Poll: What technology scares you most?

Poll: What technology scares you most?

Summary: ZDNet bloggers have been "celebrating" the Halloween season with accounts of the techno bogeyman that keep them awake at night. What's your tech fear factor?

TOPICS: Tech Industry

With visions of floating nuclear plants dancing in their heads, ZDNet bloggers have been "celebrating" the Halloween season with accounts of the techno bogeyman that keep them awake at night.

What's your greatest tech fear factor? Here are 13 technologies (and mis-uses of tech) that give our bloggers and readers the creeps.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Everything from MS

    Sorry M$ fanboys.
    I couldn't resist another fork in the dead-before-it-launches M$ Vista cash cow.

    now lets move on ...
  • What scares me?

    Technology that can cause "mass destruction". Bio-Virus-weapons, Nuclear bombs, & SUVs/cars.
    For more info see:
    "Planet Under Pressure" a six-part BBC News Online series looking at some of the most pressing environmental issues facing the human race today.
    • good one! (nt)

  • this is the "other" tech that scares me...

    ...posted it last week, and I'll post it again for all you readers:


    Sounds like the stuff that V for Vendetta is made of to me...
  • kind of scary...

    that people find things like software patents, computer viruses, WGA, computerized voting and DRM more frightening than recombinant pathogenic weapons, which would make a nuclear detonation look like child's play.

    The thought that for 10-20k a terrorist could get their hands on the materials needed for this kind of thing gives me the creeps... not to mention that if it exists I'm sure that most of the major governments probably already have them cooked up in some lab somewhere.

    In my opinion, a computer is replaceable. Yeah, preventing ID theft and big corporation issues are important but what good is that if some maniac somwhere releases a pathogenic weapon that kills you.

    The technology for this exists, its just a matter of who uses it and how it is used.
    • Virulence is the issue, that explains the discrepancy

      Virulence is the combination of lethality of the malady at hand and the ability or likelihood of it to spread and affect significant numbers of people. Little lethality even where the malady is assured to occur on a wide spread basis is a low virulence malady. High lethality with little likelihood of occurrence or spread of the malady will also result in a low virulence.

      While it give all of us the creeps, the possibility that such lethal weapons could fall into the hands of such nefarious persons, the very fact that such things have existed for quite some time and no terrorist types have yet to gain access to them, and instead have resorted to hijackings and remote bombings is a strong indication that biological on chemical weapons capable of truly massive destruction are not a very likely source of any near future malady, so we sense a low virulence in the possibility.

      On the other hand, while the lethality of the other maladies are significantly far lower the the potential of recombinant pathogenic weapons or the like, they are almost assuredly so much more wide spread that dealing with them on some level will be inevitable for millions of people so the virulence level is significantly higher. Its not that people do not worry about things like recombinant pathogenic weapons, its just then when asked to make our best guess on how likely it is to actually impinge on society we have to make our best guess given history and facts and right now recombinant pathogenic weapons are not on the radar for "what is likely to affect a significant number of people in the future" radar.
  • cause for fear?

    all-in-one id/drivers license/health/ personal information cards. personal rfid chips that some fools are actually implanting in their children. cellphone gps. the invasions of privacy that are accepted, condoned, encouraged.
  • Technology doesn't scare me, people do

    Take any technology and let people who are incompetent with respect to that technology deploy it, and you have a disaster in the making.

    Current efforts at electronic national ID systems, for example, are utterly without merit and guaranteed to cause a wide range of problems ranging from the infringement of civil liberties to trade impediment - and they'll cost billions before they're done. Why? not because technologies like RFID embedding are bad, but because the people deploying them have no idea beyond "electronifying" what hasn't worked before - and the people selling them see the opportunity to "earn" those billions of wasted dollars.

    Even bio-weapons have their positive side - remember that what we have comes from, and adances, extremely valuable research on things like pesticides, herbicides, anti-cancer drugs, and various neuropathologies.

    Is antrax a bio-weapon? sure, but what we know about its structure and weaponization comes from, and contributes to, research leading to procedures that actually save thousands of lives every year.

    Bottom line? guns don't kill people; people do - and in that respect any other technology works the same way.
    • I agree with Murph_Z - People scare me!

      I agree with Murph_Z 100%.
      My 2 cents:
      Technology has improved our lives greatly; but now the power of our technology is increasing rapidly which gives me both great "hope for the future" AND concern that some people (corporations & governments) will use the new technology to increase their personal wealth/power with the cost to others humans (& our bioshpere) being VERY high.

      I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in what lies ahead for the "human race":
      The Meaning of the 21st Century
      - An Urgent Plan for Ensuring Our Future
      by James Martin

      Info about the book is here:
    • Oh, absolutely!

      It's people who misunderstand, misinterpret and misuse technology
      that scares the crap out of me -- and I feel the situation is getting
      worse, not better.
    • BINGO! Right the first time!

      People are very scary. Even the well-intended ones.
    • Once the Sci-Tech "Genie" is out of the bottle folk's...

      ...there is NOTHING ANYONE can do to stop it's potential abuse. I agree that people are the problem . . . SCARY PEOPLE! For every Louis Pasteur there are hundreds of "Chemical Ali" madmen out there eager to pervert the wondrous advances made in ANY field. And while "M.A.D." kept the finger off the Nuke trigger, we can only hope that the leaders of "Jihad" have an equally strong sense of "self preservation" . . . enough so that they don't destroy all of mankind.
  • Vista

    Vista scares me. Microsoft has finally gotten XP to the point where it is somewhat secure, now they roll out something with a bunch more "features" that will become holes.
  • hate cell phones and most cell users

    Cell phone owners are despicable scum when crashing their cars rapping, walking up behind someone screaming in their piece of shit, and generally holding it their ear where ever they go. What is the importance of constantly making a call and receiving calls every second of your life--even on the crapper??
    Smaller, thinner cell phones are needed so the silly users can struggle more with trying to hold them, or maybe accidentally just swallow them. That would be a great laugh!
  • Microsoft ______ and/or thin clients

    Thin clients take away the concept of ownership, though the business world seems to be headed that way; the consumer market will adapt accordingly. (everything licensed on one server; who needs new shrinkwrapped versions with 'assurance' licensing; now it's a pay-or-don't-get-to-user service... seems we're about to be owned?)

    As for Microsoft, every time they venture out with a new partner, the partner gets shafted. IBM, others, back to IBM, now Novell. Novell better have some good lawyers.
  • Cant belief this is not on the list

    I was going to say Artificial Intelligence, but I will say instead REAL working Artificial Intelligence, with human thinking.

    So Artificial Intelligence is on my list...
  • Fire - causing CO2, global warming, flooding, extinct species

    I live in the west of the Netherlands, and according to the latest scenario's, I will lose my home and land within the next 50 years, making me and my family a fugitive (if we escape drowning). The cause will be the rising of sea level due to global warming. This is going to happen unless we seriously reduce the burning of fossile fuels and wood.

    It's a very simple and ancient technology, used ever more and more since the industrial revolution. Now it's gotten out of hand.

  • Global Warming - Rising of sea levels

    It is going to happen no matter what you do. It is a set course in the evolution our planet. Where were the scientist and environmentalist when the earth was turning cold and the ice age was coming. I suppose that doing something or accusing someone or some company makes us feel better about trying. I would suggest you move to higher ground. And for a final note, as long as the world is going the way it is, try beliving in the hand of a higher power, by what's happening in the world and then look for truth that is already here.
  • the price tag!

    the price of all the new gadgets!