Pixney: Jobs prepping for his third coming

Pixney: Jobs prepping for his third coming

Summary: With Disney's $7.4 billion acquistion of Pixar, Steve Jobs will be Disney's biggest shareholder and pain in the ass.


With Disney's $7.4 billion acquistion of Pixar, Steve Jobs will be Disney's biggest shareholder and pain in the ass. After founding Apple, leaving Apple and then returning to create the iPod company, Jobs may be ready to his third and grandest coming. With his relentless pursuit of consumer product perfection and reshaping the entertainment industry, Mickey Mouse will have to toughen up...the new media mogul is in the house.


Afterthought: Now that Jobs is on the board, it will be interesting to see how the Disney agenda proceeds. Certainly, he will have influence, but how will he separate his Apple interests from overlapping Disney interests, or is it inevitable that the two will become one? For Apple's competitors in becoming new digital media giants (as Apple has become so far with music), the substantial Disney content and distribution assets may not be as accessible as they are for Apple...or is that not in the realm of possibility or in the best interest of Disney's other shareholders?

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  • The rise of Apple's content empire

    Should be interesting to watch the video content companies trying
    to battle Apple's dominance, now that they'll have exclusive rights
    to all of Disney's properties, which are widespread.
    tic swayback
  • Excellent opening comment

    "Steve Jobs will be Disney's biggest shareholder and pain in the ass."

    The anomaly known as "Steve Jobs" has been a favorite of Sociologists and Psychologists alike. This third coming of the Jobs holds the greatest opportunity every for the study and dissection of this anomaly.

  • money

    I wonder what Jobs is going to do with the several billion dollars I assume he is getting from the sale. Invest it in Apple?
    • my mistake

      oops, I see from the linked article that he is getting stock, not cash.
      • no mistake

        According to marketwatch.com, there [i]is[/i] cash involved:

        [i]Disney on Tuesday agreed to acquire Steve Jobs' Pixar for $6.3
        billion in stock plus $1.1 billion of the company's cash.[/i]
        Jens T.
  • It may not be THAT easy

    MacNN has some interesting comment on the possible conflicts of
    interest that may arise for Jobs from this deal here:


    After reading this, I'm not entirely sure that the merger/takeover is
    a good idea at all.
    Jens T.
  • disney and jobs

    this is really bad I can not believe this jobs, is not a fair man he has made artist use his equipment only by buying the software and making it only availably on a mac, this is bad, really bad.
    he also made a deal to get adobe premiere off a apple he would give the buyer a deal to by final cut and getting premiere off there system, adobe and artist made apple, a graphics player. he well do the same with Disney, I can see it already games only on a mac movies well play on mac products only. not good.
  • Attack microsoft

    Disney also represents a powerfull tool with which to launch a broad attack upon microsoft (which also happens to be a major threat to the profits of content providers, nibbled away through licence fee after licence fee).