Patent wars: Kodak sues Apple, RIM for patent infringement

Patent wars: Kodak sues Apple, RIM for patent infringement

Summary: Updated: Eastman Kodak said Thursday that it has filed lawsuits against both Apple and Research in Motion over digital imaging patents.Kodak launched its lawsuits on two fronts.

TOPICS: Apple, Legal, BlackBerry

Updated: Eastman Kodak said Thursday that it has filed lawsuits against both Apple and Research in Motion over digital imaging patents.

Kodak launched its lawsuits on two fronts. Kodak filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission arguing that Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry infringe Kodak technology for previewing images.

Separately, Kodak filed two lawsuits against Apple in a U.S. District Court claiming that Apple infringed on patents related to digital cameras and computer processes.

In a statement, Kodak said:

In the case of Apple and RIM, we’ve had discussions for years with both companies in an attempt to resolve this issue amicably, and we have not been able to reach a satisfactory agreement. In light of that, we are taking this action to ensure that we protect the interests of our shareholders and the existing licensees of our technology.

Update: Here's the download of the Kodak ITC complaint (PDF). I'll update with the U.S. District Court complaints shortly.

Kodak added that LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson are all paying royalties to the company for its intellectual property.

In one suit against Apple, Kodak alleges that Apple is infringing on two patents covering image preview and the processing of images of different resolutions. The second suit is focused on technology that allows one application to ask another program for help completing a computing task. The second suit revolves around the same technology that Kodak sued Sun Microsystems over in 2004. A jury ruled for Kodak and Sun licensed the technology.

Apple is finding itself in a few high-profile patent lawsuits. Also see:

Topics: Apple, Legal, BlackBerry

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  • Apple is showing how uninnovative it is

    [i]Apple is finding itself in a few high-profile patent lawsuits[/i]

    It seems that infringing on patents is the only way Apple can be successful.
    • You mean Microsoft has been the un-innovative one for years.

      I find it humorous that you have found APPLE guilty of all this when the
      court proceedings have not even started. Want to tell us all where are you
      getting your information? Perhaps its the crystal ball that many here said
      you are using. You have absolutely no credibility. Go troll somewhere
      else you fool.

      "In a world without walls & fences, who needs windows & gates!?"
      • Just using the "ABM" logic.

        It appears that the ABMer's do this routinely, why not someone else?

        [i]In a world of fences and walls, thank goodness for Windows and Gates[/i]
        • @GuidingLight

          Two wrongs don't make a right. Besides as the village idiot, NonZ likes to make a fool of himself. He must like the taste of his foot, because it's in his mouth a lot.
        • Amen Brother!!!

          • Got into wrong sequence...

            This was confirming that that is the way of the ABMer's logic.
        • Oh look ...

          ... Capitalism ate itself. ;-)
        • In a world without Gates and Ballmer

          who needs walls and fences?
          • LMAO.... Perfect Shot, Killing Two Gooney Birds w/ one Shot! :D

            I must say, that is as good a come back as I've ever read! ;)

      • What does MS have to do with this?

        This is an article about Apple infringing on patents. Stop deflecting the evils of Apple's behavior onto MS. Please stay on topic.
        • Hey, you picked the fight

          Now you have to deal with it. You made no comment
          on RIM - not even to dismiss them somehow - you
          attacked Apple hoping that someone would take the
          bait and they did. Congratulations.

          Now, care to add something substantive? I doubt
          • Apple was mentioned in the story

            So I talked about Apple. MS wasn't mentioned in the story so there was no need to bring them up. Seriously, if that is "baiting" an Apple zealot then Apple zealots are bigger idiots than I thought.

            [i]Now, care to add something substantive?[/i]

            I did. Apple should start innovating and stop infringing on everyone else's patents. I hope the combination of Nokia and Kodak blasts Apple out of existence. :)
          • The article was also about RIM

            Did you even consider something as simple as "
            and RIM, too"? No of course not. You are the
            first poster on most Apple related blogs here
            and you always bait people. It's a pattern of
            behavior that you have established very firmly
            and cannot now disclaim.

            You hate Apple, this is obvious. Apple may or
            may not have infringed on other people's
            patents and if so they should be made to pay up
            or move on to another technology. I have no
            argument with that. But what you fail to
            recognize is that this is a legal question
            which has been raised by a lawsuit. It is not
            a fact and will not be so until either an
            agreement is made between the litigants or a
            court rules. It could be found that Apple and
            RIM achieve a result (image preview) that is
            related to Kodak's patent but via mechanisms
            which aren't. The mechanism is what patents
            protect so if that were to be the case then
            there is no actual infringement. It is also
            possible that the patent in question could be
            invalidated entirely.

            Hope all you want, but Apple's not likely to be
            going anywhere. If there is one thing they
            know even better than selling an image, it's
            patent law.
          • RIM will . . .

            do what Samsung and the others did: Pay Royalties.

            Apple won't do that, so we all might as well pop up some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!!

            Doesn't matter who wins, it ought to be a good one!
          • Be careful, NonZealot

            [i]I hope the combination of Nokia and Kodak [b]blasts Apple out of existence.[/b][/i]

            You are getting awfully close to stepping on Linux Geek's shtick! :)
          • Naaahhh . . .

            Linux Geek only attacks M$$$$$ . . . .

            Did I get the Dollar sign right? ;)
          • Oh but that won't happen

            Patent infringement for cameras and cell phones is not likely to cripple Apple. What a dolt.

            Besides if Apple wasn't here you wouldn't have your sexy Mac Book Pro. [/Sarcasm]
          • Bitty [aka NonZealot] says ...

            "I hope the combination of Nokia and Kodak blasts Apple out of existence."

            That's because you are a *flaming* and shameless MS Shill/Fanboi and Apple-hater who is fearful of competition in the market place and *very* insecure [little "appendage" or something? you know...a, uh, *short* guy?] about *your* OS of choice?

            It's hard not to believe that somebody like you does *not* live in their mommy's basement.
            brian ansorge
          • Wow...

            I'd like to say it's hard to believe but this is a typical response from a Mac supporter. Both MS and Apple have issues, however, I've found MANY more Apple supporters who are border the fanaticism of a jihadist. If you guys would stop responding to comments such as the one above, maybe you'd be taken more seriously.
          • Huh?

            Many more?

            If you hang around zdnet much then you will find that the stereotypical Microsoft "fanbois" here is both way more common on the ground and much much more prone to mindless and much much lengthier unsupportable rants than any other type of "fanbois."