Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

Summary: President Obama outlined his wireless infrastructure plan and the biggest takeaway is that he wants 98 percent of Americans to have access to 4G service.


President Obama outlined his wireless infrastructure plan and the biggest takeaway is that he wants 98 percent of Americans to have access to 4G service. Obama's plan has the following components:

  • Double wireless spectrum available for mobile broadband. The White House says it aims to free up the 500 Mhz band with enough financial incentives to get current licensees to cough up the spectrum.
  • A $3 billion fund to support wireless innovation and development.
  • Deploy a interoperable public safety wireless network.
  • A one-time $5 billion fund to build out 4G in rural areas.

That final part is probably the most noteworthy. The aim is to blanket the country in 4G and Obama positioned the move almost as a wired broadband replacement. The plan notes:

Absent additional government investment, millions of Americans will not be able to participate in the 4G revolution.  To that end, the President’s Budget supports the 4G buildout in rural areas through a one-time $5 billion investment.  This investment, to be managed by the FCC, will help catalyze universal service reform to provide access to higher-speed wireless and wired broadband, dovetail with the need for public safety to have a wireless network available in rural areas, and extend access from the almost 95% of Americans who have 3G wireless services today to at least 98% of all Americans gaining access to state-of-the-art 4G high-speed wireless services within five years.  Extending access to high-speed wireless not only provides a valuable service to Americans living in those areas—access to medical tests, online courses, and applications that have not yet been invented—but also catalyzes economic growth by enabling consumers and businesses living in those areas to participate in the 21st century economy.

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  • "Since ObamaCare has not bought me enough votes ...

    ... as hoped I need a brand new universal 4G bait to make it up following Hugo Chavez' masterbook ('How to steal an election for dummies')".
  • To repeat: Do you think its possible?

    No one knows. But hope springs eternal when socialist activists rule the roost. Yeah baby.

    Only don't hold your breath in rose-colored anticipation, as but another bill of taxable levies will soon be due to weigh the emasculated masses down ever further.
  • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

    Yep one of the real benefits of "socialism" is national planning and creating infrastructure.

    Currently USA broadband is a joke.
    • Sadly such planning

      isn't always for infrastructure that's useful or value for money.

      When private investment fails it (well use to) falls on investors, when government project fails it falls on our children.

      "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. "
      ? Margaret Thatcher
      Richard Flude
    • Whenever socialistic schemes are implemented here

      by the Feds and beyond, that's when things become a joke. A costly joke invariably, picked up by an already strapped citizenry having to carry a second nation to the south on its back. It's even more laughable in this modern, soft era of the country, where little to no cost-intelligent responsibility or oversight by GOV ever seems to follow. [i]EVER.[/i]

      YMMV when cartwheeling with socialist stripes outside the USA.
  • Here, we'll spend your money for you!

    It is very generous of Obama to spend $8 billion of his own money to bring wireless 4G to everyone. What a guy!

    Oh wait... you mean this is just another case where Obama waves freebies at people that he buys with Other People's Money without asking them first? Nyaa, we've had enough of those. The people turning twenty five years from now have enough government debt to pay off already; their entire lives will be weighed down by it. It's not fair for Obama to add more; those people deserve a say in what -they- want.
    Robert Hahn
    • Haven't you gotten the memo? It's Obama's stash.

      All money is government's. They just give you what they think you deserve.
  • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

    How dare the government spend money. Who do they think they are building the Hoover dam out in the middle of nowhere.
    • That was then, this is now

      But you don't see any difference, do you? Read my post above, and pay particular attention to the "modern, soft era of the country" part. You'll be doing yourself a favor if you do.
    • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

      It's less that government is "spending money" than it is that government is spending money it doesn't have. Such spending therefore adds to debt that has to be paid off, mostly by people who aren't even old enough to vote yet. Sure, it sounds nice to bring 4G to all -- it would sound nice to give everyone a free Mercedes -- but it is NOT FAIR to the people now in school to spend money that they have to earn. They will have needs themselves. They will have children to feed. And thanks to the politicians in charge these days, they will also have trillions in debt to pay off. Do you really not understand why this sucks, and why it is nothing but SELFISHNESS on our parts to keep voting for stuff that today's children will have to pay for?
      Robert Hahn
  • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

    "The problem with capitalism is that it never runs out of government money"

    Will Rogers
    • Will Rogers was no dummy

      Some of us see both the federal government and contemporary [i]capitalism-at-all-costs[/i] as a twin headed dragon. Both unrestrained, and both plowing this country asunder via the freewheeling looting of it. Dig that.
      • The more things change, the more they stay the same

        "Lord, the money we do spend on Government -- and its not one bit better than the government we got for one-third the money twenty years ago." <br>~ on FDR's New Deal (which he largely supported)<br><br>"Our foreign policy is an open book - a checkbook."<br><br>"The income tax has made more liars out of Americans than golf."<br><br>"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."<br><br>"I belong to no organized party, I'm a Democrat."<br><br>Will Rogers
    • More proof that Will Rogers was an idiot.

      The government does not produce money. Money is the result of economic activity: IE capitalism.
      • Wrong

        The government doesn't produce wealth, but as seen several times it has no problem just printing money.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

    What makes this idiot think that people who can't afford service at all can afford to pay for data?
  • RE: Obama: 4G should reach rural areas

    Reduce the outrageous defense budget and you'll find that you'll have a lot more money for projects at home. Some of these projects have merit. How much would America save if Alternative energy were implemented across the country? How much better would our productivity improve if our broadband were up to date with the rest of the world? Also, ask yourself this question, if the military budget before the Iraq war was so high (~$750Billion), why were the troops so ill equpped at the start of the war? Where was the money spent?

    I do not want the government to spend more money, I want the government to allocate proper and sane amounts of tax money to projects that make sense. Subsidies for corn based ethanol make as much sense as lamb and tunafish.
    • Ah none

      "How much would America save if Alternative energy were implemented across the country?"

      Alternative energy technologies are significantly more expensive than current base load generation technologies.

      "How much better would our productivity improve if our broadband were up to date with the rest of the world?"

      Can you point to these more productive countries where broadband is the decisive factor?
      Richard Flude
    • Right. Because in a world full of nations who want to hurt us

      we should reduce our ability to defend ourselves. America would produce a lot more wealth if we developed our local oil reserves. I love how a liberal's answer to everything is Disarm and do with less.
  • Cool