percentage of the consumers who haven't purchased a tablet yet. No definition of market saturation will have the demand for iPads saturated while still leaving people begging for Android tablets. Android's best chance was when Apple couldn't make iPads fast enough to sell them to people who truly did want a tablet. That time is over and demand for Android tablets is only going to drop now.<br><br>I still stand by my prediction that Apple will be the only one making tablets in a couple years with the exception of really cheap Android tablets by makers who pop in and out of existence to dodge Apple's lawsuits. The "tablet" market (actually more appropriately called the iPad market) is a very sick market from a competitive viewpoint. It is too bad for consumers.
    • RE: Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012


      "The "tablet" market (actually more appropriately called the iPad market) is a very sick market from a competitive viewpoint. <b>It is too bad for consumers.</b>"

      Without Apple releasing the iPad and showing how to build tablets properly, would there be consumer tablet market? Would consumers care? Would we see competitors like Samsung entering this space? LG? HTC? Sony? And Google with Honeycomb? I remember this device being criticized immediately after its announcement in Jan 2010 and months leading up to its release. Many were questioning the need for such a device running on such an OS (it was just a large iPhone). Bezel too large. 100 reasons Netbooks were better. They even criticized the price, only now it's becoming apparent when looking at the competitors pricing that the iPad is a bargain. With all that it offers.

      idk, seems like both consumers and competitors alike are now benefiting for there being a rejuvenized tablet market, thanks to Apple. Accessory makers are benefiting. Component suppliers are benefiting.
      • So you think this market is a healthy one?

        You think a market where there is only 1 popular product in it is a healthy market?


        The truth is that the tablet market has not been rejuvenized. If it truly was rejuvenized, you would see many popular products being sold. Instead, only 1 product is being sold. This is not good for consumers in the long run.

        I'm honestly surprised that you can't see how much better the market would be if there were many competitors offering quality products in it.

        Also, please note that I'm not blaming Apple for anything. Apple is doing everything it needs to do to be a profitable company. I sense from your post that you are feeling very defensive about this. I'm not attacking Apple. I've not criticized Apple. I'm lamenting the fact that there is no competition in the market.
      • RE: Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

        @dave95. <br><br>"So you think this market is a healthy one?" <br>"The truth is that the tablet market has not been rejuvenized. If it truly was rejuvenized, you would see many popular products being sold. "<br><br>Quite frankly, I think this market is healthier than it's ever been in the decade of tablet attempts. And it's just getting started.<br><br>Don't need to have many popular products sold for it to be a rejuvenated market. The fact is Apple's popular selling iPad have awoken this once dead market, now everyone's talking about and releasing tablets. There's more competitors releasing tablets today than there ever was in the decade of MS Slate PCs. And consumers are now becoming aware of tablets thanks to the popularity of the iPad and Apple's strong marketing. It's definitely a rejuvenated market. <br><br>Competitors are set to benefit the same way they benefited from the iPod revolutionizing the mp3 space. Not saying they will see Apple's sales but they will benefit for there being a market for them to target thanks to Apple. Companies like Sandisk who sold components for Apple were a very popular alternative to the iPod especially around holidays. They build their own components so they were able to be very aggressive on price (The same way Samsung who build component is becoming a standout alternative to the iPad now). Many others benefited from their being a mp3 player market despite the fact it was dominated by <b>one</b> company. Amazon rose to become a nice alternative to iTunes. Streaming services like Spotify became a popular alternative to iTunes internationally and is now entering the US. <br><br>That one company, Apple, carried the entire market forward by setting a very high standard of what a player should be, how it should look and how it should perform. Yet as we look around there's still plenty of option and choice for consumers. The same thing is happening in the tablet space. <br><br>Sorry I don't share your belief that Apple's dominance will kill off the market or somehow be bad for consumers.
  • RE: Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

    "shipments of Android-based tablet PCs are expected to increase from 19-20 million units in 2011 to 44-45 million units in 2012"

    This is utter rubbish statement, when did android became 'Tablet PCs'. Nobody has any idea what is 'ice cream sandwitch'. And andorid sales are abysmal, and the user experience is not even worth mentioning. Good luck with those 'projections'.
  • If you have more OEM&quot;s making more

    Android Tablets and in each case several models too boot I suspect this might be true come next year. How actual sales will go remains to be seen however. As for Apple the iPad will likely be the iPad 3 and the iOS will be version 5.X meaning Apple will not remain still.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • Reminds me of &quot;Linux will take over the desktop OS market 'next year'&quot;

    This reminds me of the common predictions in the early 2000's that "Linux will take over the desktop OS market next year". Time told that this was never the case and still is not even in the realm of the possible. Why do I think this? No consumer brand that can be taken seriously.

    I feel that unless someone like Amazon gets a grip of the Android operating system and actually markets it as part of their brand, not just a mishmash of versions and interfaces that Apple will remain dominant in this arena.

    Any "normal people" own anything other than an iPod for their music? Probably very few. Don't get me wrong, I don't worship at the alter of Steve Jobs, but when they do it right one must recognize it for what it is.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • Nuts

    Android tablets will finally take off because the processor chips will have better feeds and speeds? Why doesn't the guy say it's because they'll have USB ports, or come with free propeller beanies?

    Have we not learned that the tablet business is not about feeds and speeds? Motorola has learned it... the hard way. So has Samsung. And RIM. Asus seems to have captured the geek segment, but how large is that really?

    And where does this "20 million Android tablets in 2011" come from? There aren't three vendors who have sold a million of them, and that's not end-user sales, that's just shipping into the channel. I'd be surprised if there are 5 million Android tablets in actual end-user hands, and we're past the halfway point for 2011.

    Goggle's hopes for tablet-sized Android depend entirely on somebody figuring out how to make money selling them. None of these hardware manufacturers are going to tie up production capacity at a zero return as some sort of favor to Google. Right now several of them seem willing to take a run at it, but for how long? We all know they aren't making money; if they were we'd see more advertising, lower prices, or both. Instead the only lower prices we see are on units with smaller screens or those backed by no advertising at all... which tells us that their margins are near zero.

    For the non-geek population, the tablet experience is all about the ecosystem. It's not about cores or USBs or propeller beanies. Google has a long row to hoe before they get close to what Apple has.
    Robert Hahn
    • Agreed.

      @Robert Hahn

      Estimates pu between 700,000 and 1,300,000 Android tablet in use world wide today. So out of no where, in 5 months, 19,000,000 are going to be sold.

      I don't think so.
  • Lets see:

    Jan 2010:

    Nov 2010:

    Jan 2011:

    I bet a year from now we can do a similar list.
    • Those are interesting reads

      I agree with you. There is no competition in the tablet market. It is too bad.
  • RE: Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

    Windows 8 tablets will come next year too.

    But, while at work last night, a customer came in with an ASUS EEE Transformer. Let me tell you, that tablet is slick. If ASUS makes an Windows 8 EEE Transformer, that'll be the one I buy.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Non-Apple tablet shipments expected to surge in 2012

      @Cylon Centurion

      All that's needed is to be able to install Win 8 on older tablets - my Acer convertible tablet is what I'm going to move to 8 - it's already running Win 7.

      Install Win 8 and suddenly Android and Apple toys become tools.
      • YEAH! Well except for the very real fact

        @tonymcs@... that iPads are already being used as tools. Hospitals for instance and I just read where an eatery is using iPads as a replacement for Menu's. How cool is that. There are other examples of actual and real productivity being done on an iPad but hey don't let reality spoil or harsh you're buzz:P

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • This so-called 'prognosis' is totally **nonsensical**: Apple now sells ...

    ... iPads at <b>1 million per week</b> rate.

    With the first two quarters of this year, Apple sold "only" 14 million iPads. However, in the period from 6th June to 25th June, in three weeks, they sold 3 million iPads.

    Apple expected to ship 12 million iPads in the current quarter. This would make 28 million for the year in 9 months. Obviously, 4th quarter will bring about 15 million iPads sold (or maybe more).

    Overall sales for 2011 will be like 43 million units or more.

    For the next year, iPad sales will grow to 60-80 million, depending on speed of market growth.