Quest Software lands better bid

Quest Software lands better bid

Summary: Quest Software says it has landed a superior bid to a previous buyout. Is a bidding war next?


Quest Software, which is a takeover play, said that it has received a better offer from an unnamed bidder at $25.50 a share.

The company agreed to be acquired by Insight Venture Partners for $2 billion, or $23 a share, in March. The new offer is valued at $2.1 billion.

Quest didn't reveal what company was behind the new bid, but did note that the buyer was "strategic." Quest had 60 days to shop for a new buyer after the Insight bid in March. Quest said the new bid was superior, but the board hasn't recommended it yet.

Quest’s software manages databases and backs up data. Quest's portfolio revolves around development and management tools on Windows and VMware.

Dell had been rumored to be interested in Quest but later reports said those talks broke down.

It remains to be seen what happens next, but a bidding war isn't out of the question.

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  • For Quest?

    A higher bid from their mom does not count. I don't know why anyone would want it anyway. Over promise and under deliver.
  • Quest is stuck in the past...

    I agree. I don't know why anyone would want Quest. They are stuck in the past and don't really have anything compelling to offer with a barely functioning support model. Other companies are already leaping past them and their technologies (ex. QMM is STILL 32-bit). For MUCH less than $2 billion dollars one could easily develop new and better product offerings. Good luck to whomever takes on this massive albatross.
    • Quest QAD Cmdlets are compelling

      I am not familiar with QMM, but don't really see a need for a migration tool to be 64 bits.

      Their QAD cmdlets are quite good and simplify the lives of AD admins everywhere.
      Your Non Advocate
      • QAD is quite good

        but with Windows 2012/8 the powershell is getting much better and canned scripts are to be found all over the Internet. You don't need half the QAD commands anymore. 64 bit limitation means that an entire QMM instance is limited to 3.5gb (and agents are limited to 1gb max) requiring you to possibly deploy 10x the amount of servers necessary for a large migration over other migration options. Some migrations have required 100 or more Quest agent host servers to be deployed.