PriceGrabber: 58 percent of consumers are not on Pinterest (yet)

PriceGrabber: 58 percent of consumers are not on Pinterest (yet)

Summary: Although Pinterest might not be a hit with all consumers (and businesses) just yet, there could be an incentive for online retailers that they're missing.


Despite qualms surrounding runaway success of the social curation platform, consumers might not actually be flocking to Pinterest as quickly as it seems.

Approximately 58 percent of U.S. consumers do not have a Pinterest account as of earlier this week, according to a new survey from online comparison site PriceGrabber.

Of these people, at least 89 percent admitted they don't plan to sign up for a Pinterest account.

One factor for that could be a lack of awareness. At least 32 percent of consumers overall don't know what Pinterest is. (There's a good chance that there's plenty of people on Pinterest who don't know what to do with it either.)

To be fair to the company, the social media site is rather new and has only been on the scene for a few months. Although the concept is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it (or get addicted to it), many people not on Pinterest have expressed difficulty understanding its value.

Businesses have also had trouble understanding the value of Pinterest as many companies have expressed concern about copyright violations, among other issues.

Maybe those businesses -- especially online retailers -- would reconsider if they saw how Pinterest users were responding to items "pinned" to the digital boards.

For example, at least 21 percent of respondents with Pinterest accounts have purchased a product strictly after finding it on Pinterest. The most common purchases that derived from Pinterest findings were usually related to food/cooking, fashion/clothing, and home decor.

For reference, the survey is based upon the responses from 4,851 U.S. online shopping consumers polled between March 13 and March 26, 2012.


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  • On what is the 58% based?

    What I find amazing is that I, and everyone I talked to in my office, have never even heard of Pinterest. From that I find it hard to believe that "58% of consumers are not on Pinterest." Maybe it should read "58% of those who have ever heard of Pinterst don't have an account?" If Pinterest has 42% of all consumers signed up I would be truly amazed!
    • These PriceGrabber numbers are highly suspect

      While most of the people in my department at the office have heard of Pinterest, I also find the 58% figure extremely hard to swallow. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest had just over 10 million registered users in mid-February of this year. Even assuming they've grown a bit since then, how could Pinterest members possibly equate to 42% of consumers?

      I also have my doubts about other stats from that PriceGrabber survey, notably the one about 21% of Pinterest users having bought something "strictly after finding it on Pinterest."

      Seems very, very high to me.