OnForce raises $6.75 million venture round; Eyes expansion

OnForce raises $6.75 million venture round; Eyes expansion

Summary: OnForce, an online marketplace for IT labor, has raised $6.75 million in a Series A1 round of venture financing.


OnForce, an online marketplace for IT labor, has raised $6.75 million in a Series A1 round of venture financing. The round was led by Accel Partners.

The New York-based company said it plans to use the funds to expand internationally in Europe and Canada and into new markets and service categories. First up for expansion is Canada, according to OnForce CEO Peter Cannone. "This wasn't about money as much as resources," said Cannone, referring to Accel's international expertise.

OnForce's marketplace includes more than 10,000 professionals that provide on-site service for computers, printers, networks and electronics.

Accel, which is an investor in Facebook, is expected to help OnForce navigate international markets for IT labor. Harry Nelis, a general partner at Accel, will join the board of directors at OnForce. Judy Gibbons, former corporate vice president at Microsoft's MSN division and a partner at Accel, will be an adviser to OnForce. Both Accel partners--based in London--are expected to help OnForce navigate an expansion into Europe.

Other takeaways:

  • Accel approached OnForce in March and the deal closed over the summer.
  • Cannone and Paul Nadjarian, senior vice president of marketing and product, said one tricky aspect of overseas expansion is building in taxation rules into the OnForce platform. This is no small issue considering that workers are managed and paid through OnForce. To expand into Canada, OnForce had to build into taxes by province as well as various forms of levies, said Nadjarian. OnForce's Canada effort is expected to launch in November.
  • OnForce plans to expand into new verticals beyond IT workers at some point, said Cannone. "There is a plan to move beyond IT services," said Cannone. "Right now, we're focused on being the best IT services marketplace. After that there are logical other markets we plan to move into over the next 18 to 24 months."

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  • Onforce vs Monsterforce

    There is a platform that provides carpentry, construction, computer services, Healthcare and shipping that is similar to Onforce. Go to www.monsterforcemarketplace.com its the only one I can find like Onforce online anywhere. Its called Monsterforce Marketplace......
  • RE: OnForce raises $6.75 million venture round; Eyes expansion

    Monsterforce aka Cilicon Solution Are ripping off techs NOT JUST FROM JOE NERD JOBS.

    After a week I asked Nathan at Cilicon Solutions aka Monsterforce to close a call for me and he said and I quote' I'm busy, I will close it when I get time'. Then hung up on me.

    After 2 weeks I asked why my bank account could not be verified they gave me a BS story on how my bank does not do ACH payments when in fact I do ACH every week to my personal account so theres lie one.

    I ask if they could send me a check and I was told they were not paid from the vendor yet.

    I kept calling and post on the forums that they were giving me the run around THEY DELETED MY ACCOUNT AND ALL MY POSTINGS.

    Also Joe from Cilicon Solutions aka Monsterforce told me my password for monsterforce and cilicon solutions. This means they had access the whole time anyway so deleting the account just removes any evidence they have that they owe me money.
  • RE: OnForce raises $6.75 million venture round; Eyes expansion

    I think you're wrong about onforce, call it for what it is "a sweatshop". It is simply the destruction of IT careers.

    What exactly is OnForce?
    The new form of sweatshops in America.

    OnForce is a national technology sweatshop network that connects service buyers known as IT slave masters with highly skilled service professionals known as IT slaves (They have no power whatsoever once joining the sweatshop, except accept or do not accept work order) ? easily, efficiently, and profitably for the IT slave masters.

    The OnForce model assembled the largest number of technicians from all across the country professional or non professionals, force them to compete and pay them low wages for high technical work. It surely provides a competitive edge for the slave masters on OnForce such as Promeroy. As OnForce points out to the slave masters AKA Providers "Best of all, since you can set your own price for your service events, you have ultimate flexibility and can effectively manage cost containment." It simply means sweatshop.

