Palm Foleo delayed: Anyone notice?

Palm Foleo delayed: Anyone notice?

Summary: Deutsche Bank reports that Palm is delaying the Foleo companion device, which was supposed to hit stores this week. The big question: Does anyone (outside of the three of you that are going to buy one) care?

TOPICS: Mobility

Deutsche Bank reports that Palm is delaying the Foleo companion device, which was supposed to hit stores this week. The big question: Does anyone (outside of the three of you that are going to buy one) care?

One issue: The Foleo had trouble working with Palm's Treo. Go figure. Sounds like a good reason to delay to me: The Foleo is a doorstop without a Treo. Now the Foleo is expected to appear in early September.

In a research note Aug 21, Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Goldberg wrote (TechTrader Daily has more):

In a round of checks yesterday we learned that the Palm Foleo will be delayed. The product was supposed to hit Palm stores this week, but was delayed when software bugs were detected. These apparently included an inability to synchronize the Foleo with most models of the Treo, in particular the nominally high-volume Treo 680. Our contacts indicate Palm now expects the device will ship in late September/early October.

Goldberg didn't sound too broken up about it since the Foleo has no effect on Palm's financials. The analyst, which rates Palm a "sell," sounded moderately more optimistic about new Treos and new form factors. But overall, Goldberg said these Treos will "at best keep Palm in the game." Matthew Miller has also been lukewarm on the Foleo. Matthew adds that the mobile companion category is doomed. David Berlind has been a little more optimistic about the Foleo.

Oppenheimer analyst Lawrence Harris echoed the Deutsche Bank comments, and noted that reviews for Palm's new device, the Centro, have been mixed. The keyboard is apparently smallish.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Maybe I'm alone...

    ...but it just seems to me that the Treo's too much phone to use as a companion to the Foleo (or, inversely, to require a companion such as the Foleo).

    IMHO, if you're going to have a combination like this, it seems like the right way to do it is to have a phone that's really dumb and really cheap ('cause it's just for talking), and a Foleo that's pretty smart. THEN you've got a combination worth having. What they're doing now looks like two comics and no straight man.
  • Delay or not delay?

    I don't know, but I suspect the reason anyone didn't notice is because a few people got it wrong?

    I was at LinuxWorld a few weeks ago and saw demonstrations of the Foleo. Interesting item, but don't know if I'd buy it for my Treo. I did ask when they expected general release and they told me "this fall".

    I've double checked my calendar just be certain, but according to my calendar, Fall doesn't start until September 23rd. In that case, they're right on schedule.
  • RFT Critical for new market

    The Foleo could REALLY be a good product. I don't know why the press berates it constantly. Its all most office people will need for a laptop: web access, ultra-lightweight, instant-on.

    From that angle, its really a new market for Palm. The combination of low expectations and a new niche mean Palm REALLY HAS TO get a decent product out Right the First Time.

    The original PDA's strength was its focus as a companion to your main desktop computer. It was, in a sense, a Switzerland between you (your brain, your life, your planning) and your computer (higher computing power, flexibility, office production machine). There's been a certain faction always wishing it was a palm-size version of your computer for all of its functions. Jeff Hawkins application of technology to bridge the gap in your mobile computing needs (not all desires, but actual needs) proved successful with the original Palm. I share his vision as well with the Foleo.
  • Why?

    It's so sad. I love my Treo 755P. It does absolutely everything I need. Email to .mac, AOL, work, Yahoo, GMail, etc...I have MP3s, video, streaming internet radio, basic organizer functions, heck, even a Commodore 64 simulator app for fun. Hardware wise it's a great engineering example of compromise...performance/price/functionality.

    But the Palm has been trying to kill the company for years. I fear they have about 2 years left if they push his silly Foleo thing. I no absolutely no one that's interested much less planning on buy it.
  • Foleo

    I noticed, but I wouldn't buy one in its current configuration. What Foleo should be is a $300 lightweight laptop for basic computer functions and playtime(word processing, web browsing, playing a DVD or CD). Let it come in multiple colors for pizzaz and connect with other Foleos (like DS Lites). Then, you'd have a market.
    Grover 22
  • Rename it. We call them "netbooks."

    "Matthew adds that the mobile companion category is doomed."

    Not entirely. We call them "netbooks." If Palm is smart, they'll call the Foleo a netbook and not a "companion device."

    In all honesty, though, Palm [b]must[/b] break out of their pattern of slow hardware development. It's killing them.

    Palm has great ideas - but it takes them way too long to bring their ideas into the market. They're too slow. Way too slow.
  • RE: Palm Foleo delayed: Anyone notice?

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