Photo (or a photoshop job) of Apple iPhone surfaces

Photo (or a photoshop job) of Apple iPhone surfaces

Summary: 1. CNET's Jasmine France leads us to an image of Apple's rumored iPhone.

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1. CNET's Jasmine France leads us to an image of Apple's rumored iPhone. France suspects the image is too good for it to be a Photoshop-job.  But then again, I've see what a good artist can do with Photoshop. So I wouldn't rule out that possibility. That said, the iPhone is, at this point, about the worst kept secret in the industry (particularly given some of Apple's recent filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office). The image shows a candy-bar form-factored phone -- an industrial design that would confirm the suspicions of American Technology Research senior analyst Shawn Wu who predicted as much.

2. Motorola's iTunes phones R.I.P.

3. What's interesting about this discovery is that the images were apparently going to be timed with the start of Apple Expo in Paris.  Y'know... a city in one of those European countries that loves Apple for its digital rights management (DRM) technology.

Topic: iPhone

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  • Well, I could use a new phone

    Nothing on the market right now currently excites me, so who knows.

    One odd thing, looking at that picture, it doesn't look like there's a speaker anywhere on the phone. Would you have to use the phone with earphones? If so, then it's a non-starter as far as I'm concerned. I can barely get my phone out of my pocket and up to my ear before the caller has hung up, forget about pulling out a tangle of headphones and plugging them in.
    tic swayback
    • I'd rather talk to a bannana

      The phone in the photo doesn't actually look that speical. So
      many other phones are now begining to look like the ipod, that i
      don't think Apple would release one that kinda resembles the LG
      Chocolate which kind of resembles the ipod already.

      If apple releases a phone I think it might behoove them to start
      from stratch on the industrial design. Honestly though, Since
      the cell phone market so saturated, I don't know if it's a market
      they even want to enter.

      Apple is good at taking emerging raw technologies (home
      computing, GUI, MP3, digital media) and crafting it into
      something beautiful, easy to use,marketable (and copyable.) But
      the cell phone indusry is already firmly established with good
      technology and services. They might make a nice phone, but it
      would really hard to become a clear leader.
    • At bare minimum, it would have to have...

      *Stereo speakers (the moto q has these on the back, but sometimes you need to reboot the q to make them work right)

      Those features alone would, for the most part, resolve your concerns.