    OnForce has been very successful at creating a sweatshop enslavering IT technicians and allow major companies to hire them as subcontractors paying them less than 1/10 of the current market value. The system allows buyers to set up their own prices and of course the more competition between hungry providers/slaves, the less are the prices. For example Promeroy (one of the major slave masters on OnForce got me to do a job where the scope was simply to change a switch and fix outage issue (a simple fix they call it). When I got there, it was a disaster, there were cables everywhere. Apparently the workers there at MACTEC Engineering did a quick fix by using two small routers and a Netgear switch (a complete mess). In addition there were some compatibility issues with the replacement switch (it failed to work with the original switch of the exact same model). It took me almost 4 hours to resolve all the combining issues. The original rate for the job was $65.00 so I asked for a spend limit increase which is common on OnForce when the job is out of scope. Promeroy, the IT slave master at OnForce failed to increase the spend limit, they wanted me to close out the work order for $65. OnForce took Promeroy side as their name implied and tried to influence and force me to close the work order for $65.00 saying that I agreed to complete the work for $65.00 when in fact the work order is completely out of scope and was fraudulantely posted in order for Pomeroy to get cheap labor. I have been using this platform for years since OnForce was computerrepair.com and I watched OnForce becoming the force of sweatshop by allowing buyers to set up flat rate fee, some buyers like Promeroy take advantage of this feature by fraudulantely posting very complicated / high paying job as simple part swap job under the radar. I refused to accept the $65.00 and told Pomeroy that slavery is over. OnForce later suspended my account permanently as I expected and now it's time for me to fight back. I know OnForce is only interested in defending buyers because in their eyes they bring millions of dollars to the system and they are watching for their 15% cut. OnForce couldn't care less about any technicians. Technician like myself who have made them what they are today. Technicians are as important, if not more important than buyers on the platform. A number of technicians have complained about the platform and got suspended and taken off the platform. I know there has been so many before me, but unlike them I will not sit here complaining and do nothing. I am smart, a web activist, a web designer who is willing to work hard in seeking justice and in me finally all those who have been victimized will find a voice. As predicted they did exactly what I expected them to do permanently suspended my account because I refused to be treated like a slave by Pomeroy or OnForce.

    A number of technicians who came before me were brave enough to stand up to OnForce and point out their unfair practices. To retalliate whenever anyone stands up to them or bring up their unfair practices, they suspend or kick them off their so called marketplace.

    I have been with OnForce since they were computerrepair.com and I watched them becoming a sweatshop. A number of small businesses and individuals see the platform as a way to make a quick buck, but they miss the larger picture. Company like Pomeroy and AT&T could have hired an IT force to complete their work orders or subcontract directly to small IT firms. Instead they turn to the OnForce sweatshop. In months to come we will boycott all IT companies that do business with OnForce. We will spread the word about their unfair practices and injustice and how they have destroyed the IT profession.

    We will expose the secrets behind this giant sweatshop. We will provide other alternatives to OnForce, companies like Gurus2Go and others that deal with technicians directly.

    We are taking a stand, we say no to OnForce, no to IT Slavery, no to flat rate fee, no to IT slave master like Pomeroy, no to the destruction of the IT profession.

    I am not a technician, why should I care about this issue?
    You should because when you hire a company to come to your business or residence, they give the job to a third party tech on OnForce and advise the tech to tell you that they represent the company. For example AT&T charges up to $200 to service your computer. The technician who comes to your house is not an AT&T employee, he is paid $85 flat fee to provide the service to you. Think about it, if you were dealing with the tech directly you could have paid him/her $100 and in turn you would have saved $100. AT&T get paid $100 by simply having a rep route the work order through OnForce. I bet you didn't know, you feel stupid - don't you?

    I am a technician on OnForce, why should I care?
    You should because you would have generated more revenue if you were dealing with the providers directly with an actual contract. If you are an individual technician, you could have been hire as an IT specialist with high wage, benefits and a secured job. Because of OnForce sweatshop, more and more high paid IT jobs have disapeared and technicians have been laid off unfairly by company like Pomeroy. See how Pomeroy ripp off their workers with their unfair accounting and payroll practices. Right after they went ahead and join OnForce, now they can continue to abuse technicians with the flat fee rate scam like they have done to me

    We will create a technician directory to allow small IT firms and individuals to do business without the middle man. OnForce get 15% for every work order submitted by a buyer and 10% from every work order completed by technicians.

    We will reveal more as this website unfolds.

    Source Links to Pomeroy unfair practices:





    OnForce Links: