Opera tries to crowbar browser competition into the iPhone

Opera tries to crowbar browser competition into the iPhone

Summary: Opera may not be the biggest browser outfit on the block but you have to admire its spunk. The Norwegian browser company said it will unveil a version of its Opera Mini software for Apple's iPhone next week.


Opera may not be the biggest browser outfit on the block but you have to admire its spunk. The Norwegian browser company said it will unveil a version of its Opera Mini software for Apple's iPhone next week.

Perhaps hell will freeze over and Apple approves it, but it's doubtful. Like Technologizer's Harry McCracken I really wish Opera well because a little mobile browser competition can only be a good thing.

Indeed, pressure why Opera is saying it will demo its browser for the iPhone next week at the 2010 Mobile World Congress. By preannouncing its browser, it hopes to at least pressure Apple a bit to approve its app.

Opera has a fine browser on most mobile devices. The compression technology is handy and it's one of the better mobile browsers on the block. In other words, the Mini would be fine competition for Apple's Safari. Bottom line: The competition, which could set a precedent to approve something like Mozilla's eventual mobile browser, would be welcomed by iPhone users.

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  • Apple's disdain for flash

    And you can bet the little browser that could will get rejected if there is any mention of flash support.
  • Opera will just go to the EU Commission

    and have them force Apple to install it as "an option"
    • don't forget the screen prompting installation

      After the first boot of iPhones every user should be forced to have a screen prompting to choose between Safari, Chrome, Opera etc I do not see why not.
      • Darn

        Awe. You guys beat me to it!
      • Microsoft's ballot screen

        You mean the ballot screen Microsoft themselves proposed in order to get away from their crimes?
        • What crimes?

          Can you tell us exactly what MS did that was a

          Is it a crime to sell a device with an OS on it
          that won't let you uninstall the browser? Wait,
          you can uninstall the browser in Windows 7.
          Sorry, I was thinking about Apple.

          Is it a crime to sell a device with an OS on it
          that won't let you install a competing browser?
          Oops, MS never did that, sorry, I was thinking
          about Apple again.

          Is it a crime to sell a device with a browser
          on it that implements non standard extensions
          like, oh, for example, HTML5? Wait, Apple

          Is it a crime to have a 90% marketshare in a
          market like, oh, for example, $1,000+ PCs?
          Oops, again, I was thinking about Apple.

          Cue the double standards...
          • Re: What crimes?

            No it's not a crime to have an OS with an
            uninstallable browser, nor is it a crime to
            have 90%
            market share.

            It IS however a crime to use your uninstallable
            browser and/or your position has 90% market
            holder to deliberately manipulate the market to
            it difficult/impossible for others to compete
            and (FAR
            more importantly) for consumers to make choices
            without major compromise.

            Funnily enough it's called CONSUMER PROTECTION
            law (no
            not Opera protection law), yet it seems some
            actually seem to enjoy being screwed.

            I on the other hand don't personally, and would
            laws were in place to prevent such.
          • Just be happy with your MacBook Pro

            and stop whining about Apple. And by the way HTML 5 is an open standard. Flash and Silverlight are not.
          • While one can possibly uninstall

            the default browser in Windows 7 this is the first incarnation of the OS that allows this... and that is assuming you are correct in that IE is indeed uninstallable in Windows 7.
    • I suspect the reaction from the Apple faithful will be quit different

      Rather than cheering this as a win for
      competition, they will denounce it, saying that
      Apple should be allowed to decide what Apple
      allows on their OS. Why should Apple help out the
      competition? etc.

      Cue the double standards...
      • You are a double standard.

      • browsers in the app store

        There are plenty of third-party web browsers in the App Store. It?s just
        that the ones that are allowed are ones that use the system version of
      • And your suspicions are wrong

        at least in my case - I'd welcome Opera as a browser option on my iPhone, as well as Firefox and Chrome... though I'm not holding my breath for any of them.
      • The Reason Why I Should be able

        to install another browser and Flash on my iPhone is quite simply, that damn phone belongs to ME!!!! Once I give Steve Jobs the money for the iPhone, he no longer owns it; I do!!

        So why the Hell should this pompous a-hole tell me what software I can and cannot run MY Device? Why should this man tell me I cannot have anything on my iPhone that ridules polititions? The last time I checked, we're supposed to be in a democracy were we have the right to make fun of our (so called) leaders. Excuse me for asking, but did the Chinese take over North America so that we know have to kiss their hypocritical arses?

        I hope the time comes soon when the FTC and EU takes up this issue of anticompetitive corporate censorship.
        Yam Digger
    • Why the EU Commission?

      Opera hasn't forced anyone to do anything. Microsoft proposed the ballot.

      So what are you talking about?
      • Yes as part of a legal settlement over...

        embedding their browser into the OS, and it is believed that Opera started this complaint.
  • Chrome

    Now Id rather see Chrome on the iPhone as its already used on the desktop with cloud-based sync.
    • And Chrome is a better Browser then Opera

      I use mostly IE (Yea I know I know) and Chrome.
      • Naw, Opera is better than Chrome

        Opera is faster and a lot better than Chrome, actually.
        • seconded. Opera is better than Chrome

          Opera is faster, has more features and is arguably more secure also.

          Don't get me wrong, Chrome is sleek and well-designed. But Opera has been around for longer than IE, longer than Mozilla, introduced many browser innovations before anyone else including tabs, and all-round has better developed, more proven technology.