Nuance intros new PDF Converter version; still hates Adobe

Nuance intros new PDF Converter version; still hates Adobe

Summary: Nuance takes another swing at Adobe with the latest version of its PDF converter software for the enterprise.


It must be tough to be Adobe, you know? So many users, business or otherwise, have a love-hate relationship with the company.

Photoshop? Love it.

Flash? Steve Jobs hates it.

Acrobat Pro? Love it.

Reader? Hate it.

Nuance -- yes, of speech recognition technology fame -- this morning released a new version, the eighth, of its PDF converter for the enterprise that offers full-age PDF editing, a collaboration mode called "PDF Live" that allows for simultaneous editing and (naturally!) the company's Dragon Dictation speech recognition software.

The new version also adds the ability to save and open PDF files in cloud services (PaperPort Anywhere, Dropbox, Evernote) and allows for connection with Documentum and Zerox DocuShare. PDF/A format compliance is also part of the new release.

Nevertheless, the anti-Adobe posturing is in full force.

My favorites:

  • "...all at about one-third the cost of Adobe Acrobat," or $149. Bif!
  • "...includes market-leading innovations," a.k.a. Adobe doesn't offer them. Bam!
  • "Nuance has outpaced Adobe as the industry's most innovative provider of PDF solutions for businesses." Pow!

Ouch. Some companies point out their rivalry with a wink and a nudge; Nuance takes a sledgehammer and starts swinging it while walking right through downtown San Jose.

We love it when two corporations get down in the mud together -- have you seen Rachel King's coverage of the Google-Oracle trial? -- and this one's no exception.

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  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro (Hats Off) vs. Nuance PDF converter Enterprise 8

    Taking a word document (3 MB) with TOC, hyperlinks, tables and figures (the one we usually create) and converting it to PDF with
    either 1/ Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro
    or 2/ Nuance PDF converter Enterprise 8
    took me to get a functional PDF
    1/ 1 min 33 sec and
    2/ 10 min 36 sec + 20 sec after saving respectively.
    My conclusion is "Hats Off" for Adobe.