Papermaster set to join Apple

Papermaster set to join Apple

Summary: IBM and Mark Papermaster have come to a truce.Papermaster, who was being sued by IBM, will join Apple April 24, according to a company statement.


IBM and Mark Papermaster have come to a truce.

Papermaster, who was being sued by IBM, will join Apple April 24, according to a company statement. Papermaster will lead Apple's iPod and iPhone engineering units.

The IBM-Papermaster suit raised interesting questions about how far a non-compete clause can go.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Apple simply noted in its release that the litigation "has been resolved."

Another notable point in Apple's statement is that Papermaster will be reporting to CEO Steve Jobs, who is on a hiatus for six months.

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  • For a company [Apple] that makes is so easy

    to create/print PDFs, I fail to understand how they could hire a guy who is the "master of paper".

    Don't they understand that paper is dead?
    • Apple offers no default pdf creation functionality.

      The is all adobe and third party applications, so you can't give them any credit there. Also, under the new driver infrastructure, a number of printers, most notably large format, but a wide variety of HP printers (not saying much) simply do not work under OS X, and there is no fixing that.
      • Dispute

        I have to dispute some of your remarks.

        Apple DOES have default PDF creation: they share license rights on that format
        with Adobe.

        Any time I want to print, but I don't want to waste paper, I choose the Print To
        PDF option Apple provides.

        As for large-format HP printers, I don't have one. I do have an Epson 3000 and
        it works fine with OS X.

        It would be rather odd for any major printer manufacturer to skip OS X
        compatibility on their products, especially as OS X comes with HP support on

        You might want to check on using a networked driver: lots of new office
        printers come with Ethernet drivers.
      • As usual

        Your facts are grossly inaccurate.
        First, there are numerous pdf creation tools from Apple. In fact any app
        that is capable of printing can create pdfs. This is not even mentioning
        Also, the vast majority of HP printers are supported out of the box by
        OSX. For those that aren't, ever heard of CUPS?