Oracle launches less expensive database appliances to boost growth

Oracle launches less expensive database appliances to boost growth

Summary: Oracle has introduced a new Database Appliance, which appears to be a play on the small to mid-sized business market.


After taking some hard questions about hardware revenue on Tuesday, Oracle is looking towards more affordable appliances to boost growth with a new product announcement on Wednesday.

The Oracle Database Appliance is touted as an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use option, especially for Oracle partners and small businesses. Oracle execs boasted that this product is applicable to businesses of all sizes worldwide. There are three different configurations for this appliance, and clients can choose from horizontal and industry-specific applications to make use of the product as they see fit.

The Database Appliance is built around several other Oracle technologies, including Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters on a 2-node Sun Fire server cluster running Oracle Linux.

It appears that Oracle's database machine is the equivalent of the Exadata mini, which was touted by analysts earlier this week.

Along with serving as a solution to consolidate other databases, customers can also use the Oracle Database Appliance to protect other databases from server and storage failures using Oracle Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Management. Other protective features include proactive system monitoring, one-button software provisioning, full-stack integrated patching, and automatic phone home on hardware failures.

The Oracle Database Appliance will include "pay-as-you-grow" software licensing choices for Oracle Database and related software from 2 to 24 processor cores so that customers can add on software without the need to upgrade hardware. It will be sold via channel partners and Oracle directly.

More details about the Oracle Database Appliance will be available during Oracle OpenWorld in October.


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  • RE: Oracle launches less expensive database appliances to boost growth

    Oracle is late to the game and in my opinion, not press worthy news. IBM and others have enbraced appliances and optimized systems (with BI reporting built in!) at the sub 50k mark - With 'pay as you grow' ...Ask them if they have Terabyte pricing for their software - Silly Oracle, these tricks are for kids...
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